Revision history for Games::Blackjack

0.04  01/25/2004
      * Fixed what was suspected to be a bug in Quantum::Superpositions, 
        but was indeed a bug in Games::Blackjack, as Damian Conway pointed 
        out: To access eigenstates in nested superpositions, they need to 
        be flattened out. So if
            $count = any(any(2,12),any(12,22))
        then $count <= 21 will return both nested superpositions, 
        any(2,12) and any(12,22), resulting in any(2,12,22) for the 
        superposition's eigenstates. Instead,
            $count = any(map {eigenstates $_} any(2,12), any(12,22))
        will flatten out the eigenstates and have $count <= 21 return
        any(2,12), as expected.

0.03  12/07/2003
      * Updated docs for CPAN release

0.02  12/01/2003
      * Fixed bug with shuffle(), see

0.01  11/01/2003
      * First public release in an issue of the monthly "Perl Snapshot",
        a column in the Germany-based "Linux-Magazin" 
        and the UK-based "Linux-Magazine" 

      * Add doubling/splitting of hands