Revision history for File-Fu

v0.0.8 2013-06-02

  * fixed t/findknob.t failures / logic

  * added File move(), mkfifo(), sysopen()

  * made File write() chainable

  * added write() and do() to temp filehandles

  * added remove() to File

  * added relative_to() method

  * fixed a regression in the temp dir rename() method

v0.0.7 2010-02-27

  * much better documentation for File::Fu::Dir::find()

  * added rename() for Dir objects

  * allow Dir parts() and slice() to have negative indices

  * improvements to temp_dir

v0.0.6 2009-01-31

  * added File::Fu->which() ala File::Which::which

  * supporting e.g. 'use File::Fu::File' as the entry-point

v0.0.5 2008-12-09

  * added is_same() method

  * added copy() method

  * fix for $dir + 'path/and/file' bug

  * added write() method to File objects

  * added relative_symlink()

  * corrected File SYNOPSIS pod (pointed out by John LoVerso)

  * corrected 'dir/', 'foo/', 'bar/' error in introduction (pointed out
    by Ron Savage)

  * fixed perl 5.6.2 nit todo with chdir_for()

v0.0.4 2008-09-07

  * resolve() method

  * File::Fu->THIS_FILE

  * chdir_for() and chdir_local() methods for Dir

  * added slice parameter to map() for Dir

  * File::Fu->program_name() / program_dir()

  * File::Fu->cwd

  * absolutely() method for Cwd-style resolution

  * updated %= documentation

  * added pipe_open() method for files

  * chmod(), chdir() methods

  * some handling of auto cleanup in Temp

  * create() and mkdir() return self

  * mode support in mkdir()

  * File::Fu->home()

  * part() and slice() methods in dir

  * relative() has an optional $to argument

v0.0.3 2008-03-08

  ! changed inner append to '%' from .

v0.0.2 2008-02-27

  ! still subject to API changes

  * lots of new methods
    (readlink, mkdir, rmdir, touch, stat)

  * part() and end() methods (Dir)

  * renamed listing() to list() and iterate_listing() to lister() (Dir)

  * find()/finder() methods (Dir)

  * temp_file()/temp_dir() methods (Dir)

  * read() method for slurping (File)

  * pod, tests, and other good stuff

v0.0.1 2008-02-18

  * first public release

See the source code repository for more detail.