DROLSKY / GeoIP2-0.040003 / Changes

0.040003 2014-05-28

- Explicitly import the B module when we use it. This didn't break on our Perl
  but broke elsewhere. Reported by Wes Young. GitHub PR #3.

0.040002 2014-02-03

- Any webservice response with boolean values in the response caused a type
  error to be thrown.

0.040001 2014-01-14

- Updated the docs to mention the MaxMind::DB::Reader::XS module.

- Renamed the languages constructor parameter to locales for both the Client
  and Reader classes.

0.040000 2013-07-16

- Added the GeoIP2::Database::Reader class. This provides an API for looking
  up data in a GeoIP2 database, as opposed to making a web service call.

- Switched the version number scheme to X.YYYZZZ.

- If an IP address is not found, whether for a web service call or in a
  downloaded database, the code always throws a
  GeoIP2::Error::IPAddressNotFound exception.

0.0302   2013-06-20

- Make the license section of the docs match the LICENSE file in the repo. We
  meant to use "same as Perl 5" everywhere.

0.0301   2013-06-10

- The first official beta release of this API.

0.0300   2013-05-23

- Allow IPv6 addresses to be passed to the GeoIP2::WebService::Client class's

- We now support more languages. The new languages are de, es, fr, and pt-BR.

- Postal code data is now returned as a separate top-level object. We now
  provide a GeoIP2::Record::Postal class for this data.

- The REST API returns a record with data about your account. There is a new
  GeoIP2::Record::MaxMind class for this data.

- Fixed bug in the City & CityISPOrg classes. Their subdivions() method was
  not working.

- Type constraint errors are now thrown as GeoIP2::Type::Error objects.

0.0200   2013-05-13

- Replaced all uses of Webservice with WebService.

0.0100   2013-05-13

- First release upon an unsuspecting world.

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