# ChangeLog for Getopt::Janus dist   # Time-stamp: "2003-06-09 02:06:58 ADT"

2003-06-09  Sean M. Burke <sburke@cpan.org>
        * Release 1.03 -- moderate changes
	* No changes to the basic API, but some minor changes to internal
	methods relating to the Review Output screen.
	* Change in appearance of Review Output (Tk) screen, and added
	option for copying filespec to clipboard.
	(The cosmetic change is that the actions are on a "Menubutton"
	widget now, and take effect upon clicking, instead of the old
	system, which was Checkboxes that controlled what actions happened
	when you hit "OK.")
2003-06-07  Sean M. Burke <sburke@cpan.org>
        * Release 1.02 -- bugfix
	* Better MacOS X support, thanks to help from Elaine Ashton and
	Anno Siegel
	* Fixed a minor bug in prep_option_new_file, relevent only in
	"Reviewing Output of..." screen when using filenames other than
	as suggested by "\e"-replacement.

2003-05-10  Sean M. Burke <sburke@cpan.org>
        * Release 1.01 -- first public release