Revision history for Perl extension Getopt::Declare.

1.03	Thu Apr 30 19:51:27 1998

	- first semi-public release

1.04	Wed Jun 17 14:37:22 1998

	- Extended -AWK grammar to recognize <var>=''

	- Fixed code generator so that actions actually do
	  execute in the caller's package, as documented.

	- Changed 1st arg type of finish and reject to 
	  simple scalar. Made arg optional (omitted -> true)

	- Fixed handling of defer, reject and finish so that
	  they work as expected

1.05	Thu Aug 27 16:35:26 1998

	- Added code to reset $_VAL_ each time a parameter matches

	- Added a

1.06	Mon Nov  2 06:21:38 1998

	- Made detection of strictness more robust (in line with
	  change (bug?) in list construction behaviour in 5.005_02)

	- Added workarounds for weird behaviour of pod2man

1.07	Tue Mar 23 16:25:20 1999

	- Changed behaviour of [ditto] when ditto'ing multiline
	  descriptions (now prints: "Same as <prevflag>" instead)

	- Fixed bug in handling of version flag (which made every
	  argument beginning with -v... into a version flag)

	- Shifted all internal entries of the Getopt::Declare hash
	  into an anonymous hash in the entry "_internal".

	- Patched the Makefile.PL to note dependencies (thanks Roland)

	- Altered parsing of [strict] so that it's ignored when 
	  commented out.

1.08	Fri May 21 06:17:04 1999

	- Now only generates .CODE file if $::Declare_debug is true

	- Added Text::Balanced as PREREQ to Makefile.PL

	- Moved mutex test earlier in parameter parsing to
	  correct an error that caused mutexing to be ignored
	  (thanks Eric)

	- Fixed hanging when last line was non-NL-terminated
	  (thanks David)

1.09	Fri Sep 14 16:35:08 2001

	- Fixed bug with reject and finish -- was incorrectly rejecting
	  :of on non-existent files (thanks Andrew and Deneb).

	- Added used() and unused() method to retrieve used and unused args 
	  (thanks Phil)

	- Consolidated POD with .pm file

	- Fixed bug where args with value 0 were ignored (thanks Dave)

	- Fixed overriding of version flags (thanks everyone)

	- Cleaned up acceptance tests on typed params. No longer 
	  complain if value omitted (thanks Duncan)

	- Improved error messages when an arg is rejected (thanks Duncan)

1.10	Sun Feb  1 23:41:30 2004

	- Documented the gotcha of using tabs within a parameter specification
	  (thanks Dave)

	- Fixed subtle bug with multi-argument parameters (thanks Tim)

	- Documented built-in :id and :qs parameter variable types (thanks Tim)

	- Allowed directives to take whitespace between opening [ and keyword

	- Fixed bug with /.../ patterns within [pvtype:...] directives
	  (Thanks Tim)

	- Documented need to avoid capturing parens in [pvtype:...] directives
	  (Thanks Tim)

	- Added \G to -v flag checker to solve nasty problem with embedded
	  args containing -v

	- Added ability to specify interface directly in use statement

	- Changed matching of initial flags so that -p[rompt] and -p[rompt]2
	  are seen as distinct

	- Fixed doc nits (thanks Steven and Paul)

	- Added AUTOLOAD to delegate embedded sub calls back to main 

1.11	Tue Feb  3 20:44:26 2004

	- Fixed bug in multi-argument parameters

1.12	Tue Sep  2 14:15:01 2009

	- Fixed bug #18084: Misparsing of numbers in exponential notation.

	- Fixed bug in which only the first part of an number (:i or :n) needed
	  to be a number (e.g. '123asdf' was parsed as '123').

	- Fixed bug #41043: Misparsing of lists of files (:if or :of).

	- Fixed bug causing misparsing of lists of quoted strings (:qs).

	- Added emphasis in the documentation on the need for tabs in the

1.13	Sun Mar 28 16:35:18 2010

	- Fixed the support for IO::Pager

	- Improved unit testing with Test::More

1.14	Tue Mar 09 2011

	- Fixed bug #66220 (reported by Dominic Hargreaves): now using ref()
	  instead of the deprecated function UNIVERSAL::isa()

	- Fixed bug #65510 (reported by Suresh Govindachar): optional whitespaces
          in arguments specifications like '-e <f:i> .. <t:i>' are optional again

	- Fixed infinite loop occurring with very particular command-line specs

	- Updated demo scripts

	- Misc maintenance of the POD, unit tests and main code