##-*- Mode: Change-Log; coding: utf-8; -*-
## Change log for perl distribution GermaNet::Flat

v0.04 2019-10-30 moocow
	* added gn-view.perl html metadata (ROBOTS=>"NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW")

v0.03 2019-02-12  moocow
	* cleanup for CPAN release

v0.02 2018-06-04  moocow
	* gn-view.perl: imprint+privacy (ugly DSGVO hack)
	* gn-view.perl: better directory-sensitive tweaks
	* added wp-tabs2gn.perl
	* suppress 'depth' parameter if not needed
	* gn-view.perl: added 'depth' parameter (max=2)
	* added ps,eps formats
	* fixed multiple edges problem in gn-view.perl
	  + fixed bogus color selection when a term is own hyp(o|er)nym, e.g. {Haus,Bungalow} ISA {...,Eigenheim,Haus,Heim,...} for OpenThesaurus
	* gn-view.perl : updates for abstracting/extending to handle openthesaurus gracefully
	* try local directory first for gn.db in gn-view.perl
	* allow synset-label queries via q= or l= parameter in gn-view.perl
	* v0.02 2014-03-24  moocow
	* added x-germanet-version header to gn-view.perl
	* gn-view.perl: return empty list instead of 500 for unknown lemma searches
	* added x-germanet-version header to gn-view.perl
	* add dbversion key

v0.01 2014-03-03  moocow
	* added 'json' format to gn-view.psl
	* created GermaNet::Flat: fast flat access to GermaNet relations