Revision history for Perl extension File::ExtAttr.

1.09 2009-03-07

    - (richdawe) Add note to README about needing to install
                 package that provides the headers <attr/attributes.h>
                 and <attr/xattr.h>.

    - (richdawe) Fix RT #31970: "OS X: setfattr fails to set empty value".
                 According to the CPAN Testers results, this works
                 on Mac OS X 10.5.

                 Skip the "empty" tests on Mac OS X 10.4 and earlier.
                 Document issue.

    - (richdawe) Fix #34394: "Test suite should skip on filesystems
                 with no xattr support when run non-interactively"
                 on Linux.

                 When run interactively, it will suggest what you need
                 to do, to get the test suite to pass.

    - (richdawe) Fix RT #37889: "Crash when operating on a closed file handle
                 on Solaris". This was due to using an uninitialised
                 directory handle.

1.08 2008-08-19

    - (richdawe) Add a typemap for usage of "const char *" in the XS.
                 This may help fix the build with Perl 5.6.x or earlier.

    - (richdawe) Remove NetBSD 3.x from list of supported OSes,
                 since File::ExtAttr's test suite will never pass on it.

    - (richdawe) Update Makefile.PL to fail more gracefully when the build
                 pre-requisites are not present. On Linux use
                 Devel::CheckLib to check for libattr. Also exit
                 more gracefully if libattr's headers are not present.

    - (richdawe) OpenBSD isn't supported, so bail gracefully
                 in Makefile.PL on that platform.

    - (richdawe) Make sure that the errno value from any failed
                 system calls is propagated into $! (#32679, #32680).

    - (richdawe) File::ExtAttr no longer generate noisy warnings
                 when an xattr system call fails. All error reporting
                 is now via the function return values and $!.

    - (richdawe) Operations with non-default or non-"user" namespaces
                 will now fail with EOPNOTSUPP instead of ENOATTR
                 on Mac OS X, *BSD and Solaris. This behaviour
                 matches the behaviour on Linux.          

    - (richdawe) Added a note to the documentation about Solaris
                 extensible system attributes, which are different
                 to extended file attributes.

1.07 2007-12-15

    - (richdawe) Bugfix: When the attribute value was empty, getfattr()
                 returned garbage. Fixed. (Reported by Joe Stewart --

    - (richdawe) Change my contact details.

1.06 2007-11-04

    - (richdawe) Bugfix: Builds and works again on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger).

    - (richdawe) Fix typo in t/33nslong.t, which caused it to fail
                 on Mac OS X.

1.05 2007-08-13

    - (richdawe) Fix META.yml so that it's valid. Add a test using
      		 Test::YAML::Meta to the test suite, to validate META.yml.

    - (richdawe) Fix RT #27864: "Tests fail with nl_NL locale set".

    - (richdawe) Add test cases for setting attributes on directories,
                 by filename.

    - (richdawe) Bugfix: Fix a memory leak in getfattr(). The memory was
                 leaked when the function failed, e.g.: if it was called
                 with the name of a non-existent attribute.

1.04 2007-05-06

    - (richdawe) OpenBSD does not support extended attributes --
                 fail the build on OpenBSD; documentation updates.

    - (richdawe) Really fix build for NetBSD 3.x. Update the test suite
                 to skip tests on NetBSD 3.1 or earlier,
                 since NetBSD 4.0 is the first version to actually have
                 filesystem support for extended attributes.

1.03 2007-04-27

    - (richdawe) Fix RT #26542: "Tests fail with taint-mode
                 and ATTR_TEST_DIR set"; also document ATTR_TEST_DIR.

    - (richdawe) Build fix for NetBSD, OpenBSD: Use strerror()
                 if strerror_r() is not available.

1.02 2007-04-06

    - (richdawe) Fix listfattr() so it works on Linux. Thanks to rafl
                 and Jonathan Rockway for the patch!
    - (richdawe) Add test cases for listfattr().
    - (richdawe) Fix warning in listfattr(), listfattrns()
                 when operating on a file handle.

1.01 2006-10-02

    - (richdawe) Fix brown paper bag bugs in MANIFEST that broke the build.

1.00 2006-10-02

    - (richdawe) Add support for Solaris 10.

    - (richdawe) Add support for File::ExtAttr::Tie on *BSD.

    - (richdawe) API change: Namespace and the create/replace flag
                 are now passed via a hash. This breaks API compatibility
                 for both File::ExtAttr and File::ExtAttr::Tie.

                 One API change remains: using exceptions rather
                 than warnings to report errors.

    - (richdawe) Fix RT #21214: "ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations
                 and code"

    NOTE: This relase has not been built or tested on Mac OS X.

0.05 2006-05-27
    - (richdawe) Add support for FreeBSD 6.0. This may also work
                 with NetBSD >= 4.0 and OpenBSD > 3.8.
    - (richdawe) All *fattr functions now take some optional flags.
    - (richdawe) Add File::ExtAttr::Tie for tied access to extattrs;
                 thanks to David Leadbeater!

0.04 2006-01-20
    - (richdawe) Add Mac OS X support; thanks to Jonathan Rockway!
    - (richdawe) Add a check to Makefile.PL for libattr's headers on Linux.
    - (richdawe) Requirement on Perl 5.8.5 is spurious; remove it.

0.03 2006-01-01
    - (richdawe) Rename to File::ExtAttr from Linux::xattr
    - (richdawe) Bugfix: XATTR_* were not found correctly in XS.
    - (richdawe) Bugfix: Off-by-one buffer overflow in XS for getfattr().
    - (richdawe) Split the tests up, to make them more granular.
    - (richdawe) Final parameter of setfattr() is now optional.
    - (richdawe) Support specifying file using an IO::Handle.

0.02 2005-11-15
    - (kg) changing to use system functions instead of compatability functions
    - (kg) fixing strlen stuff in get and set
    - (kg) exporting constants

0.01  Wed Nov  9 08:57:42 2005
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-O -n Linux::xattr Linux-xattr/mylib/xattrlib.h