Revision history for Perl module File::Touch

0.09 2014-05-07
    - Added documention for the "time => $time" argument. RT#63233
    - Restructured dist with lib/ and t/ directories
    - Added basic testsuite that tests core functionality
    - Min perl version 5.6.0

0.08_01 2014-05-04
    - Reformatted this file according to CPAN::Changes::Spec
    - Moved into lib/File/ and created t/ with 01-require.t
    - Added a basic proper testsuite, that tests the core functionality
    - Specified min perl version 5.6.0
    - Switched to Dist::Zilla
    - Got rid of tab characters

0.08 2009-07-25
    - Don't die if trying to use O_NONBLOCK fails.
    - Set O_NOCTTY if the local OS supports it.
      (If O_NOCTTY is set and path identifies a terminal device,
      open() shall not cause the terminal device to become the controlling
      terminal for the process).

0.07 2009-07-25
    - BUGFIX last fix caused probs (thanks Reini Urban)

0.06 2009-03-24
    - now works on systems lacking O_NONBLOCK (thanks Ronald Fischer)
    - BUG: no longer works adds O_NOCTTY with terminal devices

0.02 2007-06-01
    - fixed bareword filehandle (thanks Tolga Ceylan)
    - I changed my name

0.01 2001-07-05
	- original version; created by Nigel Wetters