Changes for Gapp

- added Gapp::FileChooserButton

0.494     2012-10-25 01:00:43

0.487     2012-10-15 10:36:21
- removed print statements
- added initializer to container
- bug fix: MenuToolButton was not rendering icon attribute
- stylers now inherit from stylers applied to ancestor classes
- TreeView get_selected returns array or scalar depending on context
- TreeView coerces default column values
- content attribute of Gapp::Container widgets defaults to being lazy
- GappWidget attribute traits now defaults attribute to being ro and lazy,
typical settings for widgets, you can over-ride the defaults when defining
the attribute
- added Expander widget

0.484     2012-10-08 12:33:30
- removed debug print statements

0.483     2012-10-08 12:18:51
- BUG FIX: Failing install on clean system, using artifacts

0.482     2012-10-08 00:26:59
- styler/builder inheritance now acts like packer inheritince
    1. Check layout for definition of specific widget
    2. Check parent layouts for definition
    3. If no definition found, repeat steps 1/2 for classes up the widget's hiearchy until a definition is found

- fixed page_num bug with Assistant
- fixed warning about widget not having AssistantPage trait applied

0.47.7    2012-10-02 11:30:19
- fixing version issues

0.47.6    2012-09-28 17:39:25
- merged Gapp::Gtk2 widgets into Gapp
- new versioning system

0.47.3    2012-09-28 13:15:42
- now using Dist::Zilla

0.47.1 Sep 26 2012
- updating pod

0.47 Sep 25 2012
- updated test suite

0.46.4 Sep 7 2012
- Changed when ListStore sets the args attribute during construction to support
- Added trigger to model attribute of TreeStore to update the gtk_widget if it
has been constructed

0.46.3 Sep 6 2012
- added border_width resize_mode property delegations to Container
- added headers_visible headers_clickable property delegations to TreeView

0.46 Sep 5 2012
- calling "add" on an container whose gobject has already been created now packs the
widget into the child
- show_all called on widgets before being added to notebook to ensure that they are
- removed "form" attribute from FormElement role
- added "form" method to FormElement role which returns the first widget in the
ancestry with the Form trait applied
- added trigger to "page_name" attribute of the NotebookPage trait which updates
the label of the page in the notebook when changed
- added HPaned, VPaned, Notebook attribute traits
- added action_widget attribute to notebook
- added image attribute to ImageButton
- BUG FIX: Buttons with a CodeRef as an action were not passing user args correctly

0.45.1 Aug 29 2012
- fixed bug painting ImageMenuItem widgets

0.45 Aug 29 2012
- created tag-editor example
- added mnemonic/accelerator attributes to Action objects
- added support for default widget in window
- added get_selected method to Gapp::TreeView
- added data_column
- added "name" attribute Gapp::Widget
- added "find" method to Gapp::Container
- add "toplvel" method to Gapp::Widget
- BUGFIX: when subclassing a container widget, and overriding the 'default'
property of the the content, parent values were not being set on the children
- BUGFIX: when creating a Gapp::Widget without keeping a reference to it, the
Gapp::Object would be garbage collected before the Gtk2::Widget was destroyed. Fixed
by creating a circular reference between the Gapp object and the Gtk widget. When
the Gtk object emits the "destroy" signal, the circular reference is broken, and
all involved objects are garbage collected.

- factored out Notice/NoticeBox to GappX::NoticeBox
- refactored Gapp::SimpleList to Gapp::Model::SimpleList
- factored out dialog traits to GappX::Dialogs
- factored out Gtk2 widgets to Gapp::Gtk2
- fixed bug with painters applying action callback to widget twice
- factoed out SSNEntry to GappX::SSNEntry

- factored out Notice/NoticeBox to GappX::NoticeBox
- refactored Gapp::SimpleList to Gapp::Model::SimpleList
- factored out dialog traits to GappX::Dialogs
- factored out Gtk2 widgets to Gapp::Gtk2
- fixed bug with painters applying action callback to widget twice
- factoed out SSNEntry to GappX::SSNEntry

- add MenuToolButton, ToggleToolButton, RadioToolButton
- add RagioMenuItem, CheckMenuItem, SeparatorMenuItem, TearoffMenuItem
- Added AssistantPage trait
- Removed AssistantPage widget
- added GappXXXXX traits
- removed Notice/Noticebox (see GappX::NoticeBox)
- partial revamp of test suite

- renamed gtk_widget attribute to gobject in package Gapp::Object
- added gwrapper attribute
- updated documentation
- FormField/FormElement are now roles instead of traits
- factored out common widget attributes to roles
- renamed "add_node" to "add" in package Gapp::Form::Context
- removed OComboBox from Gapp::Gtk2 namespace
- added "paint" keyword to Gapp::Layout
- begin revamping of test suite

- documentation

- refactoring/documentation

- added Notebook widget
- added NotebookPage trait
- added TextTag, TextTable objects
- updated documentation
- fixed bug for assistant without buttons
- added TextBuffer object

- added add_handles function to Gapp::Util

- added TextTagTable

- added TextBuffer, trait for TextBuffer

- added traits for ToolItemGroup, ToolPalette

- added HPaned, VPaned, ToolItemGroup, ToolPalette

- Work with Moose 2.0+

- Fixed SeparatorMenuItem bug

- Work with Moose 1.25
- Update prerequisite requirements

- Removed dependancy on MooseX::Method::Signatures

- Reverse changes made in 0.31 - change was not correct funcationality

- do_Action callbacks were not passing arguments to the underlying callback correctly,
added 'undef' value for gtk widget parameters

- Gapp::ComboBox doesn't throw errors when comparing undefined values
- Added update, enable, disable methods to FormField trait
- Added attribute/property delegation "type" to Window widget

- Fixed bug where text property of ::Entry was being set to array instead of a string
- Can assign code-refs to the action property of ::Button objects
- ::Form::Stash no longer dies when it cannot find a field in the context
- Fixed bug that threw errors when updating a form the had elements with no field
attribute specified

- TreeViewColumn 'data_column' attribute now defaults to 0
- TreeViewColumn now delegates properties 'min_width' and 'resizable' to the
- Layout builder for TreeViewColum was passing incorrect values to 'sort_func'

- added 'menu' attribute to Gapp::MenuItem
- fixed bug in DateEntry that called 'on_change' handler twice

- added ::StatusIcon
- added ::TimeEntry
- added ::Gtk2::TimeEntry
- added HideWindow To ::Actions::Basic
- added 'forward_page_func' property to ::Assistant
- added 'set_current_page' method to ::Assistant
- ::Container throws error upon adding undefined child
- added 'action_widgets' property to ::Dialog
- ::Entry now delegates 'width_chars' to the 'proprties' attribute
- updated ::Form::Context/::Form::Stash (throws errors with stack trace)
- 'xalign' and 'yalign' of ::Label delegate to 'properties' attribute
- updated ::Layout::Default
- added 'update_from_context' method to ::Widget::Native::Trait::Form
- added 'block_on_change' property to ::Widget::Native::Trait::FormField
- added ::GappComboBox, ::GappDateEntry, ::GappEventBox, ::GappNoticeBox,
:: GappTimeEntry to Gapp::Moose::Meta::Attribute::Trait namespace
- added Gapp::Moose::Role
- added Gapp::NoticeBox
- added sorting to ::TreeViewColmn
- added 'replace_entities' function to Gapp::Util

- added SpinButton
- added action ::Actions::Basic::DestroyWindow
- added Gapp::Gtk2::List
- added Gtk2::TreeDragDest:: interface to Gapp::Gtk2::List::Simple
- added remove method to Gapp::gtk2::List::Simple
- added TreeViewListFormField widget trait
- added TreeViewToggleListFormField widget trait
- fix bug where if user used the signal_connect method on a GappWidget after the gtk_widget was constructed, the signal was not attached

- added Frame
- Gapp::Gtk2::List::Simple was throwing errors if there was no content
- widgets with the FormField role threw errors when the value changed if there
was no parent widget with a Form role


- added TextView

- added FileFilter
- added SeparatorMenuItem
- added SeparatorToolItem
- added MessageDialog widget trait
- Gapp::Actions::Util now exports three new keywords: perform, parse_action, actioncb
- FileChooseDialog now has "filters" attribute
- added "clear" method to Gtk2::List::Simple
- MenuItems now have "action" attribute
- added "model" attribute to Window

- Gapp::Actions now implement MooseX::Clone
- added 'buttons' attribute to Gapp::ButtonBox
- containers now set parent attribute of child elements correctly
- added tooltips to Gapp::ToolButtons
- added GappHBox and GappVBox attribute traits
- added tooltip attribute to Gapp::Widget

- IMPORTANT: actions performed by gtk widgets are now passed the following
arguments( $gapp_widget, $user_args, $gtk_widget, @gtk_args )
- added ButtonBox, HButtonBox, VButtonBox

- added MenuBar widget
- added FileChooserDialog
- added 'create_gtk_image' method to Gapp::Action
- added 'clear' method to Gapp::Gtk2::List::Simple
- can attach actions to Gapp::ToolButton widgets
- added MenuBar widget

- added EventBox widget
- added updated attribute to Stash
- added update_from_context attribute to Stash
- added NoticeBox and Notice widgets
- added transient_for and position attributes to Window widget

- added ScrolledWindow

- added OkCancelDialog widget trait
- added current_page method to Assistant
- added validator attribute and validate method to AssistantPage
- Assistant now automatically validates a page upon display
- added modifed property to stash
- fixed icon property to Window, Dialog and Assistant widgets
- added find_layout method to Widget
- actions were passing in incorrect args when called in certain contexts
- containers were not setting the parent attribute of child widgets when
  added using the 'add' method
- DateEntry widget connects to value-changed signal instead of changed
- Layouts now work correctly

- added find_page to Assistant
- added num attribute to AssistantPage
- added _connect_changed_handler to Entry, RadioButton, ComboBox
- added children method to Container
- added accessor, reder_prefix, writer_prefix attributes to Form::Context
- added lookup, modify, update_from_stash methods to Form::Context
- added accessor, reder_prefix, writer_prefix attributes to Form::Context::Node
- added lookup, modify methods to Form::Context::Node
- added icon attribute to Window
- stash now actively syncs with widget state
- added on_change handler to FormField trait
- added ProgressBar widget

- added form trait
- added form stash
- added DateEntry
- added SSNEntry

- comobox defaults to using simple list
- added stylers to layout
- added form attribute to form fields

- lots and lots and lots of documentation

- documentation
- added &Gapp::main and &Gapp::main_quit
- added the form stash
- can now populate a Gapp::ListStore using "content" parameter
- restuructured tests
Big Fixes:
- radio button labels were not displaying
- layouts find packers for subclassed containers
- table requires map

- added Table support
- added Button
- added RadioButton
- added CheckButton
- added ToggleButton
- fixed bug with actions
- added action_args property to ActionGroup

- massive refactor

- added ::Gtk2
- added ::Gtk2::OComboBox
- added ::Gtk2::FormFactory
- added ::Gtk2::FormFactory::ComboBox
- added ::Gtk2::List::Simple

- GtkAssistant can construct pages using a custom class in an array coercion

- added GtkAssistant trait
- added GtkAssistantPage meta-object
- added handle "destroy" to GtkDefaultWidget trait

- added GtkMenu trait

- added support for binding to cell renderers in GtkTreeView build functions

- added support for different cell renderers in GtkTreeView

- added GtkListStore trait
- added GtkTreeView trait
- added GtkViewColumn meta object
- added ::Model::SimpleList custom model

- added handle "hide" to GtkDefaultWidget trait

- dummy tooltip, icon, code, label attributes added to ::Meta::Action::Undef
- GtkUIManager only uses stock-icon option if it is set

- GtkUIManager now uses Gapp::Actions

- merged GappX::Actions with with Gapp

- prototyped Gapp::Actions

- added GtkStatusIcon
- added "actions" property to GtkUIManager trait
- added "default_size" proprty to GtkWidget trait

0.02    2010-12-09
- Added Gtk-Image attribute trait

0.01    2010-11-04
- First Version