2004-07-22  Mathias Jansson  <mj@pfy.nu>

	- 0.02

	* Link.pm: receive buffer now 4x send_size data.

2004-07-13  Mathias Jansson  <mj@pfy.nu>

	* Changed module name.

2004-07-08  Mathias Jansson  <mj@pfy.nu>

	* Removed Net::UDP and replaced it with IO::Socket

	* IL2Device.pm: cleanup for module packet  creation.
	added carp usage.
	added il2disconnect() ( also renamed connect -> il2connect to avoid confusion)

2004-07-07  Mathias Jansson  <mj@pfy.nu>

	* IL2Device.pm:
	ported network method to IO::Socket for win32 compability

2004-07-05  Mathias Jansson  <mj@pfy.nu>

	* IL2Device.pm:
	changed $self->{REPLY} to hashref, reply now returns hashref.

2004-07-04  Mathias Jansson  <mj@pfy.nu>

	* IL2Device.pm: modified parsedata to exlude key/pair return index.
	moved debug to a variable.

	* IL2Device.pm:
	modified get() to take several values, each result is return in an arrayref, key/pair returns are not parsed.
	set() is now working properly.
	get() now handles timeouts.

2004-07-02  Mathias Jansson  <mj@pfy.nu>

	* IL2Device.pm: first working version

2004-07-01  Mathias Jansson  <mj@pfy.nu>

	* IL2Device.pm: added to cvs