- TODO: maybe change the module's name to Term::ShellUI?

maybe never:
- TODO: ~ expansion in file_completion
  Problem is, how do you replace the ~ in the original text with the
  home directory, like bash does?  This isn't standardized among Perl
  commandline completion libraries (right?)
- TODO: how do I get completion to use just the file, not the entire path?
  (like the above problem, it requires changing the completion text)

0.84: 27 Apr 2006

Added two features suggested by Don Rodgers:
- backslash_continues_command to support command continuation.
- exclude_from_history to prevent a command from being stored in the history.


- Re-enable ornaments by default.  (Term::GDBUI turned ornaments off because
  it was exposing Term::ReadLine::Gnu bugs that have since been fixed).

0.821: 27 Dec 2004

- Print the ReadLine lib being used in the synopsis script
- Turn off tainting in use.t.  Term::ReadKey (and therefore
  Term::ReadLine::Perl) can't handle it.

0.82:  23 Dec 2004
- You can now supply an anonymous sub as a prompt (see fileman-example).
- Added a fix from Erick Calder to fix completion when using Term::ReadLine::Perl.
- Try to fix "Cannot open /dev/tty" errors when running automated tests.
- Convert tabs in most files to spaces.
- A few doc fixups.

0.811: 02 Feb 2004
- 'make test' used to require FreezeThaw.  I didn't realize the barrage
  of errors that would cause.  Rewritten to be self-sufficient.

0.81: 31 Jan 2004
- somehow I left the pm_to_blib file in the tarball, breaking builds.  Removed.
- it turns out CPAN indexes the namespace in the examples directory too.  Arg.
  Changed all private Connection::BLAH modules to be RPC::Connection::BLAH.

0.8:  rev 40  30 Jan 2004
This release introduced one possible compatibility issue.
- fixed a few bugs where the default command ('') wasn't being called.
- made all method calling print an error if method can't be found
- doc subroutines now get the command name as an argument
- history quick substitution ^search^repl now works
- split the parser off into Text::Shellwords::Cursor
- now join_line puts space on both sides of token_chars chars
- fixed save hist bug: GDBUI was saving the first 500 cmds instead of the last.
- now repeats the last arg in a [] arg list forever (or until maxargs)
- fixed off-by-one in parser (only when using keep_quotes option)
- Added the force_to_string completion helper routine
- raised default maximum saved history from 64 to 500
- added default command and argument handlers (if the cmd couldn't be found)
- provide bang completion, but you must enable it in your command set
- added a default history command: history_call
* completion returns an arrayref so it can return undef to highlight an error
  in your completion routines: return [@result]; instead of return @result;
- we now support automatic bang history
- we now sort help summaries
- made file completion work with absolute pathnames
- reorg'd pod, putting most important stuff at top
- we now put a final newline on the command history file

0.61: 16 Dec 2003
- initial release