Revision history for FWS-V2
1.1305 2013-09-09
 - FULL WEB RELEASE! You can now run FWS web renderings from FWS::V2
 - Added formMap methods as part of core release
 - Minor change to prevent a bug with tinymce
 - $fws->{GMTOffset} is now configured in site settings
 - Stored hash libraries added: saveHash(), deleteHash(), and hashArray()
 - Added Cache libary base methods
 - Added backup and restore methods as well as a generic unpack file method
 - Many updates to code formatting
 - Add methods
 - Add methods
 - Add methods
 - Bootstrap 2 Support
 - siteFriendly update that extends support for pageFriendlyURLs
 - Major update to move more admin modules into the FWS admin package
 - Many minor bug fixes
 - Version of FWS udpated to match  web distro version
 - regesterPlugins() now run all plugins via the developer admin
 - Sub element AJAX wrappers are now present for delete calls on nested elements
 - Added postFlushWebCache hook

0.009 2012-10-16
 - Add an ease of use method for date comparing: dateDiff()
 - Plugins using friendlyURL table fields in thier schema are now added to the friendly URL look up query automatically
 - Required table to be present before altering tables when doing DBUpdate()
 - Corrected an issue with postText for truncateContent()
 - Added numberTime to dateTime function as a possible input format
 - setCacheIndex() will now only save to the site if the index has changed
 - formatDate() is now the new name for dateTime(), the latter is still present as a legacy subroutine
 - HTTPRequest() can now be passed what agent it is using
 - Added 'force install' option to the plugin installer
 - Added safeXML() method to
 - Added shortDate to dateTime() MMM DD YYYY (where MMM is the three letter acronym of the month)
 - _deleteOrphanedData utility now can be passed a unique DBH
 - Made connectDBH() capable of being used outside the context of the FWS for other functions by passing a hash of its requirements
 - Other minor formatting and documentation updates

0.008 2012-07-16
 - Minor bug fixes
 - Added safeURL method
 - Added SQLDate method
 - Added stateDropDown method
 - GUID based inate friendly URLs now can use ignored extensions
 - Implented core language selection hash support
 - New method applyLanguage to transform a hash into its correct language
 - Ported phone formatting methods
 - Modified language() to always return upper case
 - Date control now support French language
 - Update friendlyURL\pageFriendlyURL support for non page element page renderings
 - Upgraded to 3.5.x tinyMCE + ported out inline tinyMCE js to be part of the tinyMCE init js

0.007 2012-05-03
 - Added removeHTML() and formatCurrency()
 - Added adminUserArray(),adminPageHeader()
 - Added dayMod to the dateTime method
 - Minor bug in session creation fixed causing short session ids
 - newDBCheck() added
 - 2.1 Plugin Implemented
 - CSVExport added
 - Removed plugin specific methods added before plugin implementation

0.006 2012-03-16
 - Corrected document formatting error
 - Change to the create homeGUID session code to ensure a blank parent

0.005 2012-03-14
 - Added dataDelete()
 - Added an option for dateTime() to change set the default date separator
 - Added new parameter sessionCookieName to allow unique cookie names for sessions
 - Added default image manipulation methods 
 - Minor bug fixes

0.004 2012-02-08 
 - Basic data table and caching mechanics added
 - Most of the site wide settings installed for general testing
 - Added securityHash to constructor
 - Autorunning updateDatabase on failed SQL
 - Added many legacy methods

0.003 2012-02-28
 - Added updateDatabase

0.002 2012-02-26
 - Updated test plan with new modules added

0.001 2012-02-26
 - Initial Release