Revision history for Perl extension File::FDpasser.

0.01  Wed Jul 14 12:40:32 1999
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18
	Works on Linux and solaris - no OO interface yet
	lots of cleanup needed... alpha stuff... no
	documentation (except the source of course).

0.02  Wed Jul 14 16:40:32 1999
	- Removed stale Data:Dumper references from the
	t/t*.t files.

0.03  Thu Jul 22 10:39:11 1999
	- Fixed t/t10*.t Write on listen fd was being
	queried and some platforms therefore always
	returned true from select when no new client
	was on the other end.

0.04  Tue Jul 27 17:46:17 1999 
        - Changed all socket code to use perl sockets
	and now everything is a Perl Filehandle - perl
	wrappers get the File descriptor - for convenience
	you can give them fd's too.  Only works on Solaris
	so far. bsd43.c support is next.

0.05  Wed Jul 28 02:03:02 1999
        - Added some fixes for Dec unix.

0.06  Thu Jul 29 02:40:07 1999
		- Lots of clean up in the code, loops removed.
	Fixed race conditions in test scripts.  Added bsd43.c
	for (at least) irix.

0.07  Fri Jul 30 02:19:10 1999
		- Fixed things so hpux uses bsd 4.3 structures
	and the bsd43.c file - other versions do not seem to
	work - why I have no clue. Hopefully this will work
	on Irix too.  Added AIX support and it seems to work
	at least on AIX 4.3.2.

0.08  Mon Aug  2 20:58:06 1999
		- Added NetBSD and OpenBSD to the list of OSes
	OpenBSD 2.5 has been tested already and worked - 
	Netbsd hasn't been tested yet - along with Irix.
	BSDi 4.4 hasn't been tested but should work.
	Some tests were done on Windows NT and they failed
	miserably. Also O_ACCMODE was replaced with 
	(O_RDONYL|O_WRONLY|O_RDWR) since Fcntl under 5.004_04
	doesn't create the constant.  Some documentation 
	was added.