Revision history for Perl extension Getopt::Mixed::Help.

0.26	(04.05.2012)
	requires now 5.8.9 cause Getopt::Long<2.37 has problems with arrays

0.25	(07.03.2011-06.04.2012)
	big rework: replaced Getopt::Mixed with Getopt::Long
	fixed error message with modified help option

0.24	(09.03.2012)
	fixed tests for Carp >= 1.25

0.23	(07.03.2011-10.08.2011)
	added support for ARRAY defaults

0.22	(20.02.2009)
	still another fixed test for Windows

0.21	(05.04.2008-18.12.2008)
	hopefully finally fixed tests for Windows
	added support of default constants
	added Build.PL

0.20	(31.10.2007)
	improved path to Perl executable in test (failed on Cygwin)

0.19	(29.07.2007)
	skipping test with redirections if redirection doesn't work
	made redirection tests robust for running with Devel::Coverage
	added POD and POD coverage tests

0.18	(21.01.2007)
	fixed missing dependency for Getopt::Mixed

0.17	(13.01.2007)
	Improved abstract, renamed to Getopt::Mixed::Help

0.16	(05.01.2007)
	fixed arrays per option for options without short option

0.15	(24.12.2006)
	implemented arrays per option

0.14	(20.12.2006)
	implemented multiple options
	improved test suite (maximum coverage)

0.13	(17.12.2006)
	refactored using Getopt::Mixed's flexible method instead simple method

0.12	(16.12.2006)
	implemented alternative help and debug options
	implemented alternative texts
	greatly improved documentation

0.11	(07.12.2006)
	created self-test and CPAN environment
	prepared alternative help option

0.10	(31.08.2006) 
	fix for handling of optional strings:
	If only the option is passed the variable is empty, if it is
	not used the variable is undefined.

0.09	(25.07.2006) 
	added support for '{...|...}' parameter description

0.08	(21.07.2006) 
	removed obsolet "use lib"

0.07	(04.10.2005) 
	added automatic help text for parameters passed to parameterless
	scripts (they have only options)

0.06	(30.09.2005) 
	added support for long options without short abbreviation

0.05	(01.06.2005)
	bugfix for handling of "one for all" environment variable

0.04	(11.02.2005) 
	added support for option's value identifier

0.03	(14.12.2004) 
	bugfix: disabled warning "only used once" for global option variables

0.02	(07.12.2004) 
	added better help for options

0.01	(02.12.2004) 
	original version