0.13    2011-09-14

- Make the DBD::mysql statistics_info monkey patch work again. Reported by

0.12    2010-02-06

- The DBD::mysql foreign_key_info method is _very_ slow. Instead of using
  that, the mysql Loader class now parses the output from SHOW TABLE. Patch by
  Aristotle Pagaltzis.

0.11    2009-11-17

- Fixed a bug in the SQLite loader where it expected identifiers like
  "autoincrement" or "current_date" to only appear in lower case. These are
  now checked for case-insensitively.

0.10    2009-03-09

- For Pg and mysql, we not just query the dbms to get the current
  database name. This is much safer than trying to parse the DSN. DSN
  parsing is still used as a fallback for any other dbms, and has been
  improved a bit.

0.09    2009-03-01

- Foreign key handling for MySQL was broken because of an incorrect
  use of $dbh->{Name}. Fey::Loader::DBI now does some rudimentary DSN
  parsing to get the database name when it is needed. Reported by
  Andrew Baumhauer.

0.08    2009-02-06

- Use MooseX::Params::Validate instead of the no-longer-in-Fey

0.07    2008-12-31

- Added parameters to Fey::Loader::DBI which allow you to specify
  alternate schema, table, column, and fk classes. Mostly patched by
  Dieter Pearcey.

0.06    2008-12-09

- When adding a primary key, the code only worked if the primary key
  was the "first" column(s) of the table, where "first" is defined as
  the order returned by DBI. Reported by Dieter Pearcey.

- I said I did this in 0.05, but apparently I lied ... Pass catalog
  and schema name to all the DBI information methods used in
  Fey::Loader::DBI. This should make it easier to support these
  properly for future loaders, like Oracle or Sybase. Patch by Todd

- If two tables used the same foreign key name to refer to the same
  foreign table, the loader would blow up. Reported by Dieter Pearcey.

0.05    2008-02-24

- Added DBI as a prereq.

0.04    2008-02-05

- Moved test libraries to Fey-Test distro, and added it as a build

0.03    2008-02-03

- More test fixes. Skip tests gracefully (rather than failing badly)
  unless we have DBD::SQLite 1.14+.

0.02    2008-02-03

- Some tests failed when DBD::SQLite was not installed. These are now

- Require DBD::SQLite 1.14+ for SQLite support.

0.01    2008-02-02

- First release upon an unsuspecting world.