Revision history for Perl extension Geo::IP::PurePerl.
1.26 May 22th, 2012
        Please note that this module is deprecated. Please use Geo::IP instead.
	Geo::IP::PurePerl has been merged with Geo::IP.
        Update country names and codes ( Boris Zentner )
1.25 March 30th, 2010
        Skip DNS lookups for cpantesters ( Boris Zentner )
        Add Domain database support ( Boris Zentner )
1.24  September 22th, 2009
        Work around mod_perl centos issue ( Boris Zentner )
        Add ASNum database support ( Boris Zentner )
        Fix using region rev0 databases ( Boris Zentner )
        Handle database types similar to the CAPI ( Boris Zentner )
	Fix 3 letter country code for Romaina ( Boris Zentner )
1.23 December 15th, 2008
	Backport changes from Geo::IP. New methods ( Boris Zentner )

	Add org_by_addr and isp_by_addr ( Boris Zentner )
	Fix doc typo the correct methodname is get_city_record_as_hash ( Boris Zentner ) 
1.22 September 30th, 2008
	fix example ( Boris Zentner )
	Update comments about metro_code
1.21 September 10th, 2008
	metro_code is a replacement for the depreciated dma_code ( Boris Zentner )
1.20 August 4th, 2008
	Add missing country/country code 'Other' ( Boris Zentner )

1.19  March 22nd, 2008
	Added BL/Saint Barthelemy, MF/Saint Martin (ISO-3166-1 additions)
        Change default database name for NetWare to sys:/etc/GeoIP/GeoIP.dat
                 and MSWin32 to c:/GeoIP/GeoIP.dat ( Guenter Knauf )
	Country, City and Org requests benefit from GEOIP_MEMORY_CACHE and GEOIP_MMAP_CACHE
	Add GEOIP_MMAP_CACHE support ( Peter Shipley ) 
	Now works with new format of GeoIP ISP
	Corrected path to /usr/local/share/GeoIP/GeoIP.dat in geoip-lookup program.

1.18  January 8th 2007
	Replaced CS/Serbia and Montenegro with RS/Serbia, removed ZR/Zaire, added ME/Montenegro
	Added AX/Aland Islands, GG/Guernsey, IM/Isle of Man, JE/Jersey (ISO-3166-1 changes)
	Fixed issue with Memory Cache mode (Frank Mather)
	Fixed alpha-3 codes ordering, replaced TLS,TKM,TUN,TON with TKM,TUN,TON,TLS
	TP/East Timor changed to TL/Timor-Leste, reflecting changes in ISO-3166
	Now works with Perl 5.004 (S├ębastien Aperghis-Tramoni,

1.17  August 9th 2005
	Replaced Yugoslavia with Serbia and Montenegro
	Fixed bug when GEOIP_MEMORY is set (

1.16  May 27th 2005
	Added support for GeoIP Netspeed

1.15  May 17th 2005
	Fixed warning messages with GeoIP City lookups (Frank Mather)
	Fixed geoip-lookup to work with hostnames

1.14  December 24th 2004
	Added database_info method (Frank Mather)
	Added example scripts to MANIFEST

1.13  October 3rd 2004
	Updated test case, removed
	Fixed bug when IP Address Not found for GeoIP Domain Names
		(also applicable for GeoIP Organization and GeoIP ISP)

1.12  June 2nd 2004
	Added support for GeoIP Region, City, ISP and Organization (Frank Mather)
	Updated country names

1.11  November 1st 2003

The following changes contributed by Graham Barr

* The "I1" template for unpack is machine dependent. It seems to be 
that you generate the GeoIP.dat file on a little-endian machine. This 
causes everything to fail on a big-endian machine. The patch changes 
unpack to use "V1", which will unpack a little-endian integer and be 
platform independent.

* The in-memory cache was causing the buffer to be copied several 
times. The patch causes the data to be read directly into the hash and 
also avoids copying in _seek_country

* Tests 1_lookup.t and 2_namelookup.t fail if there is no GeoIP.dat 
file in /usr/local. The patch makes these tests skip if GeoIP.dat 
cannot be found.

      Changed Taiwan, Province of China to Taiwan

1.10  November 22nd 2002
      GeoIP Free Database is now updated monthly!
      Added install file.
      First upload to CPAN.
      ! IMPORTANT API CHANGE - now returns undef instead of '--' or
      'N/A' when country not found.
      rewrote _seek_country to use loop instead of recursion for faster performance

0.28  September 12th 2002
      Added Memory Cache mode (Matt Wickline)
      Added ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 code and country names (Matt Wickline)
      Added open method, conform new to XS API (Matt Wickline)
      Added more POD (Matt Wickline)

0.27  September 11th 2002
      Fixed database location in examples and tests
      Module throws error if it can't locate database file
      Removed DB_File dependency

0.26  August 20th 2002
      First release under the Geo::IP::PurePerl name,
      repackaged from Geo::IP version 0.07