Revision history for Games::Construder

0.95    Mon Jul 18 16:41:30 CEST 2011
        - gameplay: added jumper items, which can teleport the player
          once into a certain direction.
        - code: remove some debugging output from server UI stuff.
        - ui: display the name of the object in the selected slot.
        - engine: rewrote (de)materialization to be more generic, tick
          driven and handle player logouts more gracefully.
        - renderer: try to cleanup unused ctr_dyn_bufs more eagerly.
          the client now eats ram much much slower.
        - code: small init memleak fix. which did not occur yet.
        - engine: cleanup more data structures that were filled
        - engine: plugged a small memory leak that had the potential to
          grow really big.
        - game: english corrections, thanks a lot Zaba!
        - engine: cleaning up the axis arrays, even though they are
          really not _that_ expensive memory wise.
        - engine: use static buffer for chunk data serialization.
        - engine: added memory profiling counters.
        - code: moved debugging code into again.
          Hopefully the CPAN indexer doesn't find it this time...

0.94    Fri Jul 15 16:26:44 CEST 2011
        - gamelogic: pattern storage handling was broken in corner
          cases of full inventory.
        - code: remove more debugging output from server.
        - code: documented purpose of each file and removed unneccesary
        - world: expanded the world a bit to be infinite again.
          The sphere hull is sitting in the center of a giant void
          box now, which is 400x400x400 sectors big.
        - engine: properly read the initial player position from the
          resource file.
        - gameplay: the player is not teleported to void sectors
          anymore when he is randomly teleported.
        - world: rethought light distribution a bit.
          The world is now a bit brighter in general due to many more placed lights.
          I hope the iterative server light calculation does not overwhelm anyone's
        - Moved configure dependency to runtime dependency for now.
          Just want to see the effect on the test results on CPAN.
        - Removed EV dependency and usage, there really was no reason
          for a direct dependency.
        - client documentation fix for space key.
        - Redesign of the world.
          The World is now a gigantic sphere hull which is 100 sectors thick.
          There is a center at sector 0,0,0 from which X, Y and Z axises are
          expanding 131 sectors in each direction. The center has a nice
          golden pyramid with a diamond core at the moment.
          The player starts at the top of the sphere at Sector 1,130,1.
        - Fixed teleportation to places without floor.
        - Made space ignite the upward booster the whole time space is
          pressed down.
          This allows flying upwards.
        - added ui_small_entry for small text entry.
        - replaced debugging output in server with a proper logging
        - added client connection log messages.
        - fixed some spellings, thanks go to Zaba for spotting!
        - added maximum queue length for server player chunk queue, so
          the server has a fighting chance to keep up.
        - raised max ambient light.
        - remove M::I.
        - Changed client side logging (and part of the server) to use
          the new logging interface.
        - Implemented logging module.
        - fixed Makefile.PL, added lore to 10million trophy and fixed
          typo in changes.
        - moved back to ExtUtils::MakeMaker. added bio energy intake
        - Added lore to the last earnable trophy.
        - Added feedback for eating bio energy stuff. A small little box is
          now displayed right next to the bio energy now.
        - I had it with Module::Install, so I switched back to ExtUtils::MakeMaker.
          The problem was the outdated META.json generation (non existing one
          maybe fits more). And with File::ShareDir::Install any reason for me
          for Module::Install just vanished into thin air. Now I can also specify
          the C build flags much more straight forward.

0.93    Tue Jul 12 23:09:06 CEST 2011
        - removed debugging definitions.

0.92    Tue Jul 12 22:37:24 CEST 2011
        - initial release