0.16     2011-06-14

- The test fix in 0.15 didn't quite do the trick.

0.15     2011-06-11

- Tests assumed that $$ can be modified, which doesn't work on every platform.

0.14    2010-09-10

- Added missing dep on Fey::Test. Reported by Phillip Moore. RT #61246.

0.13    2010-09-04

- Add a clone() method to Fey::DBIManager::Source objects. This is handy if
  you need to create multiple connections to the same dbms.

0.12    2010-08-24

- The handling of forking and threading was broken, and is now fixed.

0.11    2010-01-27

- Implemented a ping_interval attribute for sources. This defaults to 60
  seconds. Based on a patch from Bryan Deeney. RT #46693.

- Updated to use Native Traits rather than MooseX::AttributeHelpers.

- Put the $VERSION in all modules.

0.10    2009-02-06

- This module tried to load (but not use) a module no longer in the
  core Fey distro, Fey::Validate.

0.09    2008-11-08

- When an existing database handle is passed to the constructor for
  Fey::DBIManager::Source, it now sets some attribute values for that

0.08    2008-11-07

- Tweaks so that when checking if a database handle supports nested
  transactions, it also suppresses warnings from DBD::Mock, which seem
  to be slightly different from other drivers. Also added tests to
  check that these warnings are suppresed with DBD::SQLite and

0.07    2008-09-01

- Updates to work with the latest Fey and Moose modules.

0.06    2008-06-22

- Fixed a bug where if you passed a DBI handle to the constructor, it
  should set the pid (so it can check for forking later), but it
  didn't. This manifested as a warning in the tests.

0.05    2008-05-25

- Update prereqs to require the latest Moose modules. With some
  combinations of Moose and MooseX::AttributeHelpers, the tests fail.

0.04    2008-02-20

- Add $source->allows_nested_transactions() attribute (primarily for
  the benefit off Fey::ORM).

0.03    2008-02-09

- Add missing prereq for MooseX::AttributeHelpers. Reported by Ilmari

0.02    2008-02-09

- Add Fey.pm as a prereq.

0.01    2008-02-05

- Initial release