Revision history for Perl extension File::Archive.

0.1  Thu Sep  2 20:56:11 1999
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.19

0.2  Thu Sep  2 21:46:00 1999
	- Added new, filename, type

0.3  Thu Sep  2 22:35:00 1999
	- Added catalog method. Return contents of the file

0.41 Thu Sep  2 23:01:00 1999
	- Started on member method. Added some docs.

0.5  Thu Sep  3 00:04:00 1999
	- Got member method almost working. something.Z files don't
	work yet. But maybe that's OK, since real people use gzip,
	particularly on single files.

0.51 Thu Sep  3 00:53:00 1999
	- Doh! Forgot to name the Readme the right thing, so CPAN
	ignored it.

0.53 Thu Dec 9, 1999
	- Hmm. I guess there must have been a 0.52 in there somewhere,
	but I'm not sure. OK, it seems that between version 0.07 and
	version 0.2, Archive::Tar changed the name of the list_files()
	method to list_archive() method, thus breaking this module for
	folks that have the older version installed. I'm taking the
	lazy approach and requiring that people upgrade to the newer
	version of Archive::Tar, since there are a number of improvements
	and bug fixes.