0.18 - Mon May 28 2012

Remove references to Server files from Manifest. Fixes build warning (cf. rt.cpan.org #72777)

0.17 - Sun Jul 10 13:39:00 EDT 2011

Fix check of threading enabled so it doesn't load the threading module [brendan@tucows]
Remove Server depreciated in last release

0.16 - dev 

Disable the build of GTop::Server, as libgtop 2.0+ has problems
building Server/. Most likely nobody uses it anyway, and if someone does they should let us know...

0.15 - Mon Apr 25 16:43:32 EDT 2005

#include <glibtop/command.h> is needed to build against libgtop 2.9.91 

include the autogenerated GTop.pod in the distro, so that
search.cpan.org shows the right docs.

0.14 - Fri Jan 21 17:18:20 EST 2005

added examples/perlbloat.pl

Recent Test::Builder versions share test numbers only if threads.pm is
already loaded: fix the threads test to load threads.pm first. [Ruslan
U. Zakirov <Ruslan.Zakirov@acronis.com>]

0.13 - Wed Apr 28 12:36:59 PDT 2004

Solaris doesn't have a typedef for u_int64_t, try to add one [Pete
Geenhuizen <pgeenhuizen@carolina.rr.com>]

Makefile.PL cleanups by Radoslaw Zielinski <radek@karnet.pl>.

adjust the build/source to support glibtop 2.5+. Thanks to Radoslaw
Zielinski <radek@karnet.pl> for the help and patches.

include the t/threads.t in the distro [Stas]

0.12 - Mon Dec 22 12:57:34 PST 2003

prepare a basic test suite and threads test [Stas]

Make GTop object fully clone-able under threaded perl and threaded
mod_perl 2.0, by using the CLONE function. [Stas]

deploy PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT macro in .xs modules for better efficiency,
adjust the code to pass THX around [Stas]

add debug printout of INC and LIBS [Stas]

restore the default LIBS setting removed in 0.11 (suitable for gtop1),
since not all platforms have the config script
(gnome-config/pkg-config) which tells us which libs to use [Stas]

fix "modification of readonly value" which triggered by s/:\w+$//
trying to modify $_ which points to a constant in the autogenerated
test.gtop [Eric Cholet]

declare static variable glibtop_server_config as extern so it'll
compile on MacOSX [Eric Cholet]

tracing is now possible with threaded perls [Stas]

libgtop sources are now can be found at
http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/gnome/sources/libgtop/ [Stas]

0.11 - Jan 27, 2003

Add support to libgtop 2.0 and automate the picking of the right libraries
and include paths. [Stas Bekman]

Backport GTop to perl 5.005_03 using ppport.h [Stas Bekman]

0.10 - January 31, 2000

XS_GTop_field_##type didnt work under solaris, 
Makefile.PL will now generate working code

various GTop::Server fixups

0.09 - November 28, 1999

GTop->new now accepts option host,port args for talking to a

added new GTop::Server module (see examples/server)

plugged a few potential memory leaks

0.08 - November 16, 1999

added proc_uid interface

added proc_args interface (see examples/proclist)

added proclist method and proc_state interface (see examples/proclist)

0.07 - November 10, 1999

added $ENV{GTOP_LIB} and $ENV{GTOP_INCLUDE} options in Makefile.PL

added GTop::size_string function

0.06 - October 14, 1999

added uptime and loadavg interfaces

corrected generated test and docs for several methods (had too many args)

added GTop::Netload::address_string method

0.05 - October 4, 1999

malloc/free glibtop_* objects instead of using a glibtop_union

0.04 - October 4, 1999

added a few examples/

added mountlist, mountentry, proc_map, map_entry interfaces

0.03 - October 3, 1999

added swap, proc_segment, netload, mountlist and fsusage interfaces

0.02 - August 5, 1999

mortalize return value of XS_GTop_field

0.01 - August 5, 1999

first release