Revision history for Perl extension Getopt::Simple.

0.01  Thu Aug 12 10:00:00 1999
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18

0.02  Fri Aug 13 07:30:00 1999
	- corrected algorithm so that it produces predictable results

0.03  Thu Jan 20 10:15:00 2000
	- created a distribution with documentation and less
	  obfuscated code.
	- released code for peer review

0.04  Thu Jan 24 16:30:00 2000
	- Added README
	- Changed name from Getopt::Simple to Getopt::Simpler to 
	  avoid namesapce collisionn
	- Added $verbose for debugging.

0.05  Mon Feb 07 02:30:00 2000
	- Changed name from Getopt::Simpler to Getopt::Casual because
	  casual implies the module wears sunglasses at night.
	- Fixed "unitialized variable" warning when @ARGV ends in two 
	  scalars that begin with '-'
	- Changed to t/1_check_args.t

0.06  Tue Feb 08 04:55:00 2000
        - Added import method for setting defaults.  The import method
	  works just like @ARGV, instead with the format 

	    use Getopt::Casual qw/ -a 33 -b 21 -c /;

0.07  Tue Feb 08 09:05:00 2000
	- Added subroutine casual() instead of repeating code.
	- Added documentation for import().
	- Fixed pod2html errors by escaping '-' with C<->.
        - Changed shebang line to #!/usr/bin/perl
	- Added 2_check_import.t
	- Added Copying (GPL v2)
	- Added TODO
        - Added for kicks

0.08  Mon Mar 20 09:00:00 2000
	- Removed
	- rewrote the entire casual subroutine to handle most of the
	  common kinds of argument passing
	- Fixed make test errors (caused by an unitialized variable 
	  see $dash in the code for more)
	- Added -w and use strict; to
	- Added comments to the code to explain what the code does
	- Fixed all of the documentation to reflect what
	  really does now

0.09  Mon Apr 11 13:42:00 2000
        - Changed the &casual( @ARGV ) to be called from within the
	  import() function, since it is called magically anyways.
	  This allows people to override defaults that may have been
	  set on the use Getopt::Casual line.
	- Discovered a bug when the value of an argument is set to 0.
	  If that argument is seen again, then it will overwrite the 0
	  because it is depending on ||=.  Have not fixed this yet.

0.10  Wed May 10 16:49:00 2000 
        - Was a bad boy and did not update the changes file.

0.11  Mon Sep 11 10:04:00 2000
        - Fixed above bug when value is set to 0.
        - Fixed error that wouldn't allow the module to compile under
          perl 5.005_03.
        - Discovered Makefile is not actually making a Getopt::Casual.3

0.12  Fri Jan 01 03:30:30 2001
        - Added Copying to MANIFEST.

0.13  Fri May 10 08:58:45 2002
        - Finally begun working on fixing outstanding bugs and requests
          again.  I had unfortunately lost a copy of the most recent
          unreleased version.  Thanks to a bug, it was sent back to me
          though.  :-)
        - Removed Copying from MANIFEST, as the GPL v2 is contained
          within the README.  If you need help copying man cp.
        - The clean_argv subroutine would infinitely loop if the
          the arguments contained "-a -b".  This was fixed at the
          expense of some ugly code.  (see line 161)
0.13.1	Fri May  9 11:53:35 EDT 2003	(by ahicox)
	- fixed for MakeMaker:
		- removed .pl suffix from so that it won't
		  be picked up by MakeMaker
		- moved out of 'Getopt' subdirectory, so that
		  it WILL be picked up by MakeMaker
		- modified MANIFEST to reflect changes
		- modified this document
		- incremented $VERSION in