Revision history for Perl extension File::SortedSeek.

0.01  Thu Nov  1 21:18:43 2001
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
      -X File::SortedSeek

0.011 Sun Nov 25 2001
    - Minor typo corrections

0.012 Mon Nov 26 2001
    - Changed tar config so it expand to

0.013 Mon May 26 2008
    - Major refactoring to use the same proven engine as Search::Dict
    - Thanks to Peter (Stig) Edwards for major input into this
    - Tests refactored into t/test.t form and bug_fixes.t added

0.014 Tue May 27 2008
    - Removed need to binmode filehandle in get_between() and get_last()
      functions by using sysseek and sysread to avoid unwanted line ending
    - Changed system dependent record separator to a heuristic that should
      DWIM most of the time. Can always be over ridden.
    - Added extra test cases
    - Code clean up
    - Documentation clean up
    - Sample scripts added
    - Added META.yml, t/pod.t t/pod_coverage.t to keep Kwalitee happy

0.015 Mon June 2 2008
    - Made pod.t pod_coverage.t kwalitee.t spelling.t test private so
      they only run is RELEASE_TESTING environment var is set - the pod
      tests have been causing spurious test failures.
    - Hacked my to write a "proper" META.yml
    - Added support for all common logfile date string formats by default

TODO: Sample script