MUIR / File-Flock-2013.11 / Changes

Revision history for Perl module File::Flock

2013.10 2013-09-16

    - Switched from CHANGELOG to Changes

2013.09 2013-09-11

    - Resolve un-initialized variable $ready in
    - Resolve un-initialized variable isues in

2013.08 2013-04-17

    - Removed "my $_" instances that broke older perls.

2013.07 2013-04-09

    - Require IO::Event version 0.812 to work around a FreeBSD issue.

2013.06 2013-04-05

    - Added File::Flock::Forking to auto-select between File::Flock and

    - Added File::Flock::Subprocess for machines that don't propogate
      locks across fork().

    - POD is now after __END__ instead of __DATA__.  Oops!

2008.01 2008-03-27

    - Joshua Kronengold, mneme at io dot com, sent in a patch
      to use IO::File instead of the $gensym hack.  Applied.

    - Carl F├╝rstenber, azatoth at gmail dot com and others 
      requested that license terms be spelled out.  Done.

104.111901 2004-11-19

    - Bugfix in &unlock for if the lock file has been removed.

    - Bugfix by Vadim O. Ustiansky <>.

101.060501 2001-06-05

    - Added $av0debug variable to note locking attempts in $0


    - Added lock_rename to the EXPORT list.

100.092501 2000-09-25

    - Added tests to make sure 'nonblocking' works

99.121701 1999-12-17

    - Added the lock_rename() function.

99.062201 1999-06-22

    - SunOS systems seem to fail with EWOULDBLOCK on locked files.


    - It appears that on some systems (HP-UX) a blocking call to flock()
      can fail with EACCES instead of EAGAIN.


    - Perl changes.  File::Flock must change to keep up.  A call to
      lock() had to be changed to &lock().  Why?

98.120101 1998-12-01

    - More fixes for Solaris.  

    - Modified the unlock() function so that it can be called as a reference.

98.113001 1998-11-30

    - Fixed the object-style interface.  

    - Attempt to fix a double-unlock bug that makes the Linux port unhappy

98.112801 1998-11-26	

    - Chaged O_RDONLY to O_RDWR for all file opens because Solaris won't let
      you get an exclusive lock on a read-only file.  Crazy!  Change suggested
      by Lupe Christoph <>.  Thanks!

    - Rewrote the handling of the removal of files created just so that
      they could be locked.  Also tried to make sure that now file descriptors
      could get leaked.

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