Revision history for Perl extension Finance::PremiumBonds.

0.07  2016-08-09
    - Updates to handle changes in the NS&I site - now we can use their AJAXy
      checker, and get back JSON instead of screen-scraping

0.06  2012-09-07
    - Updates to handle changes in the NS&I website, and fix a typo in the error
      message output if the holder number field isn't found.

0.05  2009-01-06
    - Oh dear.  Somehow, I released this module with a syntax error in.
      Not sure how I managed that.  I'm sure I checked it, but clearly
      not.  Just as well nobody else uses this ;)

0.04  2009-01-05
    - Remove silly left-in debugging aid which outputted the HTML we got
      from the NS+I website to STDERR (heh, I guess nobody uses this
      module, since nobody complained!)

0.03  2008-06-21
    - fix stupid mistake in example script
0.02  2008-03-16
    - supply a valid META.yml
0.01  2008-01-10
	- original version