Significant changes for Perl extension Games::Cards.

1.45	2000/07/13 21:49:49
	- output is now prettier, if still useless
	- include in distribution
	- has become
	! New Games::Cards::Tk module allows you to write GUI card games!
	- Rearranged directory structure to help installation

1.38 	2000/03/19 21:04:48
	- Bug: When you tried to do an illegal move, GC::Undo::end_move would
	  push an empty move onto the Undo list causing bugs.
	- Bug in's "finish" command

1.36 	2000/01/24  (Millenium version :)
	- Bug in (thanks cpan-testers!)

1.35 	1999/11/10
	- Added minimal test in
	- Added GC::CardSet::clone and GC::Card::clone. This allows "restart"
	  in card games
	- Andy Bach and Michael Houghton both sent me implementations of the 
	  solitaire game "Freecell" within a couple days of each other.
	  Michael's version includes a Tk GUI implementation as well!
	  I'm going to try to include these games in the next release.

1.34 	1999/10/28
	- Fix Makefile.PL, etc.: make install wasn't installing Games::Cards!
	- Make Undo stuff a bit more OO, allow calling undo during a turn
	- Fix a couple bugs in undoing turning a card up/down

1.33 	1999/08/25
	- Major overhaul of Undo and methods to add/remove/move cards
	- Hand class (for a player's hand)
	- Sorting by suit, value, or both
	- plays gin -- but only on one console :(

 1.20	1999/08/12
 	! alpha release version (announced on cpl.modules, added to CPAN)

 1.16	1999/08/09
 	- plays klondike
	- undo

 1.5	1999/08/01
	- plays war

 1.1	1999/08/01 18:35:18
	- original version