Revision history for Finance-InteractiveBrokers-TWS

0.1.0  2008/08/03

    - Kinda ripped it apart and rebuilt using a way to dynamically 
      learn about the EWrapper and create corresponding code.
    - Made it more logically to request objects directly from IB's Java
      rather than having code in this module

0.0.8  2006/09/25

    - Added method tickOptionComputation
    - Updated the docs to include how to fix missing method errors

0.0.7  2006/04/01

    - Added methods dump_event and dump_java_object, and created config file
    - Fixed some more doc
    - Added suggestions by Marius
    - Fixed the single parm calling

0.0.6  2006/03/12

    - Changed the calling syntax from ->new(%hash) to ->new($callback)
      because with current updates, there is only need for a single attr
    - Added eConnect, eDisconnect that do the right thing when connecting
      to TWS 
    - added all the EClientSocket methods to tws, so you don't have to 
      know how to get at those methods
    - Fixed where Inline::Java builds its parts - so they aren't scattered
      arount the user's filesystem

0.0.5  2006/03/02

    - Altered doc to include updated example
    - Changed the calls to create the IB objects
    - Added parameters to all callbacks

0.0.2  2006/01/17

    - Updated README, changed email address, updated some POD

0.0.1  Thu Jan 12 23:25:40 2006

    - Initial release.