Revision history for Perl Geo::CountryFlags

1.01  Thu Oct 16 19:35:33 PDT 2008
	updated Makefile.PL so PREQU's load properly in smokers

1.00  Fri Sep 15 19:42:25 PDT 2006
	Revised to support semi-automatic maintence of flag code cross
	reference between ISO and CIA sites.

	Added to autogenerate modules below
	and to automate the mapping of ISO => CIA country codes

	Added new autogenerated:	ISO flag code => country name hash	CIA flag code => country name hash	CIA & ISO url hash	ISO => CIA mapping hash

	Add files:
	  Valid_Urls		urls for CIA & ISO pages
	  Map_Exceptions	complex name mappings
				between ISO & CIA

UPGRADING .... new flags files conform to the CIA convention and 
	have lower case names.

0.03  Mon Sep 11 16:36:34 PDT 2006
	update 'mkdir' for perl 5.0503 compatibility

0.02  Sat Nov  8 13:14:16 PST 2003
	clean up a couple of typo's in the documentation

0.01  Mon Jan 27 16:40:45 PST 2003
	initial release