Revision history for Perl extension Form::Processor::Model::CDBI.

0.09 Thu Feb 28 04:23:29 UTC 2008
    Look for a method "active_column" in the object's class
    that returns the name of the boolean column to see if the
    row is considered "active".  This column determines if
    the row is included in the options list.

0.08 Thu Feb 28 02:07:40 UTC 2008
    Allow primary keys (ids) of zero.  Not sure I like this
    change as zero primary keys are perfectly valid but tend
    to be a bad idea.

    Change from brackets to parenthesis to indicate
    options that are not "active" in select lists.
    This conflicted with Locale::Maketext.

0.07 Wed Dec 19 05:56:19 UTC 2007
    use_ok() was used incorrectly and Test::More
    upgrade to .74 caused it to fail.

0.06 Wed Jul 25 06:41:01 UTC 2007
    Fixed typo when calling update_model and
    no do_transaction exists.  Closes #28464
    as reported by Yann Kerhervé. 

0.05 Thu Jun 21 04:39:44 UTC 2007
    Add "clear" attribute to fields which the Model uses
    to set columns null.  Useful for the odd case of a
    row that holds fields dependent on other fields
    (e.g. a form that changes based on selected form elements)

0.04 Sun Jun  3 15:52:15 UTC 2007
    Allows a global active_column method in the form
    class to set the column to check in lookup tables.

0.03  Tue Apr  3 13:57:44 2007
    Moved to separate package