0.14 - Add metadata to Makefile.PL.

0.13 - Apply patch from Xavier Guimard. (Ticket 80607)

0.12 - Apply patch from Diab Jerius. (Ticket #79983)

0.11 - Add copyright notice to the LICENSE section of the pod.

0.10 - Add is_FH() - which is just a (more intuitively named) alias for
       Various minor adjustments to enable trouble-free building on pre-5.6.

0.09 - Correct error that prevents the module from building on perl 5.6.0.

0.08 - Add is_A() function.
       Rewrite internal functions to reduce (but not completely eradicate) repetition.

0.05 - (Hopefully) fix problems with Solaris and some other operating
       systems re testing for readability.

0.04 - Can now handle filehandles connected to memory objects.

0.03 - Rewrite the existing functions so that they die if:
       1) the received  argument is not an open filehandle;
       2) the received argument is a filehandle connected to a memory object.

     - Add the is_arg_ok() function.

0.02 - Minor changes for compatibility with pre-5.6 versions of perl, and some tidying up.

0.01 - ummm ....