Changelog for File-UStore

0.16 2016-04-07T07:28:11
 - ADding deps for uuid-dev to travis (Shantanu Bhadoria)
 - Bump Changes (Shantanu Bhadoria)

0.15 2016-04-07T07:23:35
 - v0.15 (Shantanu Bhadoria)
 - fixing spelling issues (Shantanu Bhadoria)
 - Added travis and badges (Shantanu Bhadoria)

0.14 2013-09-15T05:17:41
 - v0.14 (Shantanu)
 - Switched the module to dzil for release management and to improve its
   kwalitee rating (Shantanu)

0.13 2013-03-05T02:26:05
 - Added repo to makefile (Shantanu Bhadoria)
 - Adding INSTALL (Shantanu Bhadoria)
 - Added Changes File (Shantanu Bhadoria)
 - Renamed a test (Shantanu Bhadoria)
 - Adding the Tests (Shantanu Bhadoria)
 - File::UStore Committing Version 0.04 Changes Added a few Documentation
   tweaks. (Shantanu Bhadoria)
 - First Commit File::UStore Version 0.03 of File UStore (Shantanu