Revision history for File::Which.

1.12 Thu 26 Mar 2015
  - Fixed bug in pwhich introduced in version 1.10 where only the
    first file was searched for

1.11 Thu 26 Mar 2015
  - Support for relative and fully qualified paths in Unix (gh#2)

1.10 Thu 26 Mar 2015
  - Test::Script is now a test instead of runtime requirement
    It will be entirely removed as a prerequisite in a subsequent
  - Will now find .exe and .com files (as it should) on cygwin (rt83146)
  - Declared required Perl version is now 5.005003
  - Updated repository and maintainer information.  Source for this
    dist now lives on GitHub
  - New module App::pwhich contains the guts of pwhich.  It will be moved
    into a separate dist in the near future.  pwhich will be deprecated
    and removed from this dist in the near future.

1.09 Sun 27 Sep 2009
	- Set svn:executable for the exe files so cygwin tests work

1.08 Tue 15 Sep 2009
	- Fixing pwhich
	- Adding a proper test for it
	- Adds a dependency on Test::Script 1.08

1.07 Tue 28 Jul 2009
	- CPAN Testers looks good for 1.06_01, moving to production release

1.06_01 Sat 25 Jul 2009
	- Taking over this hugely old and very popular module to clean it
	  up a bit.
	- Moved from to Test::More.
	- Updated Changes
	- Cleaned up some code a bit to make it more readable.
	- Added an explicit minimum Perl version
	- Changed platform detection code to constants for less code size
	  and compile-time if () optimisation.
	- Removed non-leading tabs and other whitespace nigglies.

0.05 Mon 24 Jun 2002
	- Made sure the file wasn't a directory, as directories usually
	  have x set.
	- made pwhich say so if it didn't find a file.
	- improve file searching: file doesn't have to be -x on MacOS,
	  only -e. Same thing on DOSish, but only if the file extension is
	  in PATHEXT (so we don't look for non-executable files that
	  happen to be in PATH).
	- For DOSish, VMS and Mac, add current directory in front of path,
	  as (on Win32) this one is searched first. (could someone tell me
	  if this assumption is true on VMS and MacOS too?)
	- large updates to test suite: we now emulate executable files
	  inside t/test-bin/. Like this we have more control. I hope
	  this test suite will be better, but it is probably still
	  shaky. Any reports would do me a lot of good.

0.04 Thu 20 Jun 2002
	- Re-wrote some parts for more platform-specific code (Mac and VMS
	  primarily). Thanks to Abigail and the PPT `which':
	- Removed the '~' handling: was probably broken anyway.
	- fixed a bug with pwhich -a where it would return the number of
	  results instead of the results

0.03 Wed 24 Apr 2002
	- Changed the '~' handling: last version was buggy, it needs to
	  only replace it on Unix and if $ENV{HOME} exists, replacing it
	  then with $ENV{HOME} (removes File::HomeDir dependency).
	- Added documentation to pwhich (you can run perldoc on it now)

0.02 Fri 19 Apr 2002
	- Some documentation changes
	- Added where($short_exec_name) as an alias for
	  which($short_exec_name, { all => 1 }).
	  [Request from Jerrad Pierce <belg4mit (at)>]
	- Added the which option --all. Other options just bloat everything.
	- Added `pwhich', perl-only replacement for `which'.

0.01 Sun 14 Apr 2002
	- original version; extracted from DocSet. Only plain which() with
	  docs and tests.