Revision history for Geo::ShapeFile.

3.01 2021-04-15
    - The type_is method now handles both string and numeric codes.
      Thanks to @poslfit for reporting (GH#26). 

3.00 2019-05-11
    - Release version handles unicode file names on Windows

2.99_002 2019-05-10
    - Add missing test dependency on Test::Exception,
      thanks SREZIC for reporting

2.99_001 2019-05-10
    - Handle unicode file names on Windows

2.66 2019-02-11
    - Full release of 2.65_001, with one additional definedness check (pajlpajl++)

2.65_001 2019-02-11
    - fix file_version method (it was calling the wrong key) (GH #23)
    - avoid repeated loading of files when getting headers
      and incorrect undef returns (GH #22)
    - both reported by pajlpajl

2.64 2017-04-23
    - Update some POD
    - No functional changes from 2.63_001 dev release

2.63_001 2017-04-17
    - Add no_cache option to new method following
      discussion at

2.62 2017-01-08
    - Add rlib to TEST_REQUIRES in Makefile.PL to avoid some
      cygwin test failures

2.61 2016-01-31
    - Specify minimum Math::Trig version to avoid some cpantesters
      fails on pre5.8.9 perls on Cygwin.  

2.60 2014-03-14
    - Add method to obtain the dbf header information.
    - Clean up some POD formatting issues.  

2.58 2014-03-06
    - CPAN testers are green for 2.57_001 so make a production release.
    - Fix incorrect passing of arguments in the shape index.
      This should not affect most existing code as the indexing
      is only used when called explicitly.
    - Croak when an invalid file name is passed.

2.57_001 2014-03-05
    Development release towards 2.58.  Changes are listed there.  

2.56 2014-02-18
    - Shawn Laffan
    - CPAN testers are green for 2.55_001, so bump the version number and release as a full version.

2.55_001 2014-02-17
    - Shawn Laffan
    - Add Geo::ShapeFile::Shape::Index as a simple 2-d block based index.
    - Geo::Shape::ShapeFile now uses a spatial index for the segments.
      This speeds up the contains_point routines by about 50-70% when used.
      The index is opt-in at the moment, so will have no effect on existing code.
    - Geo::ShapeFile::get_part now returns an array ref in scalar context.
    - Geo::ShapeFile::Point::angle_to now works.
    - Many of the undocumented methods have been renamed to use a leading underscore,
      as they are private methods.  This avoids a number of POD test warnings.
    - Add parent, POSIX and autovovofication to the list of dependencies in the makefile.

2.54 2014-02-11
    - Shawn Laffan
    - Fix
      Thanks to Daniel Smith for reporting, and also providing an optimisation
      which also handles edge overlap cases.
    - Reorganise the test suite to allow running of subsets of tests.

2.53_003 2014-02-10
    - Shawn Laffan
    - Clear up several longstanding RT tickets:
          Clarify docs such that point objects are passed to has_point, not coordinates.
          Values returned from width and height were swapped.  Thanks to Lee Goddard for reporting.
          $@ should have been @_ (thanks to for reporting)
          DBF field names can now be accessed in file order.
          corners were incorrectly reported.  Thanks to Liam Gretton for reporting.
    - Reorganise the test suite to use subtests, with tests in subs.  Add more tests. 
    - General formatting and style changes to the code.
    - Add List::Util as a dependency.
    - Development is now on github, so update the metadata to reflect this.

2.52  2007-09-14
    - Jason Kohles
    - Fixed the overloading setup in Geo::ShapeFile::Point to keep it from
      failing the tests caused by recent changes in Test::Builder (it was
      definitely my bug though, don't blame the excellent Test modules for
      it!)  This bug was reported by Hermann Schwaerzler, Andrew Koebrick,
      Celia Mackie, Andrew McGregor, and probably a lot of other folks
      (you can thank all these people for release 2.52, it was this bug that
      clued me in how many people were actually using the package, I hadn't
      intended to do another release until 3.00 was ready to go.)
    - FINALLY fixed the (hopefully last of) the big-endian problem.  I
      hadn't planeed to include this in this release, as I was still trying
      to figure out how to fix it, but while going through my Geo::ShapeFile
      related mail to see if there were any other little problems reported
      that I could include, I discovered a wonderful patch that had been
      sent to me some time ago by Jerry Leibold, which had somehow fallen
      through the cracks.  My apologies for taking 2 years to get this
      fixed, but every time I tried to figure out a solution I was stymied
      by my lack of big-endian hardware (not to mention the fact that my
      day job hasn't included mapping for several years, so I have precious
      little free time to spend on maintaining Geo::ShapeFile, and most of
      that time I've been putting into version 3.00)  This problem was also
      reported by Josh Narins and probably other people whose emails I have
      since misplaced.
    - Reorganized the package layout a bit, so you can do 'prove -vl t' in
      the distribution directory now.
    - Roger Crew pointed out that the centroid of a polygonal area is
      different from the centroid of its vertices, and contributed a new
      area_centroid() method for Geo::ShapeFile::Shape.  I renamed the
      existing centroid() method to vertex_centroid(), although for the
      time being, centroid() is an alias to vertex_centroid().
    - Roger Crew also contributed a contains_point() method for
      Geo::ShapeFile::Shape that determines whether a given point falls
      within the interior of the shape.  Miroslav Suchy also contributed
      a similar method, but I used Roger's because it didn't add any more
      external dependencies.
    - Fixed an argument ordering bug in Geo::ShapeFile::bounds_contains_point
      (also reported by Roger Crew, thanks for the all the help Roger!)

2.51  2005-05-12
    - Jason Kohles
    - Corrected a stupid math problem in Geo::ShapeFile::Shape::centroid
      function, reported by an anonymous user.
    - Fixed a problem discovered by Celia Mackie, where some complex shape
      types didn't have their Z and M values transferred into the points
      correctly, making it difficult to access those values.

2.50  2004-07-03
    - Jason Kohles
    - things calming down at new job, more free time at home for pet projects.
      hopefully this means more Geo::ShapeFile support to come (as well as
      posting some new modules in progress)
    - fixed windows bug reported by Patrick Dughi
    - object caching
    - fixed another windows bug reported by A. B. Jones
    - fixed dumb regexp bug that wouldn't let you use directories with a dot in
      them (doh!).  Reported by Leo WEST
    - fixed documentation bug for shapes_in_area reported by Chad Harp
    - fixed endianess bug reported by Daniel Gildea
    - fixed some count issues, and code cleanup reported by Fergus McMenemie
    - documentation clarification suggested by Christopher Eykamp
    - fixed divide by zero bug when using angle_to() on points with the same
      X value, reported by Frank Maas
    - fixed bug where has_point() missed points that fell exactly on the
      boundary of the area specified, reported by Frank Maas
    - modified dbf file reader to correctly load DBF files that don't have
      an end-of-file marker byte.  This should correct the 'file size off
      by one byte' bug first reported by Attila Csipa (sorry it took so long,
      I couldn't find data that reproduced it), patch submitted by
      Aleksandar Jelenak.

2.10  2003-03-17
    - Jason Kohles
    - fixed missing prerequisites in Makefile.PL
    - initial support for creating new shapefiles
    - removed some less-than-useful required modules

1.5   2003-02-16
    - Jason Kohles
    - initial release