* Amend arguments to allow argument type aliases
  * Fix the documentation for the Walker class.
  * Strip whitespace in attribute _NAMES_, not attribute values.
  * Can set timeout for SimpleClient when creating the client
  * Fixing the way that the XML API is loaded. We should not be holding on to
    the DOM tree for each example response.
  * Improved XML api code that constructs examples as it creates the specification.
  * fix froody error shapes -- they now pass across the wire for reflection
  * remove XML dom node storage inside of froody
  * avoid cloning data when not necessary

  * delete undef arguments early instead of trying to encode them
  * handle the case where tempfile is undef during an upload
  * unbreak get_methods() (fixes froodydoc etc.)

  * fix UTF8 handling for the standalone server and simpleclient
  * remove dependency on JSON
  * (froodydoc binary is currently broken, but the UTF8 fix is important
    enough to release anyway)

  * added simple (fast) JSON-based client
  * made passing TODO tests not be TODO tests anymore

  * fixed MANIFEST.

  * validate terse data structures properly whether they are 
    actually passed over http as XML or simply returned directly
  * add support for returning JSON instead of XML
  * implement a pluggable architecture, useful for sessions management etc
  * added froody.reflection.getSpecification
  * lazy loading of method specs
  * added pluggable (and chainable) argument validators
  * added tests for weird edge cases
  * fixed a few spelling errors in errors

NOTE: Froody is still in a bit of flux, as development is driving
refactorings and new features.

  * Allow underscores in method names
  * Allow method names with no dots

  * regenerate dist with latest Module::Build::Kwalitee to allow
    building with MakeMaker 

  * Fix corelist example so it returns serveradmin stuff
  * added a 'remaining' argument type that holds all non-declared arguments
    passed to the method
  * added examples to MANIFEST (oops)

  * Fix broken meta-test (t/t.t)

  * Fix to Build.PL

  * Initial release