0.03  Thu Oct 20 21:48:38 2005
	- Some syntax changes for play_ball
	- Add init() parsing/handling to play_ball (see example3.plx)
	- Put in some sanity-checking for outs, balls, strikes, and fouls
	- Make sure totals() can be called only once
	- Make sure that totals are properly tabulated even if a batter's
	  totals cannot be printed
	- Allow pdfopen() to take a filename to open as an argument
	- Moved examples to examples/ directory, and added more

0.02  Fri Sep 16 23:47:38 2005
	- run actual test
	- clean up internal path handling
	- add home_away() method for switching which is active team
	- adds 'lefties' key for init() method, an array of which pitchers
	  are lefites
	- add Wind game info
	- switch order of K and BB in stats to be more consistent with
	  box scores I am comparing against
	- handle more than three batters for each position, up to six extra
	- fix small bug in pitches()
	- add LABEL argument to hit()
	- small layout fixes
	- add play_ball() method, a way of keeping score entirely in
	  text, insetad of calling methods directly (see example2.plx)

0.01  Wed Sep 14 13:45:51 2005
	- original version