= 2003/11/25

Changed the name to File::OldSlurp

Alex BATKO <abatko@cs.mcgill.ca> sent in some typo fixes.

= 2003/09/04

This is the last release of File::Slurp by David Sharnoff.
After this release, the File::Slurp namespace will be
given to Uri Guttman <uri@stemsystems.com>.

The only change in this release: a fix to the test suite
'cause Uri Guttman noticed it was buggy.

= 2002/10/31

Change __DATA__ to __END__.  Don't know why I had
it wrong in the first place.

= 2002/03/05

Changed the license to make the Debian folks happy.
Changed the temporary file directory location code in
the test suite to make the Win32 people happy.
All changes for this release integrated by 
Alexander Zangerl <az@snafu.priv.at>.  Thank you!