0.6.1   2020-10-18
        - Remove stale links in POD.

0.6.0   2020-05-11
        - Convert weaver.ini to @SHLOMIF .
        - Add .tidyallrc + cleanups.
        - used/required modules revamp.
        - Convert CI to .ci-gen.ini.

v0.4.0  2017-04-23
        - Add the ::DigestCache::FS feature to speed up digests' calculations
        based on the files' mtimes.
            - There are tests, but it is currently underdocumented except in
            the command-line app.

v0.2.3  2016-12-17
        - Hopefully install "dir-dump" again.
            - Caught by building the Mageia package - thanks!

v0.2.2  2016-12-01
        - Unify the versions of the .pm files
            - https://github.com/shlomif/perl-File-Dir-Dumper/pull/11
            - Thanks to @manwar for reporting the problem and for two pull-reqs.
        - Hopefully Fix the tests on MS Windows.
            - Thanks to CPAN Testers for noticing.

v0.2.1  2016-11-30
        - Add MANIFEST.SKIP and remove temporary files.
        - Fix the previous release.

v0.2.0  2016-11-30
        - Add the digests parameter to lib/File/Dir/Dumper/Scanner.pm .
            - With tests
            - See https://github.com/shlomif/perl-File-Dir-Dumper/issues/3 .
            - Thanks to @Snelius30 for a commit that implemented an incomplete
            feature, but which still proved of some use.
        - Convert from Class-Accessor to Class-XSAccessor
        - Convert to Dist-Zilla

v0.0.11 2016-09-05
        - Convert the repository to git and GitHub.

v0.0.10 2015-01-07
        - Convert from JSON.pm to JSON::MaybeXS which is more recommended.

v0.0.9  2014-01-29
        - Minimum version of perl is 5.12.x (for CPANTS Kwalitee).
        - Add a standalone LICENSE file (for CPANTS Kwalitee).
        - Change from "use base" to "use parent".

v0.0.8  2013-05-21

        - Convert the Changes (this file) to t/cpan-changes.t.
        - Get rid of Makefile.PL.
        - Move to scripts/bump-version-number.pl
        - Update the repository URL.
        - Get rid of trailing space - t/style-trailing-space.t .

v0.0.7   2010-06-30

        - Hopefully fixed the tests (and functionality) on Windows by
        using getpwent only on Unix systems.
            - Thanks to Devel-CheckOS.

v0.0.6   2009-06-28

        - Added resources and keywords to the META.yml.

v0.0.5   2008-11-13

        - Fixed dumper.t to resolve this test problem:
            - http://www.nntp.perl.org/group/perl.cpan.testers/2008/11/msg2597312.html
            - the GID was setgid'ed or something.

v0.0.4   2008-11-10

        - In 'build_requires' - changed IO::Scalar (which we're not
        using in the tests) to IO::String (which we do).
        - added the --help flag and the man page to dir-dump.
        - added some links to "SEE ALSO".

v0.0.3   2008-11-06

        - Added more dependencies to the Build.PL, including the up-to-date
        version of Getopt::Long, with GetOptionsFromArray.

v0.0.2   2008-11-03

        - Fixed the ::App module - it didn't "use" JSON::Writer.
        - Added a test script for the ::App module.

v0.0.1   2008-11-03

        - First version
            - doesn't handle symbolic links.
            - documentation:
                - dir-dump -o to-file.txt $dir_to_dump