Revision history for Fukurama-Class

0.01	2007-06-03
		initial release

0.02	2007-12-21
		bugfix: no "final" method-check if force_inheritation is not set
		bugfix: Too late to run CHECK/INIT warnings for mod_perl removed
		bugfix: Fukurama::Class(abstract) parameter repaired, if it was defined even with '0' the class was used as abstract
		bugfix: deep-recursion warning in Fukurama.:Class::Tree removed

0.021	2008-01-04
		bugfix: tests Rigid, Tree, Class and Implements adapted for curiosities in perl 5.10
		bugfix: GLOB-reference-test adapted for curiosities in perl 5.10

0.0.22	2008-01-05
		bugfix: lax int-overflow test for os with other int-sizes

0.023	2008-01-13	
		bugfix: increase distance for version test to avoiding float-truncation
		bugfix: decrease float-overflow test distance to avoid overflow in test itself
		bugfix: increase distance for decimal-overflow test to force overflow in test

0.024	2008-01-15
		bugfix: extend overflow-tests to find overfloating for actual system
		bugfix: fix package-string for version tests

0.025	2008-01-15
		bugfix: fix detection for overflow-marks for different OS

0.026	2008-01-24
		insert module dependencies into the makefile
		laxed data-type tests tightened

0.027	2008-03-12
		search for overflow-sign extendet

0.028	2008-03-12
		bugfix: POD for implements-syntax changed

0.029	2008-03-14
		bugfix: change the method to find the overflow-sign for M$-Systems
		create interface to disable the warnings-pragma when disabling the whole Fukurama::Class

0.030	2008-03-19
		complete the list of perls system internal subs for threads and new system-subs for perl 5.10
		fix incorrect creation of float-overflow-base-string in DataType test for some 64bit systems

0.031	2008-04-06
		extendet versions allowed (eg
		bugfix: endless recursion in compiletime-check removed
		bugfix: parents can call protected methods from a child
		change: now you cant tighten or loosen the access-level for a method in the inheritation tree (private, protected, public)
		change all status to beta

0.032	2008-04-10
		bugfix: data-type class is now correct checked as type-definition
		bugfix: static-declaration is now not automaticly set every time
		bugfix: POD description for (not-)extending access-level improved
		bugfix: check for static and oo-methodcalls correctly implemeted
		change: data type scalar behaves like perl's standard scalar
		bugfix: POD for datatype 'class' created
		data type 'object' created
		POD for data type decimal improved