Changes for Farabi: The Modern Perl IDE

0.47      2014-05-21 12:42:46+03:00 Asia/Jerusalem

	* This release begins the road to a better DZIL/M:I/EU:MM project support

    - Upgrade to jQuery 2.1.1
    - Upgrade to CodeMirror 4.2
    - #10: Install a CPAN module from inside Farabi.
    - Added git status and log and all git operations are now under VCS menu.
    - Added make, make clean & make test commands.
    - Added dzil build and clean actions

    - Dist:Zilla support is enabled when the current project folder contains 'dist.ini'
    - ExtUtils::MakeMaker and Module::Install support is enabled when the current
      project folder contains 'Makefile.PL'
    - Refactor make and dzil commands into build, clean and test commands under the build menu.
    - Added SQL syntax highlighting support.
    - Diff editor is also affected with whitespace (tab, space) toggle options.
    - F1 displays perldoc help for the selected text or current token under the cursor in
      the documentation tab.
    - Remove Minilla support. It is literally too opinionated and not there yet.

0.46      2014-05-17 15:09:03+03:00 Asia/Baghdad

    * Please try Farabi and let me know what you like and what loathe :)
    * SECURITY WARNING: Please do not think of deploying this release on the internet. 
      You have been warned!

    - Added 'minil test' and 'dzil test' to build menu for an initial seed for the Minilla and Dist::Zilla runtime project support.
    - Alt-N: close file, Alt-O: open file, Alt-S: save file, Alt-W: close file, Alt-L: goto line
    - Added 'ack' runtime support. Please press Ctrl-Alt-F to find selected text in current project folder
    - Toggle full screen editor editing by F11 or F10. Some browser/OS combinations block some keyboard shortcuts.
    - Added Markdown auto preview support. Pod tab is now called "Preview"
    - Farabi can now auto preview POD (if the preview tab is visible) in 
      cpan, metacpan, github CSS themes (Courtesy of "POD Web view" by MichaƂ Wojciechowski).
      Please use the "POD style" option in Tools/Options to change it.

    - Upgrade CodeMirror to 4.1
    - Less installation dependencies; more runtime dependencies
    - Added Spellunker runtime support now displays errors in problems. 
    - Added App::midgen runtime support to generate Makefile.PL et all requires/recommends
      and display results in search tab.
    - Documentation updates
    - Problems tab is the first tab now
    - Fix codemirror mode error on plain text files
    - "Changes/Git Diff" tab is now updated on an open/save file or mouse click when it is visible.
    - Farabi is now using simple AJAX request instead of buggy websocket support
    - Ping HTTP message is now sent every 5 seconds
    - Run menu is now called Build
    - Use runtime Code::CutNPaste support to find duplicate code
    - Disable incomplete features like new project, help documentation/search
    - git diff, and jshint are now enabled if you have their commands in your $PATH. 
      Please note that JSHint is still executed in the client-side.
    - Options dialog is more beautiful or at least to my eyes :)
    - Spellunker::Pod runtime support is here for checking your POD spelling.
    - Perl::Strip (to minify your Perl script) runtime support
    - Added Perl::Tidy and Perl::Critic runtime support.
    - TODO is now
    - Syntax/preview actions are triggered on editor focus and change
    - Remove buggy auto bracket codemirror support.
    - Remove Perl 6 (rakudo) and parrot support. Farabi will focus on Perl script and web-based development.
    - Update theme list to contain CodeMirror's full list
    - Debug is now "Documentation" tab. Currently it does not do anything useful.
    - Diff tab is now called "Changes"
    - POD tab is now called "Preview".
    - If preview tab is visible, POD rendering on editor focus/change is active
    - Remove plugin manager skeleton implementation. It sucked. Farabi is not Padre :)
    - Show keyboard shortcuts in the menu and help dialog
    - Remove selected text workaround patch. CodeMirror 4.x already include it in its themes
    - Remove repetitive and slow dialog fade animation effect
    - Auto Git differences when Git tab is open
    - Remove incomplete Debig::Client; Debug::Client test suite stalled on some Travis CI build runs
      Please note that is not truly fullscreen editing. It is an experiment in progress.

    - Utilize the theme specific active line and gutter from CodeMirror mode CSS

0.45      2014-05-13 14:01:12+03:00 Asia/Jerusalem

    - TravisCI GitHub integration is now working
    - Added initial Splunker Spell checking (IN PROGRESS)
    - Various package dependencies on Minilla, Debug::Client and Reply (IN PROGRESS)

    - Upgrade CodeMirror to 3.12

    - Merge pull #19 "pod fix" dsteinbrunner++
    - Merge pull #20 "Mojolicious 4.91 no longer has 'secret' method" chorny++
    - Various Documentation fixes (shlomif++)
    - Require Parse::ErrorString::Perl 0.18 to get rid of the perl 5.18+ warning line noise

0.44      2013-04-08 11:21:16 Asia/Baghdad

    - Upgrade JSHint to 1.1.0
    - Upgrade Bootstrap to 2.3.1
    - Upgrade CodeMirror to 3.11

0.43      2013-04-07 15:01:24 Asia/Baghdad

    - Added "Perl Strip" action in the tool menu to reduce script size by stripping
      whitespace, comments, pod etc using Perl::Strip
    - Add more documentation about the output tab
    - No need for exit code at the end of a diff
    - Added Diff tab along with a 'Git Diff' action in the tools menu
    - Added various dummy debug actions

    - Fix JSHint version in About dialog
    - Require mojolicious 3.89 to get the fix for dual life autodie under morbo
    - Fix editor refresh bug in tabs.

    - Sort prerequisties in dist.ini
    - Enabled dummy 'New Project' action

0.42      2013-03-04 16:44:55 Asia/Baghdad

    - Added the option to toggle the visibility of tabs and spaces (default: on)
    - Added an input tab that allows input text to be sent as STDIN to the script when run.

    - Fix regression where editor is sometimes not visible when a file is opened.
      This regression happened from the 3.1 CodeMirror upgrade.
    - Fixed various JSHint warnings.

    - Upgrade to JSHint 1.0.0 stable

0.41      2013-02-25 17:50:34 Asia/Baghdad

    - Fix Test::MinimumVersion dependency typo

0.40      2013-02-25 17:43:30 Asia/Baghdad

    - Added auto close brackets feature
    - Added t/02-minimum-per.t to make sure post 5.10.1-isms do not creep into the code
    - Added File::HomeDir 1.00 and Path::Tiny 0.013 to dependencies
    - Add a disabled "New Project" action/dialog. This will be enabled once it is ready
    - Added [Test::Compile] to dist.ini to make sure all files are syntax checked

    - Upgrade to CodeMirror v3.1.
    - Farabi SQLite database now reside in ~/.farabi/farabi.db
    - $HOME/.farabi and $HOME/.farabi/projects are now created by default
    - Reuse the new active line addon from CodeMirror 3.1
    - Bump Perl::Tidy to 20121207 and Mojolicious 3.87
    - Rewrite code to be simpler using Path::Tiny instead of arcane File::*
    - Most forms are now horizontal instead of vertical (i.e. label beside the field)
    - Selected text is now shown in a clear white over blue text using the 
      new CodeMirror 3.1 selection marking addon
    - When the "Farabi" link in the menu bar is clicked, the about dialog is shown

    - Fix a perl 5.14-ism in the menu generation code
    - Fixed Module::Starter dependency to be 1.60 instead of 1.6
    - Fix compilation errors in FP::PerlTidy
    - Fix bug: find-file/find-action are fired too often on each key press

    - Remove old code that is no longer needed because of the CodeMirror 3.1 upgrade

0.39      2013-02-22 01:34:00 Asia/Baghdad

    - Added FEATURES documentation for Open file(s). 
    - Added the new great action-based menu bar

    - Fix Bug: q{farabi --version} returns q{Farabi v1}
    - Fix #14 by adding the requested documentation warning
    - Bumped Debug::Client to 0.24. bowtie++

    - Removed unused test scripts. These were being installed by mistake. Sorry :)
    - Remove unused POST routes

0.38      2013-02-21 08:51:45 Asia/Baghdad

    - Added the match bracket feature
    - Added Goto line dialog to jump to a specific line in the current editor
    - Added the following command line switches: -host, --port and --version.
      Port 3000 is used by default for development, and 4040 for production

    - Fixed typo in abstract (Editor to IDE)
    - Open and actions dialog now properly display help and path on startup
      and on every item selection change
    - Updated Documentation about the new new farabi command line options
    - Resolved some JSHint hints in JS files
    - Changes from now should display timezone
    - Added [@Git] and [OurPkgVersion] to dist.ini
    - Module::Starter is now a dependency

    - Removed duplicate hardcoded abstract from dist.ini
    - Removed Mojo default commands

0.37  2013-02-16

    - Fixed Perl::Critic to work with the new problems tab

    - Farabi is now a modern Perl IDE instead of an editor
    - Add source column to problems table
    - JSHint automatically analyzes statically javascript files and
      adds JS problems to the problems tab
    - Updated documentation
    - Diff and Patch files extensions are shown in diff CodeMirror mode

    - Remove the experimental note warning from the documentation

0.36  2013-02-15

    - Fixed Firefox copy/paste regression; enabled text selection until CodeMirror Issue #1250 '-moz-user-select Firefox Copy/Paste bug' is fixed
    - Fixed INI and LOG files to be shown in plain mode instead of Perl
    - Fixed remaining Open file to Open file(s) missed text
    - Fixed Problems tab to be scrollable
    - Fixed various JS bugs by downgrade to jQuery 1.8.3 from buggy jQuery 1.9.1

    - Problems are now sorted by line number
    - Added 'perlbrew exec' run option
    - Added CheckChangesHasContent to dist.ini
    - Added JavaScript code documentation

    - Removed unneeded files
    - Cleanup old run dialog runtimes

0.35  2013-02-09

    - Plugin manager is now websocket enabled
    - About dialog now prints "development release" when there is no version
    - ALT-A now trigger actions dialog when outside the editor focus
    - Syntax check action now works instead of "TODO"
    - Add Problems tab and automatic syntax checking of Perl files
    - Disable text selection with mouse drag
    - About dialog table rows are now sorted
    - Simplify editor statistics UI
    - Problems status is shown in editor statistics and clicking on the red
      problem button opens the problems tab
    - Disabled automatic pod update until it works with syntax check
    - Syntax check adds a line widget under the error/warning line. Clicking on it
      opens the problems tab
    - Problems table is now clickable and when clicked, the problematic line is focused
    - POD tab is updated on each click of its it

    - Removed useless pod checking
    - Removed run coffeescript support
    - Removed unfinished Niecza support
    - Removed unfinished run Perlito6 support
    - Removed unused sample script template
    - Removed unneeded JavaScript test and HTML files from CodeMirror

0.34  2013-02-09

    - Add missing package version that caused 0.33 to be broken
    - Fixed abstract for bin/farabi

0.33  2013-02-09

    - Bug fix: Exit code is now returned correctly when a script is run

    - Moved to Dist::Zilla to save my time
    - Upgrade Bootstrap to 2.3.0
    - Add a "connection status" red/green button on the right
    - The websocket connection is retried automatically upon close
    - Actions link is now a blue button
    - Better hover effect on close tab and add new tab icons

0.32  2013.2.8

    - Open File is now 'Open File(s)' and supports opening one or more files
    - Farabi uses websockets instead of stateless POST requests
    - When a file is opened, it is added or its timestamp is updated
      in the recent list table
    - Fix Firefox workaround: Escape key kills the websocket connection.

    - Fix: run dialog was not showing any output after a successful run

    - Remove obsolete unsafe feature environment support
    - Remove unimplemented "Open URL" action
    - Remove old POST actions that were migrated to websockets

0.31  2013.2.6
    - Less left and right margin space. More horizontal space
    - Less top/bottom/left space on the actions link. More vertical space.
    - Focus on output tab when dump ppi or run Perl is used
    - "POD Viewer?" on/off option is now "Right Side Shown?" on/off checkbox
    - Output textarea is now a CodeMirror readonly editor
    - Plugin manager now works but plugins fail to load because of a reload issue
    - use Moo in all future plugins

0.30  2013.2.6
    - More vertical space to the left-side editor. Output and POD
      Preview are right-side tabs to utilize wide-screen resolutions.
    - Less module dependencies
    - Farabi database is now created with the recent list table
    - Started to remove help documentation index autocompletion. 
      The feature will be replaced by a simple and standard perldoc lookup.
      Each project will have a Perl runtime version and therefore will
      use the runtime's perldoc command
    - Plugin Manager is broken at the moment. A farabi plugin now reports
      back required dependencies after creation.
    - Upgrade to jQuery 1.9.1
    - Added more documentation

0.29  2013.1.29
    - Fixed missing MANIFEST in 0.28

0.28  2013.1.28
    - Added Plugin Manager which displays the Farabi plugins at the moment.
    - When a tab is shown, let us update current editor id.
      This fixes a lot of file save/run bugs.
    - Added dummy plugins for Perl::Critic and Perl::Tidy support
    - Require Module::Pluggable 4.5 instead of 4.6 (Thanks to kevin dawson)
    - Perl and Javascript code refactor

0.27  2013.1.27
    - Updated copyright for 2013
    - Added more license documentation
    - Added "Dump PPI Tree" action
    - Added MediaWiki::API to dependencies for the future Rosetta
      code browser feature

0.26  2013.1.26
    - Add Find duplicate code dialog
    - Added Code::CutNPaste to dependencies
    - Increased the size of the Run dialog runtime list
      from 5 to 10 elements

0.25  2013.1.26
    - Run CoffeeScript in your browser using Farabi
    - Default to 'Perl' instead of Perlito in the run dialog
    - When there is no extension, default to 'plain' text
    - Fixed redundant no_index entries and added lib/Farabi/files to it
    - "what sri says - don't do it." Do not use internal mojo jquery :)
    - Fix various focus after modal dialog fade in animations
    - Less file extension regex weirdness
    - Fix close file bug after closing an open file
    - Fix package name for Farabi::Plugin::Debug

0.24  2013.1.26
    - Fix CREDITS markdown
    - Fix Perl warning about variable redeclaration
    - Upgrade to CodeMirror 3.02
    - Remove the "Editor" line
    - Added an empty Perl 5 Debugger plugin
    - Added Module::Pluggable to list of dependencies
    - Remove the '*' after the tab name after a successful save
    - First implementation of a save file action
    - Add modal dialog fade effect for all dialogs
    - Fix a bug with icon remove
    - Added the "new file" button which is shown to the right of the editor tabs (like chrome)
    - Smaller tabs

0.23  2013.1.2
    - Devel::REPL is now supported if installed as an internal in-process REPL
    - Disable all form submission to prevent UI from refreshing by mistake on ENTER key
    - When the a file is closed and it not clean we need to popup a save confirmation dialog
    - Various stability and refactorings into a better close file/files action
    - More fixes to the REPL dialog
    - Untitled editors are considered Perl by default
    - Close the last editor tab create a new Untitled one
    - Added * after an editor tab name if is modified
    - Add the initial implementation of save file
    - REPL command output is now readonly in REPL dialog
    - Added Close File and Close All Files.
    - Fix mode selection bug when open a file that is not perl
    - Added a feature to accept a directory parameter to find-file

0.22  2012.12.24
    - New file opens an empty "Untitled %d" new tab
    - Open file action opens a file in a new tab

0.21  2012.12.24
    - Refactored dialogs client-side JS code into their seperate files
    - Implemented global window.ChangeMode and window.GetCurrentEditor
    - Scroll always to the bottom in the REPL dialog
    - Fix extra newline line in REPL dialog
    - Add more source documentation
    - Add New file (dummy at the moment) 
    - ENTER in the open file or action dialog opens the file or action
    - Prevent Action field from being autocompleted and fix weird 
        event consumption bug with actions dialog
    - Support Niecza, perl6 and (Devel::REPL)

0.20  2012.12.23
    - Read-Eval-Print-Loop (REPL) dialog is here and
      currently support rakudo Perl 6
    - Refactor each dialog HTML into its own dialog HTML template.
    - Enter key in the actions dialog runs the action now.
    - Added action help text to actions dialog.
    - Added IPC::Run to dependencies for REPL feature.

0.19  2012.12.21
    - Actions dialog UI refactored.
    - Dialog Close buttons are blue and cancel buttons are orange.
    - Enable unsafe features by default. Yes we're unsecure by default :)
    - HTTP actions should use hyphen instead of underscore.
    - Perl Critic is not run by default on every change.
    - Perl Critic command now says alerts the result after execution.
    - Set proper editor syntax highlighting based on extension.
    - Open file dialog is here (a farabi6 feature port).
	- Update README about listening to a different TCP port.

0.18  2012.12.20
    - Fix experimental Actions dialog to actually work
    - Remove tab-based look and feel
    - Every action in Farabi can be triggered by the Actions dialog

0.17  2012.12.16
    - Remove unneeded CodeMirror mode tests html and css files.
    - Fix RELEASE_TESTING=1 xt/eol.t bug.
    - Experimental Actions dialog that has autocomplete (type-ahead)

0.16  2012.12.13
    - Fixed failure in `RELEASE_TESTING=1 make test`

0.15  2012.12.10
    - Allow scripts to be posted to Farabi (Thanks to Toby Inkster).
    - Added File::Which and Debug::Client to dependencies.
    - Ability to run PIR scripts on Parrot virtual machine.
    - Updated to CodeMirror v3.0 stable

0.14  2012.12.9
    - Options tab is now a dialog
    - Run with different Perl, Perl 6 runtimes under unsafe operations
    - More farabi6 functionality backported: New file, Open URL, Open file, 
      and syntax check.
    - Update Bootstrap to version 2.2.2

0.13  2012.12.9
    - Added Perlito 6 javascript runtime and update Perlito 5 javascript runtime to 5.014001 (2012-12-09)
    - Removed Humane.js notification library. Basically it becomes annoying
    - Add Perl 6 mode to language mode selector
    - Updated to CodeMirror 3.0rc2

0.12  2012.12.9
    - Removed git files from distribution that was introduced in 0.11
    - Added and LICENSE
    - Added "POD Viewer" show/hide option (Thanks to Joel Berger)
    - Added "Run on Server" option that is enabled by FARABI_UNSAFE environment variable
      (Thanks to Toby Inkster)

0.11  2012.12.9
    - Moved to Github instead of Google Code

0.10  2012.9.20
    - Fix xt/eol.t for CPAN testers with RELEASE_TESTING enabled (CPAN testers; Thank you)

0.09  2012.9.19
    - Added missing File::Find::Rule to dependencies (Yuni Kim; Thank you)
    - Added missing Test::EOL and Test::More dependencies
    - Update CodeMirror to 20481c3 for more bug fixes

0.08  2012.9.16
    - Added a help icon over the annotated line
    - Bigger side-by-side POD preview
    - Bigger editor
    - Perl mode is by default selected
    - Dynamically load CodeMirror themes
    - Run perl critic on severity option change
    - Better editor statistics. More Humane :)
    - Add POD checking using Pod::Checker
    - Perl Critic and pod checking are performed on every editor change
    - Removed pod check and critique code buttons. There are always run in the background.
    - Removed humane.js notification noise from perl critic and checker
    - Added proper POD check and Perl::Critic under-the-line annotations
    - 20% smaller minified Perlito 5
    - Improved documentation
    - Perl::Critic violations are shown under the line where they occurred and when clicked
      they open the detailed dialog for that violation.
    - Switched to development CodeMirror v3 branch
    - Updated sample script POD by Kevin dawson (bowtie++)
    - Added Perl 5.10.1 requirement at the beginning because Mojolicious already defines that. We do not want to fail later.
    - Added 'Learn' tab
    - Updated humane.min.js to 3.0.5
    - A better about dialog that shows more technologies used version information
    - Added dummy Perlito IO API implementation. use Modern::Perl; does not croak anymore but does nothing at the same time :)
    - F5 is now "Run in browser". Please note that it is only active when the editor is focused.
    - Fixed long-line-in-editor layout bug
    - xt/eol.t (release testing) now checks all files for UNIX newlines.

0.07  2012.9.10
    - Added POD tab that automatically shows editor POD as HTML in realtime
    - Added Help and about dialog
    - Various HTML fixes that fix the long editor bug
    - Improved documentation

0.06  2012.9.8
    - Added a search engine selector: Local Help (current working), MetaCPAN and CPAN Search (for the future)
    - Added an example on how to use a different port.
    - Preserve newlines with <br/> for Perl::Critic diagnostics
    - Remove breakpoints unused feature
    - Trim whitespace while searching
    - Display editor statistics at the bottom
    - Changed the location of script/farabi into bin/farabi
    - Added tab size numeric field
    - New vertical UI for options and added line numbers on/off checkbox
    - Added a simple line divider between perl critic results
    - Better parameter validation
    - Search autocompletion input is now visible above the editor
    - Ability to change Perl::Critic severity in Options.
    - Updated Perlito 5 runtime to fix some Perl compiler bugs. fglock++
    - Add version information to header
    - When a Perlito error occurs the log tab is shown.
    - Added modules name search
    - POD X<> index now includes all *.pm and *.pm on your local system instead of only the pod|pods folder
    - Al-Farabi quote of the day is basically hidden after 8 seconds. bowtie++
    - Refactored code
    - Improved documentation

0.05  2012.9.6
    - Added missing META.yml information to Makefile.PL
    - Autocomplete X<> references in your local perl documentation

0.04  2012.9.5
    - Stopped using jQuery UI. Frabi now uses Twitter Bootstrap
    - Fixed output tab selection
    - Better determination of perl POD/PODS path using @INC
    - Lots of refactoring and UI changes
    - Actions, options and help are shown on the left and the editor on the right
    - In "Run in browser", Perlito 5 is now loaded at runtime instead of at startup
    - Moved modes list creation into the Perl backend
    - Rename Farabi::Controller into Farabi::Editor
    - Remove ambiance theme since it changes the size of the view
    - Completely remove "Compiled to JavaScript" tab
    - Less dialogs. More simple perl critic and help search dialogs. They're modal now.
    - Output and log is now visible in the lower pane
    - Ctrl-1,... is not no longer used

0.03  2012.9.3
    - Removed the concept of selector and started using Ctrl-1, Ctrl-2,..etc to
      open actions, output, options and help dialogs
    - Perl::Critic results dialog

0.02  2012.9.3
    - More UI fixes
    - Added Help about Frabi dialog
    - F1 triggers a help search dialog that shows X<> references for that selection

0.01  2012.9.3
    - Initial release to CPAN