Revision history for GD-Graph-Thermometer

0.05   Fri Jan 12 23:30:09 2007
       added GD::Text::Align to PREREQ in Makefile.PL
       commented out Perl::Critic from same hash
       wrapped tests in t/perlcritic.t in condition 
	  to skip tests unsupported by dependencies
       edited Build.PL to define prerequisites

0.04   Thu Jan 11 03:50:09 2007
       noted prerequisites in Makefile.PL
       to resolve failed tests identified by CPAN Testers

0.03   Thu Jan 11 02:20:09 2007
       added ability to generate graph 
       with transparent background.

0.02   Thu Jan 4 00:41:05 2007
       changes style of version numbers
       added code to render result image directly 
	to STDOUT, in addition to legacy behavior 
	of write it to the filesystem.
       added ability to choose file type for result image

0.0.1  Wed Jan  3 01:22:10 2007
       Initial release.