Revision history for Perl module Geo::Local::Server

0.09 2015-01-12
  - Updated scripts to be compatible with older versions of DateTime::Event::Sunrise
  - Updated scripts (-m option) to remove possible math issues in locales that practice daylight savings

0.08 2014-12-30
  - Updated scripts sunrise_time and sunset_time to add minute offset as it is easier to do in Perl than in bash

0.07 2014-12-17
  - Updated scripts to use a different DateTime::Event::Sunrise API as the sunrise_datetime and sunset_datetime method do not return the "next" sunrise/sunset as documented but a sunrise and sunset on the day
0.06 2014-11-30
  - Updated logic for local.coordinates in case there is no support for wgs84 in the file

0.05 2014-11-26
  - Updated Documentation
  - Renamed property env to envname
  - Renamed accessor from Config to ci
  - Updated logic on configfile to support disable setting like environment

0.04 2014-11-25
  - Fixed spec file config

0.03 2014-11-25
  - Fixed spec file requires

0.02 2014-11-24
  - Operational
  - Added value added scripts
  - Added RPM spec file

0.01 2014-11-23
  - original version; created by ExtUtils::ModuleMaker 0.51