Revision history for Future-Q

0.110    2015-08-02
         - Fix a little typo.
         - Mention Future's catch() method, which is introduced in Future-0.33.

0.100    2014-12-07
         [BUG FIX]
         - It did not call SUPER::DESTROY when it's DESTROYed.
           This was not a big deal unless you used the debug mode of Future.
         - is_rejected() method now returns a boolified value.
         - Test t/10-construction.t emitted warning messages with Future 0.30.
           The offending tests are removed.
         - Slight performance enhancements of want_all() etc. (5 - 15% boost)
         - Migrate to Module::Build::Prereqs::FromCPANfile.

0.090    2014-03-30
         [API CHANGE]
         - Add finally() method.
         - Add dependency on parent pragma.
         - Mention AnyEvent::Promise.

0.080    2014-03-24
         - Now it requires Future 0.22 to pass the tests.

0.070    2014-03-24
         [API CHANGE]
         - Add $OnError package variable.

0.060    2014-03-23
         [API CHANGE]
         - Add resolve() method.
         - Promises module no longer emulates jQuery.Deferred. Now it's more like Q.

0.050    2013-11-17
         - No changes to the code.
         - Documentation update. Some interesting modules are added to "SEE ALSO" section.
         - Switch to Module::Build::Pluggable with cpanfile.

0.040    2013-07-15
         - [BUG FIX] Now Carp::croak() called in callback functions for try(), fcall(),
           then() and catch() methods report the error from the user's perspective.
           Note that you have to include 'Future::Q' in @CARP_NOT of the package
           that calls try(), fcall(), then() or catch().
         - Perhaps error reporting might need a little more brush-up...

0.030    2013-07-03
         - No changes to the code.
         - Update POD in response to Future 0.14 and q.js v0.9.5
         - Confirmed it passes the tests with Future 0.15 installed.

0.020    2013-05-12
         - Support Future 0.13
           POD is updated now that Future has its own then() method.
         - [BUG FIX] It crashed when a Future object (not a Future::Q object) was returned
           from then() callbacks. This bug is fixed.
         - Drop support for Future::Utils::repeat() in the test suite. repeat() may not
           go well with Future::Q's feature of reporting unhandled failures.
         - Now Module::Build is used for packaging.

0.012    2013-04-14
         Initial release.