Changes for Perl extension File-HomeDir

1.00 Fri 19 Oct 2012
	- No functional changes
	- Updating to Module::Install 1.06
	- Don't require documents directory on Mac under AUTOMATED_TESTING

0.99 Thu 26 Jan 2012
	- Updating to Module::Install 1.04
	- Removed deprecated interfaces from the documentation
	- Don't require music and video directories in FreeDesktop tests
	- The use of deprecated %~ now emits a warning

0.98 Thu 7 Jul 2011
	- Updating to Module::Install 1.01
	- If Win32::GetFolderPath returns a \\UNC type path do not do the
	  normal -d sanity check, as strange and unusual bugs may occur.

0.97 Sun 20 Feb 2011
	- Looks good, moving to production release
	- This should finally pass on ActivePerl Mac

0.96_04 Tue 1 Feb 2011
	- Typo in 11_darwin.t

0.96_03 Mon 31 Jan 2011
	- Return undef in list context on Mac as per the documentation

0.96_02 Mon 31 Jan 2011
	- No longer assume we have Application Support, sigh

0.96_01 Mon 31 Jan 2011
	- Removed a dubious "different users have different data" test on Macs
	- Removed tests for legacy %~ interface

0.95 Mon 31 Jan 2011
	- Switch to prod version

0.94_01 Tue 14 Dec 2010
	- More special casing in tests to deal with stripped down non-root
	  Mac environments (mostly to make BINGOS' automated testing pass)

0.93 Wed 13 Sep 2010
	- Production release, no changes from 0.92_05

0.92_05 Mon 13 Sep 2010
	- use Mac::SystemDirectory for each Darwin based MacOS. (REHSACK)

0.92_04 Fri 10 Sep 2010
	- Be less strict about desktop and others on FreeDesktop (ADAMK)

0.92_03 Mon  6 Sep 2010
	- Adding experimental support for my_dist_config() (JQUELIN)
	- Adding diag comment on which drivers gets used (ADAMK)

0.92_02 Mon 28 Jun 2010
	- Updating to Module::Install 1.00 (ADAMK)
	- Add a bit more docs, and tweak the existing stuff a bit (ADAMK)
	- Deprecated the %~ interface. It will continue to exist as an
	  undocumented legacy interface until 2015, warnings will be
	  issued from 2013 (ADAMK)
	- On systems, root often does not have the relevant
	  directories. Skip tests for them in the same way as we do for the
	  Mac root users on darwin (GARU)

0.92_01 Fri 11 Jun 2010
	- Updating to Module::Install 0.99 (ADAMK)
	- Adding experimental support for my_dist_data() (JQUELIN)

0.91 Sun 23 May 2010
	- Moving the FreeDesktop driver to prod
	- Adding File::HomeDir::Test driver

0.90_04 Fri 12 Feb 2010
	- Adding missing prereq

0.90_03 Tue  9 Feb 2010
	- Using FreeDesktop implementation only if xdg-user-script is
	  present, since it's now what's been used internally. This should
	  prevent test failures seen in _02. (JQUELIN)
0.90_02 Thu 14 Jan 2010
	- Adding support for the alternate FreeBSD xdg directory (JQUELIN)
	- Improved specification compliance (DAXIM)

0.90_01 Thu  7 Jan 2010
	- WARNING: This release introduces a major backwards incompatibility
	  for Unix users. The results returned by most methods may change.
	- Added complete implementation of the FreeDesktop specification and
	  auto-detection of the Unix hosts to which it applies (JQUELIN)
	- 01_compile.t now loads all backends (since on most platforms,
	  most backends will never normally be loaded).

0.89 Sun  3 Jan 2010
	- Loosen the testing intensity on Darwin Carbon backends to prevent
	  issues with consumer directories prevent installation entirely.

0.88 Tue 24 Nov 2009
	- Switching to a production release

0.87_01 Sat  3 Oct 2009
	- First developer implementation of improved Mac support

0.86 Fri 27 Mar 2009
	- Bug fix for the 64-bit implementation

0.85_01 Fri 27 Mar 2009
	- For 64-bit perl on Darwin, fall back to File::HomeDir::Unix
	  as Mac::Carbon is not available

0.84 Wed 11 Mar 2009
	- Adds support for $ENV{HOME} on Darwin
	- Other bug fixes on Darwin (MIYAGAWA)

0.83_01 Sat  1 Nov 2008
	- Patch from Darin McBride to fix user_home on Darwin.

0.82 Tue 14 Oct 2008
	- When we get more than one warning, diag the warnings 
	  so that we have actually have a chance to get rid of
	  the extra warnings.

0.81 Thu  3 Jul 2008
	- Updating to Module::Install 0.77
	- Localising $@ during evals
	- Updating Perl version dependency to 5.00503

0.80 Fri 27 Jun 2008
	- All clear on the CPAN Testers front, flipping to production

0.71_03 Wed 25 Jun 2008
	- Removing the Server 2003 and 2008 skips that should work
	  now that we create directories on demand.
	- File::HomeDir should now support "Perl on a Stick"

0.71_02 Mon 28 Apr 2008
	- Added `my_dot_config`.
	- Adding a base driver class.

0.71_01 Fri  4 Apr 2008
	- Converted from Registry checks to Win32 calls.
	  This includes giving it the "create directory" call.
	- Removing the dependency on the registry modules.

0.70    Fri 28 Feb 2008
	- Windows Server 2003 does not have Music/Pictures/etc directories
	  (correct the test to not expect them to exist)
	- Make the same assumption about Windows Server 2008

0.69    Sun  3 Feb 2008
	- No changes, incrementing for production release

0.68_01 Tue 22 Jan 2008
	- Fixed folder detection on Darwin so that symlinks that resolve to
	  directories are considered valid folders. Patch from David Wheeler.

0.67    Thu  6 Dec 2007
	- No functional changes, no need to upgrade.
	- Upgrading to Module::Install 0.68
	- Updating bundled author tests

0.66    Sat 25 Aug 2007
	- No functional changes, no need to upgrade.
	  (This release attempts to regain 100% CPAN Testers results)
	- Spurious failures on some path-levels of 5.9.0 due to a warnings
	  bug regression. Skip the relevant test on Perl 5.9.0.
	- Remove a -w flag in 02_main.t so test run under tainting

0.65    Wed 21 Mar 2007
	- Add a special case to pass users_home(current user) on to my_home
	  (This prevents tests failing when you manually set HOME to lie
	   about your home directory. This was mostly preventing installation
	   with "sudo cpan -i File::HomeDir".
	- Upgraded to Module::Install 0.65

0.64    Thu  8 Feb 2007 (Stephen Steneker)
	- Add Makefile prequisite for a version of Mac::Carbon that properly supports Intel macs .. default Tiger install includes a buggy version [RT#24222]
	- No other changes from 0.63

0.63    Tue  9 Jan 2007
	- The ability to overload HOME on any platform, even Win32, is
	  apparently desirable. So now we support the use of HOME on Win32
	  for that specific case.

0.62    Thu  2 Jan 2007
	- On WinXP, the My Videos directory (and registry entry) does not
	  exist by default. It is created the first time Windows Movie Maker
	  is run.
	- Skip the My Videos test on WinXP as a result

0.61    Tue  2 Jan 2007
	- Verified the previous version on Win2K, WinXP, Linux and Mac OS X.
	- Verified as a normal user, root and nobody on most of these.
	- No change other than converting the version to a release version.

0.60_13 Tue  1 Jan 2007
	- Lets try that again

0.60_12 Mon  1 Jan 2007
	- Skip an unreliable test on older Perls

0.60_11 Mon  1 Jan 2007
	- Reduced the basic version dependencies on Mac OS because they
	  were unnecesary on that platform, and now Mac users don't need
	  to upgrade PathTools.

0.60_10 Mon  1 Jan 2007
	- More testing problems on Win2K
	- Adding a dependency on Win32 to access Win32::GetOSName
	  (Dependency issues could make this backfire, so maybe will
	   need another test cycle or two to make sure it works)

0.60_09 Mon  1 Jan 2007
	- Sigh... cases are now known to exist where users
	  do not have home directories. Tests refactored
	  AGAIN do allow the "nobody" user to pass the test
	  suite. Don't ask me WHY people might need to install
	  a module as nobody. I don't know.

	  But now the test suite accomodates that.

	- On Unix, if the home directory does not exist, for
	  example /nonexistant, it means the user does NOT have
	  a home directory. So in those cases, return undef
	  instead of the /nonexistant directory.

0.60_08 Mon  1 Jan 2007
	- Problems with Win2k hopefully finally resolved

0.60_07 Tue 19 Dec 2006
	- Problems with testing continue to plague the module...

0.60_06 Fri 15 Dec 2006
	- Another attempt to fix the getpwuid problem

0.60_05 Tue 12 Dec 2006
	- Removed a build-time dependency on getpwuid

0.60_04 Thu 2 Nov 2006 Stephen Steneker
	- win32: add support for my_pictures, my_videos
	- darwin: add support for my_music, my_pictures, my_videos
	- Skip "root" tests on darwin, not supported
	- add POD docs with examples for o/s specific implementations

0.60_03 Wed 20 Sep 2006
	- Cleaned up the way unimplemented method exceptions are thrown.
	- Fleshed out the docs a bit more.
	- Added an initial implementation of my_music

0.60_02 Fri 14 Jul 2006
        - Altered testing to allow cases where there are no "toys" directories
        - More cleanups for Darwin in the root case
        - Updating dependencies to something more modern
          (mostly to ensure certain fixes to certain problems exist)

0.60_01 ...
	# Introduces back-compatibility issues
	- No longer treat lack of a home directory as an error
	- More test written on the monthly meeting
	- Major upgrade to Darwin driver (CNANDOR)

0.58 Wed 10 May 2006
	# No functional changes, upgrading has no benefit.
	- Upgrade Module::Install to 0.62 final
	- AutoInstall is only needed for options, so remove auto_install

0.57 2006-03-10 Adam Kennedy
	# No functional changes, upgrading has no benefit.
	- Upgraded Module::Install to 0.62
	  (M:I is relatively sane from 0.61)
	- Removing all use of UNIVERSAL::isa (the function)
	- Adding missing use Carp() in a couple of cases
	- Minor POD changes

0.56 2006-03-10 Adam Kennedy
	# No functional changes, upgrading has no benefit.
	- I screwed up Module::Install 0.58
	- Fixed that, then incremented version to fix this

0.55 2006-03-05 Adam Kennedy
	# No functional changes, upgrading has no benefit.
	- Documentation bug fix
	- Documented the todo list
	- Updated Module::Install to 0.58

0.54 2006-02-27 Adam Kennedy
	- Adding a dependency of Win32::TieRegistry's, so this installs.
	- Will remove it later when that bug is fixed in Win32::TieRegistry

0.53 2006-02-27 Adam Kennedy
	- Typo caused Makefile.PL not to require Win32::TieRegistry on Win32
	- Upgraded to Module::Install 0.57

0.52 2005-01-04 Adam Kennedy
	- Added initial Darwin support.

0.51 2005-12-30 Adam Kennedy
	- Fixed a typo where I left the require of the Windows module
	  as Win32. (Randy Kobes)

0.50 2005-12-26 Adam Kennedy
	- Rewrote the guts entirely to split functionality out into
	  platform-specific submodules, and to add more specialised
	  code for Win32.

0.07 2005-11-09 Adam Kennedy
	- Near-complete rewrite to modernise and prepare to
	  start merging in File::HomeDir::Win32.

	- "Traded" module in exchange for Data::JavaScript::Anon :)
	- Replaced Makefile.PL with Module::Install-based version that lists
	  its dependencies in a platform-sensitive way.
	  This also removes the need for evals.
	- Replaced tests with Test::More-based ones and improved
	- Put the platform-specific code into if ( CONSTANT ) blocks
	  so they will compile out.
	- Otherwise cleaned up and improved the layout of the code
	- Added support for $ENV{HOMEDIR} and $ENV{HOMEPATH} on Win32
	- More-explicit testing before we return a path
	- Keep caching user home, but NOT "my" home in case the
	  process changes user.

0.06 2004-12-29  Sean M. Burke
	# No functional changes, upgrading has no benefit.
	- just rebundling.  No code changes.

0.05 2000-12-09  Sean M. Burke
	- adding MSWin code to consult the registry,
	  as helpfully suggested by Richard Soderberg <>.
	- Tweaked MacPerl code a bit.

0.04 2000-12-09  Sean M. Burke
	- just fixing incidental typos in the POD.

0.03 2000-12-08  Sean M. Burke
	-  first public release.