Revision history for Perl extension Games-EveOnline-API.

0.10 2019-03-10T13:59:45Z

 - Declare URI dep.

0.09 2019-03-10T12:09:07Z

 - Fix a test that was changed in 0.08 to use strictures, which is not
   a dep of this distro.

0.08 2019-03-06T06:22:39Z

 - Migrate build tooling from Dist::Zilla to Minilla.

0.07 2014-09-06

 - Documentation edits to properly format code and data samples.

0.06 2014-09-06

 - Add corporation_sheet function (chipsoid)
 - Fix tests for wallet transactions (chipsoid)
 - Add tests for character_ids and station_list  (chipsoid)
 - Add station_list function for player owned outposts (chipsoid)
 - replace LWP::Simple to LWP::UserAgent cause first module can't return content
   if response code not equal 200 (chipsoid)
 - add error code structure in answer to all functions (chipsoid)
 - add character_name function (chipsoid)
 - add functions for eve-mails (chipsoid)
 - add wallet_journal and wallet_transactions functions (chipsoid)
 - fix character_sheet function and test for it (chipsoid)
 - add api_key_info, account_status, character_info, asset_list, contact_list
   functions for API (chipsoid)
 - add itemID and contactID to forceArray attribute in xml2hash converter

0.05 2014-06-22

 - Use Moo and Type::Tiny instead of Moose.
 - Make this class have immutable attributes.
 - Remove test code from the core module.
 - Lots of documentation edits.

0.04 2014-06-22

 - Fix params for API EveOnline (chipsoid)
 - Fix tests skill_tree (chipsoid)


 - Broke parse_xml() out of load_xml(), just for the sake of separation.
 - Added Devel::Coverage metrics to the POD.
 - Commented on WebServer::EveOnline.

0.02 2008-05-25

 - Fix the various feeds - they were totally broke.
 - Add tests for Perl::Critic and Pod::Coverage.
 - Add a test that forces the API to use pre-generated XML and compare results.
 - Upgrade to Module::Install 0.73 for no particular reason.

0.01 2008-05-14

 - First release.