Revision history for 'Geo-Google-PolylineEncoder' Perl module

All changes by Steve Purkis, unless otherwise noted.

    +   Added validate_encoded_points method for superficially
        checking the encoded points string [Robert Rothenberg].

    +	Now handles points as arrayrefs [Request by Lee Goddard].  Introduced
	use_geographic_order() to decide whether it's lons or lats first.
    +	Introduced decode_points() & decode_levels(), mainly for testing.
    *	Fixed a subtle bug where signed numbers were being treated as unsigned
	for bitwise ops, causing two's complement to actually be one's :-/.
    *	Fixed a rounding bug which caused deltas (and hence points) to be off
	by up to 3e-5, thus affecting the quality of the encode line.
    *	Use sprintf() as a round() function, floor() removed.
    *	RT #49327: applied patch to handle small negative numbers [Slaven Rezić]
    *	RT #46337: added tests, seems to have been resolved by other fixes.
	[Reported by Joe Navratil]
    *	RT #49323, #36181: Geo::Gpx is now a build_reccomends & correct version
    *	Test::Approx is now a build_reccommends.
    *	some minor performance improvements

    +	Profiled, benchmarked & optimized.  Now almost twice as fast on an AMD
	Opteron 2GHz CPU.  Got two main performance fixes in:
	1. Brought distance() calcs into 1 function & cached lots of stuff.
	2. Brought compute_level() calcs inline.
    *	Calculate zoom level breaks on encode() in case its deps have changed.
    *	Fixed a bad bug in the distance calculation (it would always find that
	'I' was interior to line seg AB, even when it was not, resulting in
	incorrect distance calcs!)

    +	added missing dep on accessors [reported by CPAN Testers]

    +	cleaned up & released

    +	created Thurs Apr 24 2008