DROLSKY / File-LibMagic-1.01 / Changes

1.01     2014-05-04

- Fixed repository metadata. Reported by Jens Rehsack. RT #89200.

- A File::LibMagic object would not close one of the handles it might have
  opened, leading to leaks. Reported by Alexander Zaitsev. RT #93512.

1.00     2013-09-02

- Don't get all excited about this being 1.00. It's just what comes after

- The checktype_contents() and describe_contents() methods now accept a scalar
  ref in addition to a plain scalar. RT #28747.

0.99     2013-08-26

- More test changes to try to get tests passing on midnightbsd.

0.98     2013-08-25

- Fix test failures on midnightbsd (I hope) by relaxing a MIME type check in
  one of the tests.

0.97     2013-06-23

- Updated to the latest Devel::CheckLib, which should fix error reported by
  Perl 5.18 against the old CheckLib we were shipping. Reported by Dominic. RT

- We no longer link against libz, since this module doesn't need it. Reported
  by Ansgar Burchardt. RT #56479.

- Fixed tests to work with the latest libmagic. Patch by Gregor Herrmann. RT

- Attempted to make the tests work with various versions of libmagic. Please
  report failures and your file/libmagic package versions.

0.96     2009-05-23
     Upgraded Devel::CheckLib
     see bug 46044, 46295 in rt.cpan.org

0.95     2009-05-18
      try to make test work in netbsd and solaris 9

0.94     2009-05-13
      small error in t/6-oo.t

0.93     2009-05-12
      using Devel::CheckLib as suggested in 

0.92     2009-05-12
      "normalisation"-problem -> changed t/6-oo.t

0.91     2009-05-12
      Changed t/6-oo.t in order to pass 'make test' for file-5.x

0.90     2008-11-26
      removed some debugging code I accidently left in

0.89     2008-08-06
      added -lz to Makefile.PL in order to compile under 

0.88     2008-05-18
      more experiments

0.87     2008-05-18
      experimenting with magic_buffer_offset

0.86     2008-05-18
      'file' version 4.24 returns slightly different filetypes.
      this makes 'make test' fail. fixed it for the new 
      version. But I'm afraid this breaks the 'make test' for
      older versions of the package 'file'.

0.85     2007-08-28
      Minor cleanup of the MANIFEST to avoid warnings (Michael Hendricks)

0.84     2006-06-28
      (all implemented by Michael Hendricks)
      some XS-Code cleanup,
      import of constants like MAGIC_NONE from magic.h,
      much improved error handling.
      additional OO-Interface

0.83     2006-06-14
      Small documentation update

0.82     2005-04-24
      Found two bugs

0.81     2005-04-24
      Port to AMD-64, thanks to Nathan Hawkins <utsl@quic.net>

0.80     2004-07-21
      some improvements in colaboration with James Olin Oden <joden@lee.k12.nc.us> 

0.10     2004-04-19
      some cleanup

0.03     2004-03-23
      hacked magic_open & magic_load but it's not mature enough

0.02     2004-03-23
      magic_file implemented

0.01     2004-03-15
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.22 with options
		--skip-ppport File::LibMagic

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