2017-03-27  Dave Cross <dave@dave.org.uk>

  * lib/Genealogy/Ahnentafel.pm, t/01-basic.t: Fix test

  * lib/Genealogy/Ahnentafel.pm: Bump to version 1.0.0.

2016-02-28  Dave Cross <dave@dave.org.uk>

  * lib/Genealogy/Ahnentafel.pm: Use a simpler defintion for lazy attributes.

  * lib/Genealogy/Ahnentafel.pm, t/01-basic.t: Added parent tests.

2016-02-23  Dave Cross <dave@dave.org.uk>

  * lib/Genealogy/Ahnentafel.pm: Fixed POD errors.

2016-02-22  Dave Cross <dave@dave.org.uk>

  * lib/Genealogy/Ahnentafel.pm: Bump version for release.

  * lib/Genealogy/Ahnentafel.pm, t/01-basic.t: Added first/last_in_generation

  * image.png, image.txt: Added explanatory image

  * README.md, lib/Genealogy/Ahnentafel.pm: Fix typos

2016-02-21  Dave Cross <dave@dave.org.uk>

  * lib/Genealogy/Ahnentafel.pm: Bump version to upload less broken tarball :-/

2016-02-20  Dave Cross <dave@dave.org.uk>

  * Makefile.PL: Add MIN_PERL_VERSION to Makefile.PL

  * .gitignore: More .gitignore additions

  * .gitignore: Added Changes to .gitignore

  * lib/Genealogy/Ahnentafel.pm: Bump version

  * Makefile.PL: Added repo metadata

  * Makefile.PL: Add missing build prereq

  * lib/Genealogy/Ahnentafel.pm: Fix heading levels

2016-02-19  Dave Cross <dave@dave.org.uk>

  * README.md, lib/Genealogy/Ahnentafel.pm: More docs and a README

  * lib/Genealogy/Ahnentafel.pm: More documentation.

  * .gitignore: Added .gitignore

  * Makefile.PL: Added Makefile.PL

  * lib/Genealogy/Ahnentafel.pm: Add $VERSION and start POD

  * .travis.yml: Added .travis.yml

  * lib/Genealogy/Ahnentafel.pm: Use class attributes. Tidy the properties.

  * lib/Genealogy/Ahnentafel.pm: Added more stuff.

  * lib/Genealogy/Ahnentafel.pm, t/01-basic.t: Switch to Moo.

2016-02-18  Dave Cross <dave@dave.org.uk>

  * lib/Genealogy/Ahnentafel.pm: First go at showing ancestry

  * lib/Genealogy/Ahnentafel.pm, t/01-basic.t: Add descriptions of the people