2008-01-02  Kevin Cozens  <kcozens@cvs.gnome.org>

	* examples/animate_cells:
	* examples/blowinout:
	* examples/bricks:
	* examples/burst:
	* examples/centerguide:
	* examples/colorhtml:
	* examples/dataurl:
	* examples/dust:
	* examples/example-fu:
	* examples/fade-alpha:
	* examples/feedback:
	* examples/frame_filter:
	* examples/frame_reshuffle:
	* examples/gallery:
	* examples/goldenmean:
	* examples/gouge:
	* examples/guidegrid:
	* examples/guides_to_selection:
	* examples/image_tile:
	* examples/layerfuncs:
	* examples/mirrorsplit:
	* examples/perlotine:
	* examples/pixelmap:
	* examples/prep4gif:
	* examples/randomart1:
	* examples/randomblends:
	* examples/repdup:
	* examples/roundsel:
	* examples/scratches:
	* examples/stampify:
	* examples/stamps:
	* examples/tex-to-float:
	* examples/translogo:
	* examples/triangle:
	* examples/view3d:
	* examples/warp-sharp:
	* examples/webify:
	* examples/windify:
	* examples/xachlego:
	* examples/xachshadow:
	* examples/xachvision: s?/opt/bin/perl?/usr/bin/perl?

2.2   Fri Dec  7, 2007
	- TODO: Added notes regarding some additional issues.
	- gimpdoc: Added POD information based on man page created by
	  Ben Gertzfield. Fixes bug #117349.
	- Gimp.pm: Fixed parsing of colour strings of format #ff00ff.
	- Gimp/Lib.xs: INT8ARRAY data uses unsigned 8-bit bytes.
	- Gimp/Compat.pm: Fixed problems with xlfd_unpack() and xlfd_size().
	- Gimp/Fu.pm: Fixed some typographical and grammatical errors.
	- Gimp/Util.pm: Use the specified font. Fixes bug #301509.
	- UI/UI.pm: Fixed initial value for PF_ADJUSTMENT (bug #494743).
	  Set size for sample text in font requester as needed (bug #494754).
	- Fixes/changes to the example scripts
	  examples/glowing_steel: Several changes including fix for bug #310820.
	  examples/scratches: Fix from Seth Burgess) when layersize!=imagesize.
	  examples/guide_remove: Deleted in favour of the Script-Fu script.
	- scm2perl: Added support for caddr, cadddr, cdddr, and cddddr.

2007-12-07  Kevin Cozens  <kcozens@cvs.gnome.org>

	* Changes: Added previous fix to list of changes.

2007-12-07  Kevin Cozens  <kcozens@cvs.gnome.org>

	* UI/UI.pm: Add default size to fontname string passed to font
	requester when needed. Fixes bug #494754.

2007-12-07  Kevin Cozens  <kcozens@cvs.gnome.org>

	* Changes: Updated with information about the pending 2.2 release.

	* Gimp/Fu.pm: Updated information about PF_FONT parameter type.

2007-12-07  Kevin Cozens  <kcozens@cvs.gnome.org>

	* MANIFEST: Removed examples/guide_remove.

2007-12-07  Kevin Cozens  <kcozens@cvs.gnome.org>

	* TODO: Added notes regarding some additional issues.

	* scm2perl: Added support for caddr, cadddr, cdddr, and cddddr.

2007-12-03  Kevin Cozens  <kcozens@cvs.gnome.org>

	* examples/guide_remove: Deleting in favour of the Script-Fu script
	which does the same job.

2007-11-22  Kevin Cozens  <kcozens@cvs.gnome.org>

	* Gimp.pm (canonicalize_colour): Added back the lost comment string.
	Simplified previous change to eliminate need for call to split().

	* Gimp/Util.pm (text_draw, image_create_text): Commented out the line
	which sets $font to Helvetica if it was an empty string. The check
	in image_create_text was always setting $font to Helvetica. Added
	FIXME note about this problem. These routines shouldn't be needed.
	Fixes bug #301509.

2007-11-19  Kevin Cozens  <kcozens@cvs.gnome.org>

	* Gimp.pm: Fixed parsing of colour strings of format #ff00ff.

	* Gimp/Lib.xs: INT8ARRAY data uses unsigned 8-bit bytes. Are any other
	changes needed?

2007-11-07  Kevin Cozens  <kcozens@cvs.gnome.org>

	* UI/UI.pm (interact): Set $value to initial value for PF_ADJUSTMENT.
	Fixes bug #494743.

2007-10-31  Kevin Cozens  <kcozens@cvs.gnome.org>

	* Gimp/Compat.pm (xlfd_size): Grab the first item in list of values
	returned from xlfd_unpack() when using XLFD font descriptions.

2007-09-05  Kevin Cozens  <kcozens@cvs.gnome.org>

	* .cvsignore
	* Net/.cvsignore
	* Gimp/.cvsignore
	* po/.cvsignore
	* UI/.cvsignore: Obsolete as of the switch from CVS to Subversion.

	* MAINTAINERS: Added due to enforced gnome-svn standards.

	* MANIFEST: Updated list of files.

2007-07-10  Kevin Cozens  <kcozens@cvs.gnome.org>

	* TODO: Removed item regarding adding POD info to gimpdoc.

	* gimpdoc: Added POD information based on man page created by
	Ben Gertzfield. Fixes bug #117349.

2007-07-10  Kevin Cozens  <kcozens@cvs.gnome.org>

	* examples/glowing_steel: Applied changes suggested by Sven Neumann
	in bug #310820.

2007-07-09  Kevin Cozens  <kcozens@cvs.gnome.org>

	* examples/glowing_steel: Changed previous fix. Check version number
	of GIMP to decide if extra parameter is needed. Applied the changes
	suggested by Spam Less. Fixes bug #310820.

2007-07-09  Kevin Cozens  <kcozens@cvs.gnome.org>

	* examples/glowing_steel: Removed extra parameter in call to mblur.

2007-03-26  Kevin Cozens  <kcozens@cvs.gnome.org>

	* Gimp/Compat.pm: Replaced xlfd_unpack() with a simpler version that
	actually works. Added the missing xlfd_size() routine.

	* Gimp/Fu.pm: Fixed some typographical and grammatical errors.
	Reminder: The notes about PF_FONT and what it returns needs updating.

2007-03-19  Kevin Cozens  <kcozens@cvs.gnome.org>

	* examples/burst
	* examples/centerguide
	* examples/colorhtml
	* examples/dataurl
	* examples/ditherize
	* examples/dots
	* examples/dust
	* examples/example-fu
	* examples/example-net
	* examples/example-oo
	* examples/fade-alpha
	* examples/feedback
	* examples/frame_filter
	* examples/frame_reshuffle
	* examples/goldenmean
	* examples/gouge
	* examples/guidegrid
	* examples/guides_to_selection
	* examples/innerbevel
	* examples/layerfuncs
	* examples/map_to_gradient
	* examples/perlotine
	* examples/pixelmap
	* examples/prep4gif
	* examples/randomart1
	* examples/randomblends
	* examples/repdup
	* examples/scratches
	* examples/sethspin
	* examples/stampify
	* examples/stamps
	* examples/translogo
	* examples/triangle
	* examples/warp-sharp
	* examples/webify
	* examples/windify
	* examples/xachlego
	* examples/xachshadow
	* examples/xachvision: s/Distrubuted/Distributed/

2.2pre1 Tues Oct 11, 2005
	- un-deprecated lots of scripts
	- un-deprecated modules
	- removed more scripts that don't work/aren't useful
	- removed remnants of auto*, redid using ExtUtil::PkgConfig
	- fixed to allow RUN_NONINTERACTIVE to be passed

2005-10-11  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* examples/scratches: fixed problem if layersize!=imagesize
	that Carol pointed out.

2005-10-11  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* examples/billboard: run from an image
	* Makefile.PL: install
	* acconfig.h
	* aclocal.m4
	* config.pl.in
	* configure
	* confgiure.ac
	* configure.frag: removed unused files
	* Made 2.2pre1 release

2005-10-11  Carol Spears <carol@gimp.org>
	* examples/centerguide
	* examples/guide_remove: undo_group_start and undo_group_end added

2005-09-19  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* Module/*
	* Gimp/PDL.pm
	* examples/image_list
	* examples/font_table: removed
	* TODO: update accordingly

2005-09-19  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* Makefile.PL: adjust installed scripts
	* TODO: updated
	* examples/testall: script to exercise other scripts (not
	  yet complete, but good enough for below)
	* examples/blowinout
	* examples/bricks
	* examples/dust
	* examples/example-net
	* examples/glowing_steel
	* examples/goldenmean
	* examples/guides_to_selection
	* examples/innerbevel
	* examples/mirrorsplit
	* examples/perlotine
	* examples/repdup
	* examples/scratches
	* examples/selective_sharpen
	* examples/tex-to-float
	* examples/xachlego
	* examples/xachshadow: a variety of fixes caught with testing

2005-09-14  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* UI/UI.pm: Fixed up the various selection diaglogs; still has some
	  brokeness I suspect is on the gimp side, and is VERY slow on the
	* Gimp.pm: Some more pseudoclasses
	* TODO: changed accordingly
	* examples/map_to_gradient: fixed broken logic on gradient data
	  getting; works again :)

2005-09-13  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* UI/UI.pm: changed the lookup functions from Gimp->get_* to
	  Context->get_* to avoid warnings on dialog startup.
	* examples/example-fu
	* examples/example-net
	* examples/glowing_steel
	* examples/repdup: undeprecated
	* TODO: updated with current broken stuff, release blockers.

2005-09-12  Carol Spears <carol@gimp.org>
	* examples/image_tile: undeprecated
	* examples/frame_reshuffle: undeprecated
	* examples/dust: undeprecated
	* examples/blowinout: undeprecated
	* examples/redeye: moved back to Filters menu for gimp-2.2
	* examples/map_to_gradient: moved back to Filters menu for gimp-2.2

2005-09-08  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* examples/mirrorsplit: undeprecated
	* examples/blended2
	* examples/innerbevel: check gimp version and use apporpriate API for

2005-09-07  Carol Spears <carol@gimp.org>
	* examples/scratches: undeprecated
	* examples/repdup: undeprecated
	* examples/redeye: undeprecated, tried to match the new menu layout
	* examples/map_to_gradient: undeprecated, tried to match the new menu

2005-09-07  Carol Spears <carol@gimp.org>
	* examples/goldenmean
	* examples/stamps
	* examples/xachvision: undeprecated, added Context

2005-09-07  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* examples/blended2
	* examples/bricks
	* examples/dots
	* examples/dust
	* examples/innerbevel
	* examples/prep4gif
	* examples/randomart1
	* examples/selective_sharpen
	* examples/randomblends
	* examples/translogo
	* examples/windify
	* examples/xachlego
	* examples/xachshadow
	* examples/yinyang: undeprecated, added Context

	* Gimp.pm: changed Brushes pseudo-class to default to use gimp_brush_
	  instead of deprecated gimp_brushes_

2005-09-06  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* examples/fade-alpha
	* examples/dots: removed deprecated stuff, used Context

2005-09-06  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* Makefile.PL: require ExtUtils::Depends too.

2005-09-06  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* Makefile.PL: require ExtUtils::PkgConfig in order to avoid it failing
	  in config.pl silently.

2005-09-06  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* Gimp.pm: add a Context pseudoclass.  Change first match for Layer
	  pseudoclass to be gimp_drawable_ instead of gimp_layer_, because
	  gimp_layer_* is largely deprecated now.
	* examples/billboard: use new Context pseudoclass, and other fix above.

2005-09-06  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* config.pl
	* Makefile.PL: no longer use autoconf (configure) to determine things;
	  use ExtUtils::PkgConfig and gimptool instead.

	* Gimp/Lib.xs: have first parameter name checked for either "run_mode"
	  or "run-mode" when deciding to automagically set the
	  GIMP_RUN_NONINTERACTIVE (if not set otherwise).  Lets all the tests
	  pass now!

2005-05-12  Carol Spears <carol@gimp.org>
	* examples/glowing_steel: changed deprecated pdb calls.
	* examples/glowing_steel: even though Procedure Browser reports mblur
	  needing only optional center_x and center_y FLOAT, it complains and
	  stops unless it gets them.  I fed 0,0 to the script.

2005-04-03  Carol Spears <carol@gimp.org>
	* examples/burst: changed deprecated pdb calls.
	* examples/sethspin: changed deprecated pdb calls, including changing
	  gimp-rotate to a much longer name that also wanted new information
	  and in a different order.  removed the -1 to the progress_init to
	  stop those pop-ups.

2004-07-30  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* Gimp/Lib.xs: fixup longstanding bug of not being able to
	               use RUN_NONINTERACTIVE
	* t/run.t: reenabled the test that uses this

2004-07-21  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* TODO: added some items
	* Gimp.pm: pod cleanup and reorg
	* Gimp/Fu.pm: bit of pod cleanup

2004-06-28  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* UI/UI.xs: fixed an XS error that shows up for GCC 2.95;
	  shouldn't create a temp variable in CODE: - put it in PREINIT:
	  Reported by Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt <he@debian.org>.
	  Fixed a typo in GradientSelect.

	* examples/burst: s/undo_push/undo

2004-04-17  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* updated TODO for suggestion in bug 117349

2004-04-17  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* added patch from Carol Spears, bug #100356.  Technically, this is
	  breaking the API after the release, but I really doubt many people
	  are calling colorhtml all that much.

2004-05-15  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* Made 2.0 release.

	* Gimp.pm
	* Changes: updated docs to reflect

2004-05-15  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* examples/fade-alpha: s/RADIAL/GRADIENT_RADIAL/ fixes bug #141444
	* examples/selective_sharpen: change threshold to be zero based, fix
	  a bug if no selection was present.

2004-05-15  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* examples/selective_sharpen: use a curve suggested by tigert
	  to "Basically just darken the very dark noisy grays to black
	  and boost everything else."

2004-05-15  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* examples/selective_sharpen: added new script based on tigert's
	* Makefile.PL: install it
	* MANIFEST: updated accordingly

2.0     Sat May 15, 2004
	- added plug-in selective_sharpen
        - removed gobs of plug-ins that were non-functional/non-useful
        - documentation cleanup
	- Removed 'embed' whose purpose was unclear to me and wasn't built
	- Removed 'scm2scm'.
          See http://pages.interlog.com/~kcozens/software/gimp/updates.html
          for a perl script with no dependencies that does the same thing.
          Removed Rec::Decent requirement, though scm2perl is still there
          and has said requirement.

2004-05-15  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* Changes
	* README.win32
	* TODO: updated to bring into line with current 2.0

	* examples/examples.TODO: removed scripts from here

	* MANIFEST: alphabetized scripts for easier maintenance
	* Makefile.PL: upped Gtk requirement to at least rev 1.0, removed
	scm2scm from EXE_FILES, removed REC_DECENT warning.

	* Gimp.pm: reordered docuemntation, so that canonicalize_colour
	doesn't come first on CPAN listing for GIMP.

2004-05-07  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* examples/alpha2color
	* examples/avi
	* examples/border
	* examples/circular_text
	* examples/clear_alpha
	* examples/colour2alpha
	* examples/Create_Images
	* examples/fire
	* examples/fit-text
	* examples/gap-vcr
	* examples/gimpmagick
	* examples/homepage-logo
	* examples/miff
	* examples/PDB
	* examples/perlcc
	* examples/logulator
	* examples/parasite-editor
	* examples/povray
	* examples/roundrectsel
	* examples/terral_text
	* examples/triangu
	* examples/visual: removed

	* Makefile.PL: removed reference to povray

	* t/run.t: removed regex that wasn't matching; use
	  --gimpplugindir instead.  'make test' should work for more people.

	* examples/pixelmap: strip \n's from image title (prevent gui oddity)

2.0pre3  Sun Apr 25, 2004
	- Gimp::Init works
	- make test works
	- licensing updates for plug-ins
	- tons of bugfixes, see ChangeLog

2004-04-24  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* examples/animate_cells:  s/channel_ops_duplicate/image_duplicate/
	* examples/billboard:  s/push_undo/undo/g
	* examples/clear_alpha: s/push_undo/undo/g (broken still)
	* examples/dataurl: Changed png to pass right # of parameters, changed
	some deprecated functions, fixed some sub's in Gimp.xs for the
	export functionality.
	* examples/ditherize: s/push_undo/undo/g
	* examples/example-fu: uncommented the now functional widgets for
	gradient, brush, texture.  Added a couple other comments.
	* examples/example-net: commented
	* examples/example-oo:  use Gimp qw(:auto) important! Also,
	register as a PLUGIN not an EXTENSION.  Works now!
	* examples/fade-alpha: put in the <Image>/Layer/Transparency menu
	* examples/gouge: uncommented 2 registration strings.
	* examples/guides_to_selection: reworded description, so it will
	hopefully be a bit more obvious what it does.
	* examples/iland: changed plug_in_rotate calls to work-around bug
	of not being able to call with RUN_NONINTERACTIVE
	* examples/parasite_editor: register as parasite viewer, since it
	can't edit yet.  Also fixed a Gtk2 problem (add_with_viewport).  I
	can't get this to do anything useful.
	* examples/scratches: s/VALUE_LUT/HISTOGRAM_VALUE/

	* Gimp.pm: previously neglected to rename VALUE_LUT in the subs; fixed.
	Added some more EXPORT_CAN_HANDLE*.
	* Gimp.xs: corresponding EXPORT_CAN_HANDLE* additions.

	* examples/examples.TODO: updated accordingly + failures.  Now have
	everything sorted into working and not working.

2004-04-24  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* examples/alpha2color
	* examples/avi
	* examples/billboard
	* examples/blended2
	* examples/blowinout
	* examples/border
	* examples/bricks
	* examples/burst
	* examples/centerguide
	* examples/circular_text
	* examples/clear_alpha
	* examples/colorhtml
	* examples/colourtoalpha
	* examples/dataurl
	* examples/ditherize
	* examples/dots
	* examples/dust
	* examples/example-fu
	* examples/example-net
	* examples/example-oo
	* examples/fade-alpha
	* examples/feedback
	* examples/fire
	* examples/fit-text
	* examples/font_table
	* examples/frame_filter
	* examples/frame_reshuffle
	* examples/gallery
	* examples/gimp-make-img-map
	* examples/gimpmagick
	* examples/glowing_steel
	* examples/goldenmean
	* examples/gouge
	* examples/guide_remove
	* examples/guidegrid
	* examples/guides_to_selection
	* examples/homepage-logo
	* examples/iland
	* examples/image_tile
	* examples/innerbevel
	* examples/layerfuncs
	* examples/logulator
	* examples/map_to_gradient
	* examples/miff
	* examples/mirrorsplit
	* examples/parasite_editor
	* examples/perlotine
	* examples/pixelmap
	* examples/povray
	* examples/prep4gif
	* examples/randomart1
	* examples/randomblends
	* examples/redeye
	* examples/repdup
	* examples/roundrectsel
	* examples/scratches
	* examples/sethspin
	* examples/stampify
	* examples/stamps
	* examples/terral_text
	* examples/tex-to-float
	* examples/translogo
	* examples/triangle
	* examples/triangu
	* examples/view3d
	* examples/visual
	* examples/warp-sharp
	* examples/webify
	* examples/windify
	* examples/xachlego
	* examples/xachshadow
	* examples/xachvision
	* examples/yinyang: added a LICENSING heading and filled out
	to the best of my knowledge

	* examples/examples.TODO: updated accordingly

	* TODO: updated

	* Gimp/Util.pm: updated text_image_new for 2.0

2004-04-24  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* t/run.t: uncommented tests.  Recommented one that is still broken.
	Numbered the tests for easier reference, with brief description.
	Changed GIMP_DIRECTORY environment variable to GIMP2_DIRECTORY.
	'make test' should work now, along with other changes below.
	* Perl-Server: register as a PLUGIN rather than EXTENSION.  This
	is not only the right thing to do since it doesn't register temporary
	procedures, but also works around a bug in Gimp on loading extensions
	from the commandline with more than 0 arguments.
	* configure: changed search to gimp-2.0, require gimp-2.0

2004-04-04  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* Net/Net.pm: removed some obsolete params being passed to gimp
	* t/run.t: commented out most of the tests.  Re-did a regex so it
	  actually will return a reasonable path for symlinking.

2004-03-29  Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* examples/yinyang: moved to Render at TomR's suggestion.

2004-03-28  Dov Grobgeld  <dov@imagic.weizmann.ac.il>

	* examples/examples.TODO: Removed gimp-make-img-map, gallery,
	and stampify and gallery from untested section
	* examples/stamps: fixed
	* examples/stampify: fixed
	* examples/gallery: fixed
	* examples/yinyang: fixed
	* examples/gimp-make-img-map: fixed
	* examples/tex-to-float: fixed, erased various debug output

2.0pre2  Sun Mar 28, 2004
	- change in UI/Makefile.PL to work with latest ExtUtils::Depends.
	- enum updates, script updates.

2004-3-28 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* UI/Makefile.PL: removed pkg->add_define call, since its no longer in
	Extutils::Depends 0.20x.  Need to generate another release for this,
	since its a blocker for people installing (a somewhat-important step).
2004-3-27 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* GIMP.pm: updated enums

	* examples/blended2: fixed, updated enums, removed
	extraneous 'exit main'.
	* examples/tex-to-float: moved to Render
	* examples/translogo: moved to Web
	* examples/webify: s/push_group/push/

	* examples/fade-alpha
	* examples/innerbevel
	* examples/randomart1: updated enums

	* examples/examples.TODO: updated accordingly

2.0pre1  Mon Mar 22, 2004
        - prerelease to have something available when The GIMP 2.0 ships.
	  Its quite usable now, but requires a good bit of testing and polish
	- bumped version number to 2.0 purely to be similar to the Gimp version
          it requires (though it only requires 1.3 still).
        - main maintainer is now Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>, who
          ported almost all scripts to 2.0, plus lots of bugfixing and
          other porting.

2004-3-22 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* Makefile.PL: don't install known broken plugins
	* TODO: split between Marc and Seth lists
	* Gimp.pm: updated POD a bit to reflect a bit more reality

	* examples/fade-alpha: renamed registering to fade_alpha, fixed typos
	* examples/frame_filter: moved to Filters/Generic/
	* examples/pixelmap: moved to Filters/Generic/
	* examples/examples.TODO: updated accordingly + can't use example-oo

2004-3-21 Manish Singh <yosh@gimp.org>
	* configure: Quick fix to make it build with current gimp. Real fix
	  is a lot more work, so punt for later.

2004-3-20 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* AUTHORS: added myself, didn't even attempt to list script authors
	* COPYING: changed Marc Lehman's address for modifications to mine
	* Changes: pre1 release, so something is available for Gimp2
	* NEWS: reflected ChangeLog format addition.
	* README: changed some typos; most things with gtk do work now; make
	  test could be broken, probably needs some attention; removed linux
	  plug (don't think its required any more).  Removed python reference.

	* Gimp/UI.pm: updated PF_TEXT for Gtk2 (stock buttons, sizing)
	  Also re-enabled help.  Want to use Gtk2::Podviewer if available
	  for the POD viewing portion, and fall back to Gimp::POD.
	* Gimp/Fu.pm: corrected description of PF_TEXT

	* examples/examples.TODO: tested pixelmap.  It needs more docs, but
	  works pretty well (uses PF_TEXT).

2004-3-08 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* Gimp.pm: removed debug code

	* UI/UI.pm: made Gimp::Fu dialogs much more similar to
	  script-fu in appearance.  Did away with "Previous" button,
	  at least temporarily.  Help button is currently commented
	  out, need to place it to right of blurb.  Removed FG/BG
	  buttons (dragging works, so shouldn't be needed.  Made
	  width adjustable, changed text/widget alignment.

	* examples/glowing_steel: s/bucket_fill/edit_bucket_fill
	* examples/innerbevel: better defaults, better naming, removed debug
	  code, more fudging.
	* examples/warp-sharp: s/undo_push/undo/, added edge detect param
	* examples/examples.TODO: updated accordingly

2004-2-29 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* Gimp.pm: change canonicalize_color to detect and fix 0-255=>0-1.0
	  problems for a reference passed in.  Still has lousy error detection.
	  Can hose up gimp's color selection pretty well.  Needs more testing.

	* examples/fade-alpha
	* examples/innerbevel
	* examples/randomart1
	* examples/randomblends: s/blend/edit_blend to remove deprecated
	* examples/examples.TODO: changed appropropriately

2004-2-25 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* Gimp/Util.pm: s/Gradient->get_active/Gradient->get_gradient/

	* examples/dust: removed deprecated stuff
	* examples/map_to_gradient: added param to get non-reversed gradient
	* examples/mirrorsplit: changed algorithm to add a layer; can't flip
	  without it being added now.  Changed deprecated stuff.
	* examples/prep4gif: s/layer_set_visible/drawable_set_visible/

	* examples/examples.TODO: changed accordingly.

2004-2-25 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* examples/bricks: brought up to date now that we have a pattern
	selector.  Still has some work that could be done, but
	functionality is restored.
	* examples/examples.TODO: changed accordingly.

2004-2-22 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* UI/UI.pm: Brushes are here too (grayscale only due to PDB limitation)

2004-2-22 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* UI/UI.pm: Gradients are back in!

2004-2-22 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* UI/basewidget.pm: still needs to compile and return a value (for now)
	so stuff should work again.

2004-2-21 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* examples/yinyang: s/gimp_bucket_fill/gimp_edit_bucket_fill/
	* examples/examples.TODO: updated appropriately

	* README: cleaned up a bit, relected personal biases of myself more
	* MANIFEST: added examples/dots
	* AUTHORS: gave myself some credit

	* Makefile.PL: reorganized examples into alphabetical order for eaiser
	maintenance, added dots.  Updated a potential error message or two.

2004-2-21 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* UI/UI.pm: Used Gtk2 to make PatternSelection work.  Stripped out the
	basewidget stuff.  Found that you cannot use the "Subclass" of Gtk2
	for implementing this, because of the dynamic loading (thanks muppet!).
	Selection dialog is still pretty ugly at this point, but it should
	at least work.

	* UI/basewidget.pm: removed contents of file

2004-1-28 Marc Lehman <pcg@goof.com>
	* Gimp.pm, Fu.pm, Lib.pm, others: Upped version # to 2.0

2004-1-28 21:45:36 CET Marc Lehman <pcg@goof.com>
	* Changes, ChangeLog: Renamed Changes to ChangeLog, kept Changes
	to document revision history (because users likely will look at
	Changes to find which revision has which features).

2003-12-28 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* UI/UI.xs: add a call to gimp_stock_init() to UI startup, so we
	get the gimp-* stock icons.  I'm not sure this is the proper way to
	do this, but it works... still not familiar enough with xs.

2003-12-26 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>
	* examples/glowing_steel: changed color specifiers to be 0-1.0

2003-12-24 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>

	* UI/UI.pm: forgot this one.
	Removed camel logo.  I don't want users to be aware of a difference.


2003-12-24 Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>

	* I'm taking over maintainence of gimp-perl for now, knowing little
	about perl packages or some of the deeper magick in gimp-perl.
	Any assistance is appreciated.

	* Changes: This file will now be in a gimp-like Changelog format,
	that will record changes a little better than the previous method
	(see below).

	* Gimp/Util.pm: s/->image/->get_image/,
	* Gimp/Lib.xs: s/drawable_image_id/drawable_get_image/
	* Gimp/Feature.pm: removed Gtk package references, replaced with Gtk2

	* examples/examples.TODO: added.  Keep track of testing of
	scripts and plans for their futures.

	* examples/Create_Images
	* examples/alpha2color
	* examples/blended2
	* examples/bricks
	* examples/circular_text
	* examples/ditherize
	* examples/dots
	* examples/fade-alpha
	* examples/feedback
	* examples/fire
	* examples/fit-text
	* examples/frame_filter
	* examples/gimpmagick
	* examples/glowing_steel
	* examples/image_tile
	* examples/logulator
	* examples/parasite-editor
	* examples/perlotine
	* examples/prep4gif
	* examples/randomart1
	* examples/randomblends
	* examples/roundsel
	* examples/sethspin
	* examples/tex-to-float
	* examples/translogo
	* examples/xachlego
	* examples/xachshadow
	* examples/xachvision
	* examples/yinyang:
	  removal of 'running under a shell' check; these are added at
	  installation-time, so were double-checked after install.


	* examples/PDB: updated with a partial Gtk2 conversion; needs more
	  work still.
	* examples/dots: put in Render/Pattern/Dots instead of Render/Dots
	* examples/randomart1: removed last random selection, fixed colors
	  to be within [0,0,0]-[1,1,1]
	* examples/randomblends: fixed off-by-one error in loop
	* examples/xachlego: removal of dead code
	* examples/xachvision: switched grid orientation
	* examples/xachshadow: added a $img->selection_none at end

1.3  not released
	- updated enums.pl... watch out.
	- removed old workaround for even older PDL versions.
	- Seth Burgess <sjburges@gimp.org>:
	   examples/randomblends: pass a null argument to match all
	   examples/ditherize: strict subs doesn't like barewords -
	    enclose GIMP_FOO in "'" characters instead.
	   examples/layerfuncs: don't do layer to imagesize, since its
	    now in C.  Put "center layer" in Layer rather than Layers
           examples/frame_reshuffle: put in Layer rather than Layers

	   Gimp.pm: Require version 1.3 of Gimp now

	   UI/typemap: Change to use GimpFileEntry rather than
	   GimpFileSelection to match the move in Gimp

	   UI/basewidget.pm: changed Gtk to Gtk2
	   Gimp/Feature.pm: bumped the Gtk to Gtk2; no longer will
	   install with the Gtk module, requires Gtk2

	   Net/Net.xs: removed same old PDL work-around
	   examples/dots: new plug-in, to create uniformly spaced dots

           Gimp/Util.pm : changed enum to BACKGROUND_FILL
	   Minor fixes to some scripts for Gimp 1.3.x comformance:
           examples/innerbevel: changed font handling, blend arguments,
	                        color spec. to be 0.0-1.0.
           examples/guides_to_selection: changed to <Image>/Image/Guides/

	   examples/fade-alpha: updated GTK to be 2.x confromant,
	                        changed blend parameters,
				changed color specifiers to be 0.0-1.0

	   examples/burst: changed to PF_SPINNERs

           examples/randomblends: s/set_active/set_gradient/,
				  changed to PF_SPINNERs,
				  changed number of blend arguments

	   examples/prep4gif: channel_op PDB changed to $img->*

           examples/xachshadow: s/gimp_channel_ops_offset/$draw->offset/

           examples/perlotine: s/channel_ops//, added conversion to right
                               image type since it seems to be picky about it.
	- support alpha channel for colour values [Seth Burgess]
	- started Gtk2 port... very rough.
	- update configuration to gimp 1.3.
	- require perl-5.8 and Gtk2.
	- added redeye (should be re-worked).
	- added example scripts triangu gallery iland
        - fixed typo in examples/xachvision
	- added examples/circular_text by Mike Gherlone.
        - various bugfixes/enhancements.

1.21  Fri Mar  9 18:33:04 CET 2001
	- better Gimp::Fu argument parsing.
	- initializing the rgb database now works after a fork.
        - this version will only compile with 1.1. versions of the
          Gimp. If you need to compile gimp-perl with gimp-1.0 please use
          version 1.201 from CPAN.
        - first round of mega-api-change.
        - dropped a few prefixes (PROC_ from RUN_INTERACTIVE etc.. where
          the new names would have a GIMP_ prefix).
        - updated to new commandline options.
        - updated enums.pl (And therefore, enumerations).
        - applied 5.004 compatibility patch by artie@kmfms.com.
        - applied glow_steel gradient patch by Michael Fowler
        - removed gimp_procedural_db_proc_info from xs code in favour
          of the PDB call.
        - fix the parasite-editor as much as possible.
        - fixed bug reported by Andreas Jaekel (who chose not to accept
          mail from me) regarding return values for register'ed scripts.
        - fixed the make install-po problem that Sven fixed but dumb Marc
          accidently reverted...
        - added/updated examples/fade-alpha by Seth.
        - re-apply patches to examples/xachshadow, xachlego after I nuked
          them without knowing.
        - updated examples/xachvision.
        - make configuration more paranoid (break with standalone build rather
          than inside the gimp).
        - docfix by Alexander Kurz.
        - save_image now saves png again (reported by Michael Guntsche).
        - perlotine updated (patches by Michael Guntsche and Seth).

1.201 Thu Aug 24 23:44:43 CEST 2000
	- s/gimp_plugin_domain_add/gimp_plugin_domain_register/
	- really moved sethspin into <Image>/Filters (neo)
	- moved sethspin back to Filters/Animation (sjb)
        - fixed problem in Net.pm/try_connect (AF_LOCAL vs. PF_UNIX, or
          "sysv rules the world, but sun shines everyhwere".
        - added ... to hopefully all plug-ins that open a dialog.
	- make clean wrongly deleted po/Makefile.
	- po/Makefile.PL left temporary files around.
        - trimmed examples/logulator down by two thirds.
        - installing map_to_gradient again, as it is needed by firetext,
          until fire has been re-written.
        - applied patch by Ar't <artie@kmfms.com> that fixes a lot of
          perl5.004 compatibility issues and even identifies the
          buggy perl version that causes pxgettext to not work!
        - do yet another compile/link flags rotation.
        - replaced find -path by grep 'Cause -path seems to be a gnu extension.

1.2   Thu May 11 18:55:13 CEST 2000
	- image types updated to reflect gimp's reality.
        - updated perlotine.
        - fixed logulator (bugs are actually in the script-fu parts).
        - moved gimp_drawable_bounds from Gimp::Util to Gimp.
        - applied patch to logulator by <mikem@enet.it>.
        - added examples/giflogo.
        - do not install examples/gap-vcr.
        - added new sethspin, with slight changes.
        - do not install "feedback".
        - updated examples/xachlego.
        - added examples/blended2, examples/translogo.
        - removed examples/giflogo.
        - applied libintl fix by yasuhiro@awa.tohoku.ac.jp.
        - applied save_image/PNG-noextra switch patch by pkaempf@box.echo.ch.
        - applied Perl-Server reuseaddress fix by gphan@webjuice.com.
        - corrected the libintl fix to really work.
        - added fr and ru translations.
        - experimental 5.6 thread compatibility improvements.
        - corrected menu hiliting problem in firetext and glowing_steel.
        - add a call to gimp_plugin_add_domain to Lib.xs.
        - fix some of the bugs Raphael "reported" (missing Gtk makde Gimp::UI
        - fix pxgettext call in po/update.sh to use the correct "perl".
        - fix po/Makefile.PL to not barf on multiply defined "translation"
        - do not install scripts depending on Gtk.
        - do not register menus when Gtk is needed for dialogs.
        - updated examples/burst.
        - fixed various old-syntax leftovers in Gimp::Util.
        - modernized examples/example-fu.
        - added examples/dust.
        - updated po/Makefile.PL to find the scripts again.
        - applied edit_fill change. Boy we need default agruments soon!
	- pxgettext exits with success instead of error on version check,
	  so the build doesn't completely die. (Yosh)
        - fixed examples/image_tile to use die instead of exit.
        - improved croak behaviour.
        - new plug-in: clear alpha.
        - fix the "manpages installed twice under different names" bug that
          nobody had noticed.
        - do no longer install roundrectsel and map_to_gradient plug-ins, since
          (almost) equivalent c versions exist. If you need these plug-ins you
          have to install them manually.
        - changed logulator to use an imagetype of "RGBA,GRAYA,INDEXEDA" for all
        - added warning when using known-to-be-broken experimental threading
          feature. Maybe gimp-perl should refuse to build instead?
        - added examples/warp-sharp.
        - more $(CC) != perl's $(CC) fixes in configure.frag.
        - Makefile.PL now uses $bindir to install programs. This is not optimal
          for standalone installations, but gimp has priority ;)

1.19  Thu Jan  6 00:21:58 CET 2000
        - used N_ to mark all the menu paths, since gimp now tries to
          do the translation.
        - patch by Frank Loemker <floemker@TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE> to fix
          many missing :auto tags.
        - I removed the "old prefix" check that I was almost forced to
          implement. This was not a good idea, is not a good idea, and
          completely breaks on many occasions. Just do not do that. If
          only people would trust me sometimes :(
        - enabled gdrawable_id caching again.
        - some minor Gimp::UI streamlining & bugfixes.
        - more (undocumented) on_xxx hooks.
        - got rid of the old & crufty callback system (who uses it anyways?).
        - added Gimp::basewidget "pragma" and made Gimp::UI use it. Also
          sent a bugreport to the Gtk maintainer who will hopefully make
          a gtk-perl release soon.
        - the :auto import tag is no longer the default. neither with nor without
        - sdf'ified pod documentation. more to come.
        - move perl-intl.h include below the other includes. William Sebok
          finally came up with a nice problem analysis.
        - try to get rid of -Wall, if possible.
        - shield more sections against -w dumbness.
        - updated many of seth's scripts.
        - added cs and no translations.
        - skip t/run when no DISPLAY set.
        - modernize parasite-editor to use Gimp::basewidget.
        - modified all custom widgets to work with the next Gtk release.
        - added examples/gap-vcr
        - applied Kevon Cozens patch to scm2scm. That's a great start, I
          should really add the rest of the function names.
        - use XSLoader instead of DynaLoader where available.
        - use perl_require_pv instead of perl_eval_pv.
        - updated COPYING.GNU to version 2.
        - removed .pl suffix from all examples.
        - deprecate use of included scripts with gimp-1.0 in configure.in.
        - fix the ColorSelectButton ro work with newer versions of Gtk.
        - updated logulator from scheme sources. oh yeah :(
        - Net.xs didn't compile without PDL.
        - applied (but did not test) UI patch by Sven.
        - fixed stupid non-ansi errors in Gimp/Lib.xs.
        - make raw pixel data functions accessible over the network by
          fixing the remaining bugs in Gimp::Net. PDL's still don't work.

1.17  Wed Nov 24 21:25:19 CET 1999
        - re-fitted i18n translation for most plug-ins.
        - intllibs linking bugfix.
        - half-hearted attempt to i18nize logulator.
        - preliminary support for N_ (this function should
          not be necessary in perl).

1.16  Sun Nov 21 02:37:16 CET 1999
	- removed sethspin.pl & billboard, they are no longer maintained :(
        - *sigh* removed some debugging code.
        - new save-filter "dataurl" (more a joke, but it does work).
        - new save filter colorhtml.
        - implemented gimp_pixel_rgn_get_row2 (others still unimplemented).
        - updated enums.pl.

1.15  Fri Nov 19 19:12:16 CET 1999
	- added italian translations by Daniele Medri (madrid@kjws.com).
        - POINTS really are decipoints: correct xlfd_size to create
          larger (& more correct) fonts.
        - small api changes for 1.2.
        - (some) changes for the gimp api renaming.
        - added export capabilities to miff/avi.
        - fixed "dirty" identifier clash with <= 5.005_03 && PERL_POLLUTE.
        - updated seth's scripts.
        - improved avi hunk skipping and 24 bit handling.
        - realclean now also removes the Makefile (just to be sure)
	- only install pdl plug-ins when pdl is available.
        - gimp_directory is 1.1-only.
        - more warnings on people insisting on using broken perls.
        - renamed init_gtk to gtk_init, asdded gtk_init_hook function to
          work around the horrible initialization problems in Gtk.
        - goto &name is horribly broken somewhere. going back to eval _again_.

1.14  Mon Oct 11 03:23:13 CEST 1999
	- set the version of all modules explicitly (for the benefit of CPAN).
	- added examples/avi (avi load/save plug-in, uncompressed 24 bit).
	- possible fix for another installation horror problem.
        - fixed a longstanding bug (?): not every class had a DESTROY, so
          the AUTOLOAD tried to resolve DESTROY after gimp_close had been
        - did the DESTROY catch differently...
        - fixed the testsuite.
        - started to revamp the extra argument handling.
        - updated PDB Explorer a bit, still broken.
        - almost full i18n of gimp-perl. A de translation is available.
        - save_image was kinda broken for jpeg and gif at least.
        - implemented more robust DESTROY and Lib:: connection handling.
        - put help window into a scrolledwindow, as to a suggestion by Jens
          Lauterbach. Karlsruhe rules!

1.13  Wed Sep  8 02:55:43 CEST 1999
	- removed some glib-1.1 compatibility cruft.
        - gimpdocs troff output did not include the description.
        - allow NULL strings in arrays to be returned as undef.
        - gimpdoc now outputs the menupath and other info as well.

1.12  Tue Aug 24 19:30:29 CEST 1999
	- do not emit warning for function names prefixed with "+".
        - removed non-c89 ansi'isms from Lib.xs.

1.11  Tue Aug  3 03:23:23 CEST 1999
	- EXPERIMENTALLY re-enabled the return path from main. It works
          with perl 5.005_60, but I remember problems with other versions.
          This re-enables END handlers etc.
	- updated seths scripts, added remove_guides...
        - examples/glowing_steel was missing from the MANIFEST!!
        - data types for RADIO, SPINNER etc.. are guessed better now.
        - added examples/guides_to_selection.
        - added examples/burst, without even looking at it ;)
        - warn about deprecated :auto behaviour, remove in next version.
        - call displays_flush in more cases now.
        - always leave a dummy dimension of 1 into the pdl, for gray and
          indexed drawables. down the other road lies madness.
        - implemented & added examples/map_to_gradient, needed for my next
          plug-in ;)
        - implemented & added examples/fire. I gained a bit of understanding
        - fixed a few bugs in Gimp::Fu. PF_PATTERN & friends confused the
          current with the default value and didn't restore it properly.
        - gimpdoc can now output a html file tree.
        - moved the Perl-Server and Perl Control Center into the Perl submenu.
        - Gimp::Parasite no longer has a search path.
        - Gimp::Data now handles data persistency.
        - Gimp::Fu augments (some) return value specifications.
        - fixed a "Attempt to free unreferenced scalar" bug that was caused
          by passing undef for strings.
        - moved interact & friends into Gimp::UI.

1.1   Fri Jul 30 07:37:30 CEST 1999
	- one of the most successful releases, in terms of features & bugfixes.
        - it was also a long night. And expensive (irc).
        - renamed gimp_drawable_mask to gimp_drawable_bounds to avoid clashes.
	- new enums.pl, some changes: SELECTION_* becomes * again.
        - compatibility fix for 5.005_58, also fixed a bug in Gimp::Pod.
        - removed register_magic_load_handler from Lib.xs (is in PDB).
        - preliminary <Load> and <Save> support (arguments are automatically
        - enabled limited pixel access functions even when PDL was not found,
          just enough to re-enable magick and implement miff.
        - implemented and added examples/miff (a load/save filter for miff
        - close DATA in Gimp unconditionally, saves one open filehandle.
        - fixed the longstanding preview bug in Gimp::UI by reversing the
          order of calls to draw_row. => something in gtk+ is really broken.
        - fixed a longstanding (but never seen ;) bug in old_pdl: pdls that
          were not sever'ed created garbage.
        - allow dummy dimension in grayscale pdls, i.e. pdl(1,width,height)
          instead of pdl(width,height).
        - improved gimpdoc & pixelmap.
        - removed debugging code from gouge. ouch!
        - bug fixed: PDL::Core was not automatically required when not
          already loaded.
        - passing undef as PARAM_STRING passes a zero pointer in install_proc.
          Required for load handlers. Ugh.
        - fixed typoe in Parasite::is_persistent and implement "new" method.
        - added new convinience function to Gimp::Util.

1.0981 Wed Jul 28 00:09:50 CEST 1999
	- improved gouge ;) In a sense, it's actually pretty code now!
	- region functions (except data) wrongly returned transposed matrices.
          Now the order of dimensions is bpp <- width <- height.
        - implemented and added examples/gouge.
        - fixed warnings in case no pod documentation is found.
        - added examples/logulator.
        - Carp is no longer loaded unless necessary. Reduces memory footprint.
        - install embedxpm script by default.

1.098 Wed Jul 21 20:57:12 CEST 1999
	- do not try to compile gimp_personal_rc_file without gimp-1.1.
        - fixed old prefix detection.
        - get rid of "glib-config" dependency and use AM_PATH_GLIB instead.
        - do not install examples/magick until it is repeaired.

1.097 Wed Jul 14 22:55:24 CEST 1999
	- updated perlotine.
        - updated pixelmap with stub documentation.
        - redim_pdl calls affine_new directly rather than via the
          perl interpreter -> smaller Perl-Server, faster operation.
        - try to uninstall. Of course this doesn't work here, so just
          trust it will work elsewhere.
        - improved yinyang for the perl calendar ;)
        - added perl_fu_ as prefix for Image, Drawables and Channels.
        - fixed Load/Save of PF_TEXT.

1.096 Thu Jul  8 21:36:36 CEST 1999
	- fix around PDL-2.002 exporting its own ppport.h.
        - new scripts examples/frame_reshuffle and examples/frame_filter.
        - added Gimp::Fu::PF_TEXT.
        - added gimp_directory, gimp_data_directory and gimp_personal_rc_file.
        - added accelerator keys (escape and return) for Gimp::Fu::interact.

1.095 Tue Jun 29 01:22:01 CEST 1999
	- finally cut support for gimp-1.0.2 and gtk-1.0,
          fix the underscore confusion in Gimp/Net.pm.

1.094 Fri Jun 25 01:21:17 CEST 1999
	- finally(?) fixed the runmode confusion by making these constants
          magic. Also hopefully fixed the error message.
	- enable embedded pod sections in standard register arguments.
        - improved scm2perl ever so slightly.
        - fixed xpm off-by-one bug in embedxpm (and added embedxpm).
        - fixed off-by-one error in Gimp::Fu and examples/PDB.

1.093 Tue Jun 15 21:48:48 CEST 1999
	- possible workaround for Gimp::Util::gimp_layer_get_position.
	- WRAP, SMEAR and BLACK were not being exported.
	- fixed small bug in pixelmap.
	- implemented gimp_query_procedure in XS.
	- scm2perl had broken cdr and cddr stubs...
        - fixed examples/font_table.
        - applied fixes from Lupe Christoph.
        - allow uppercase letters in hex colour specifications.
        - gimp_text_fontname ignored the image argument in
          compatibility mode (patch by Dov Grobgeld).
        - another solaris portability fix from Dov.
        - fixed xachshadows.

1.092 Wed Jun  2 14:52:29 CEST 1999
	- testsuite failed when !HAVE_PDL (and the whole package broke on
          systems with underpowered dynamic linkers).
        - gtk-1.0.x and gimp < 1.0.4 are no longer "officially" supported.
        - added COMPRESSION_*-constants for file_tiff.
        - added examples/pixelmap, needs doc!
        - probably fixed SIGPIPE problem in gimpdoc.
        - fixed pager bug in gimpdoc.
        - cleaned filehandle handling in Gimp/Net.pm.
        - streamlined config code again.
        - updated examples/parasite-editor, examples/mirrorsplit,
        - Gimp::Net was broken (it used GIMP_PATH instead of just GIMP).

1.091 Sun May 23 13:21:34 CEST 1999
	- include a fake typemap.pdl.

1.09 Fri May 21 14:12:02 CEST 1999
        - added gimpdoc, a simple man-like help viewer.
	- corrected PDL version check to work with version 2.001.
        - new file Net.xs, containing protocol serializer.
        - new, faster and leaner protocol (bumped protocol version number).
        - added SvPV_nolen to ppport.h and made use of it everywhere.
        - renamed nolib => Module.
        - streamlined warning messages as not to scare the people away.
        - fixed a bug in check_for_typoe (correct TRUE and FALSE).
        - zero-copy piddle support should generally work now. Tile
          functions and network support is still missing, but...
        - experimental enhancements to the spawn/ hosttype.
        - Gimp::Feature no longer counts dos as unix-like.

1.089 Tue May 18 19:55:25 CEST 1999
	- added colourtoalpha.
	- made all internal C functions static -> less namespace bloat.
        - its possible to shorten the call $drawable->get->pixel_rgn
          to "just" $drawable->pixel_rgn.
        - made one-arg gimp_progress_init work again.
	- removed compatibility code from Lib.xs.
        - call the XS version of gimp_progress_init when only
          one argument is given.
        - re-added PARASITE_*-constants (including UNDOABLE variants).
        - temporarily disabled the module for political reasons.
        - made my first attempt at implementing XS-PDL support.
        - transform objects ids of -1 into undef and vice versa.
        - Gimp::Fu did not properly supply a default value for PF_COLOUR.

1.083 Wed May 12 03:36:10 CEST 1999
	- took a modified enums.pl to autogenerate constants. Some constants
          have changed:
          RED, GREEN etc.. => RED_LUT, GREEN_LUT
          the shear constants got a _SHEAR suffix.
          the flip constants got a _FLIP suffix.
        - got rid of _gimp_prefix and _gimp_path functions.
        - removed debugging trace from Gimp::Compat. Ugh.
        - improved documentation for Gimp::Config.
        - reenabled all of t/run.t again, fixed to to actually _work_.
        - rearranged gimp link flags into LDDLFLAGS (hack! bug in gtk/gimp!).
        - fixed RUN_FULLINTERACTIVE.

1.082 Tue May 11 19:02:30 CEST 1999
	- fixed sunos/solaris socketpair "protocol not implemented" problem.
        - added the Gimp::register_callback function and made Gimp::Fu use it.
        - made default font use pixels instead of point size, since gimp-1.1
          scales according to the image resolution(!).
        - disabled paintbrush in testsuite since it has different calling
          parameters in 1.1.
        - added use File::Basename to Fu.pm.
        - new module Gimp::Compat, which is loaded on demand.
        - gimp_text_fontname etc.. are now available in gimp-1.0 as well,
          re-enabled the scripts using it (and depending on 1.1 before).
        - allow negative "INT32's".
        - added examples/randomart1, the plug-in used in my iX article.
        - commandline switch printing improved a bit.
        - removed IO::Socket::* dependency from Perl-Server. Was tooo slow.
        - fixed uninitialized memory error.
        - some small improvements in PDB, gimpmagick and perlcc.

1.081 Thu May  6 19:33:37 CEST 1999
	- added "oneliners".
	- startet implementing Gimp::Module, for embedding perl directly into
	  the gimp.
	- added generic Gimp::Config module.
	- spit out a warning for unusual function names.
	- made Gimp->color_cube work.
	- added Gimp::init_gtk function to initialize Gtk in a Gimp-compatible
	- replaced the default colour database by something far better ;)
	- exchanged order of some compiler commandline arguments.
	- improved Makefile support for embed.
        - added embed.
        - improved many parts of the build process.
        - updated ppport.h.
        - properly localized $_ in all subs.

1.08  Fri Apr  9 03:20:54 CEST 1999
	- added guidegrid, git-text, roundrectsel, repdup, centerguide,
          stampify, goldenmean, triangle, billboard, mirrorsplit.
        - improved error detection when some moron forgets to 'use strict'
          and tries to use undefined symbols.
        - added VALUE, RED, GREEN, BLUE constants for gimp_levels.
        - added WRAP, SMEAR, BLACK constants for plug_in_displace.
        - RUN_WITH_LAST_VALS is ignored if no LAST_VALS exist.
        - fixed a bug in Gimp::Data, FETCH returned undef for valid keys.
        - small compatibility fix in scm2scm.

1.072 Sat Mar 27 21:04:39 CET 1999
	- scripts will now be correctly installed when IN_GIMP.
        - test-dir was not removed by make distclean etc.
        - messages now only show up in the Perl Control Center.
          this is not correct, however ;)

1.071 Tue Mar 23 13:47:10 CET 1999
	- changed the definition of PF_RADIO, simplifying it (it ain't no C).
        - Gimp::Fu scripts try to run with default arguments if Gtk is not
        - implemented PF_FILE, for selecting filesystem objects.
        - improved and fixed parasite support.
        - Gimp::Data now uses parasites when available.
        - changed FIXIN, i.e. all scripts now are patched with the correct
        - added font_map. re-added xachshadow.pl, which was mysteriously
        - fixed Gimp::Util::set_state.
        - improved get/set_state functions.
        - added perlotine, randomblends and innerbevel plugins.
        - improved t/run.t and server spawn robustness.
        - Makefile.PL wrongly required the Gimp.pm in the current directory.
        - made the 5.004 + gimp-1.0 combination work by working around another
          bug in 5.004.
        - fixed reporting of errors at startup time.
        - enforcing argument name style. Eat it or die!

1.07  Mon Mar 15 01:27:05 CET 1999
	- added examples/yinyang, examples/image_tile, examples/stamps.
        - bangpath is no longer updated inplace. As a result, only plug-ins
          that are going to get installed are being fixed, the examples are
	- fixed error handling bugs in Gimp::Lib, streamlined and improved
	  error handling.
	- reworked callback handling, should be more flexible in the future.
        - changed implementation of PF_CUSTOM (still untested).
        - fixed some rather scientific memory leaks, fixed more bugs.
        - the case when "not enough arguments" were supplied for a function
          was not reliably detected.
        - gimp_progress_init now accepts either one or two arguments.
        - switched to using Devel::PPPort, which hopefulyl solves all my
        - argh! gimptool path was wrong again! the fixed version should be much
          faster as well.
        - new module Gimp::Pod.
        - embedded pod documentation will now be shown when the Help button
          is pressed (see image_tile for an example).
        - new evaluation function that evaluates a string as perl code, but
          does so on the server side. (Gimp->server_eval(string)).

1.061 Fri Mar 12 21:27:26 CET 1999
	- closed big, BIG security hole on password authenticitation
	  (basically one could do anything includung killing your
	  system without authorization. argh). This required a
	  protocol change, so old clients are unable to connect using
	- sped up Gimp::Net considerably, by getting rid of the IO::Socket
	  module, which required half a second(!!) to load.
	- fixed Gimp::Util::gimp_image_layertype.
	- make install checks for install directory writability and refuses to
	  install if it isn't.
	- fixed a longstanding bug that caused (some) set_trace calls
	  to be ignored when running under Gimp::Net.
	- added new convinience functions to Gimp::Util.
	- Gimp::Fu checks for the presence of Gtk and dies if it can't be
	- PF_FONT should now display a string widget in gtk+ 1.0.
	- PixelRgn/Tile data sould now be accessible again.
	- updated PDB.
	- extensive tests is now always on.
	- added examples/gimpmagick, examples/sethspin.pl, animate_cells.
	- new function Gimp::initialized that returns true whenever its
	  safe to call gimp functins.
	- added the Gimp::Feature module, allowing for easy feature checks.
	  See examples/gimpmagick or examples/parasite-editor for example
	- added perlcc, the perl control center. Only displays log messages
	  at the moment.
	- error and warning logging through the Perl Control Center.
	- Data::Dumper is now longer required to run the scripts, some
	  buttons and RUN_WITH_LAST_VALS won't work, though.
	- removed POSIX dependency in examples/gimpmagick.
	- Uh, ah, debugging code in the repository, again!

1.06  Sat Mar  6 19:36:12 CET 1999
	- Gimp::Fu does no longer display the returned image when it
	  is the same as the one passed in.
	- append imagenumber to "Untitled"-images in widget.
	- removed publicly-visible non-PDB pixelfunctions.
	  "uuuuuse peedee-ell or dieieie".
	- implemented Gimp::Fu::PF_RADIO.
	- added blowinout.pl, terral_text and xachvision.pl.
	- the use of Gimp::PDL to access the region/tile functions is
	  now mandatory. The old string interface does not exist anymore.
	- the path to the server-socket now includes the UID, to avoid
	  collisions. CGI-scripts should use either tcp or specify the path
	  directly using GIMP_HOST (see Gimp::Net for details).
	- use _much_ saner defaults for the Scale types in Gimp::Fu.
	- Gimp::Fu's optionmenus didn't work in net()-mode.
	- implemented PF_CUSTOM (untested).
	- added Gimp::UI::ColorSelectbutton, I was utterly fed up with
	  GtkColorSelectbutton never working.

1.055 Mon Feb 22 22:38:44 CET 1999
	- applied seth's script changes.
	- gimp11ified some plug-ins.
	- removed debugging code in Gimp/Lib.xs.
	- got rid of a perl5.004 warning.
	- removed gimp_{main,init,end}.

1.054 Mon Feb 22 15:23:41 CET 1999
	- scm2scm and scm2perl will now be installed in INST_SCRIPT
	- fixed a bug in interact/PF_FONT.
	- made save_image more 1.1 compatible and automatically index
	  when saving to gif.
	- many, Many, MANY 5.004 compatibility fixes.

1.053 Mon Feb 15 01:35:04 CET 1999
	- more errornous argument types are detected now, without
	  just calling abort().
	- fixed a MAJOR namespace-leak: for example, if one used
	  gimp_parasite_list once, Gimp::Image->parasite_list would call
	  gimp_parasite_list and NOT gimp_image_parasite_list, as would be
	- Gimp::Net now works correctly with parasites.
	- added examples/parasite_editor
	- added gimp_ prefix to Parasite-class
	- use $Config{perlpath} for bangpath, not $PERL

1.052 Tue Feb  9 18:16:15 CET 1999
	- moved the xlfd_size function from Gimp::Fu into Gimp
	  (and maybe later into Gimp::Util?)
	- functions in Gimp::Util are now treated in the same way
	  as PDB functions (when the module is loaded)
	- improved handling of "make clean" to make it less perl-ish
	  and more gnu-ish
	- enabled full testsuite (keep your fingers crossed)
	- PDL examples no longer cause errors at startup
	- more compatibility fixes for 5.005_54
	- bangpaths are now replaced by $PERL at configuration time
	- fixed a few quirks in scm2scm and added it to the package

1.051 Tue Jan 19 21:10:20 CET 1999
	- corrected a minor typoe found by Stefan Traby <stefan@sime.com>
	- added SPIRAL* constants for gimp_blend
	- moved constants from Gimp.xs and extradefs.h to Gimp.pm, where
	  they belong (either there or into Gimp.xs)
	- added view3d.pl to examples (untested)
	- Gimp::Util is reborn (give it a try and contribute!)
	- more Gtk changes (tested with Gtk-0.5 and gtk-1.1.x, uh-oh)
	- faster startup by not loading Gtk by default ;)

1.05  Fri Dec 18 22:05:25 CET 1998
	- some 5.006 compatibility fixes
	- disabled some functionality for poor gtk-1.0 which
	  is borken to no end
	- new functions: gimp_{major,minor,micro}_version
	- PF_BRUSH, PATTERN and GRADIENT widgets are "emulated" in gimp-1.0

1.049 Mon Nov 23 20:54:41 CET 1998
	- updated configure to require 1.0.2
	- added some more scripts to the dist
	- brushes are no longer shown inverted
	- help button && logo for Gimp::Fu. the first doesn't work properly
	  and the second is ugly. feel free to send me a better version.
	- constants are no longer autoloaded (yeah!)
	- bug in Gimp::Net::set_connection fixed as suggested by

1.048 Fri Nov 13 20:39:52 CET 1998
	- Gimp::Fu::save_image now correctly respects the quality setting
	- allow layers/channels as drawables in typemap
	- allow usage of Gimp::PDL via Gimp::Net (this is a hack!)
	- added optional argument to gimp_init
	- fixed some of the example scripts for the "mega-api-break-it-all-
	- added Gimp::Net::get_connection and set_connection functions
	- the Perl-Server now respects GIMP_HOST and opens a socket
	  according to its content.

1.047 Wed Nov 11 02:47:12 CET 1998
	- passing arguments on the commandline works again
	  (formerly all arguments were treated as integers)
	- added the PDB extension to the distribution (alpha!)
	- added tex-to-float and alpha2color.pl plug-ins
	- fixed some memory leaks (the remaining ones are in the Gimp ;)

1.046 Thu Nov  5 01:53:34 CET 1998
	- the syntax really gets tricky - references to INT32 and similar
	  types are no longer accepted (was buggy anyway).
	- added plug_in_ prefix to layer, drawable, image and channel. We
	  can now write $layer->sharpen(50), and gimp infers function name,
	  run_mode and image
	- enhanced the testuite, it now checks much more features
	- gimp_end() now correctly closes the connection
	- implemented Gimp::lock and unlock functions, giving exclusive
	  access to the Perl-Server

1.045 Sun Nov  1 23:40:20 CET 1998
	- more configuration cleanups
	- fixed Gimp::Fu to respect RUN_WITH_LAST_VALS again
	- added more oo-prefixes to channels and layers (see Gimp::OO)
	- added preliminary gimp_init/gimp_end functions, see Gimp(3).
	- 'require 5.004_04' and added use base declarations
	- improved future compatibility
	- improved constant inlining
	- fixed a serious bug in argument handling when not all arguments
	  were given

1.0441 Sat Oct 24 22:52:05 CEST 1998
	- t/run.t does much less when no tests are requested
	- cleaned up Gimp::UI learned much about Gtk (but still not much)
	- an occurence of PARAM_PARASITE wasn't wrapped into an #if-clause.
	  this is just one of the countless braindead bugs being found
	  by schinder@pobox.com and the cpan-testers! Thanks!

1.044 Sat Oct 24 03:54:47 CEST 1998
	- allow PF_PATTERN etc. to be usable as commandline arguments
	- added parasite support -> untested so far
	- Gimp::Fu wasn't calling Gtk->init anymore
	- Gimp/Lib.xs wasn't including config.h, and nobody ever noticed ;)
	- we no longer link against ui-libraries, unless necessary.
	- added <5.005 warning
	- many, many configuration changes and hacks
	- this is now part of the gimp cvs tree
	- changed LIBS by LDLOADLIBS... hacky, but works
	- Gimp::Fu will no longer be traced
	- a run_mode argument at the beginning can now generally be left out
	- re-enabled the testsuite

1.0431 Thu Oct  8 20:01:32 CEST 1998
	- compile fix for gimp-1.0

1.043 Thu Oct  8 07:27:23 CEST 1998
	- allow <None> as menupath
	- examples/example-fu.pl shows all possible dialog widgets
	- fixed Gimp::Fu::xlfd_size to correctly return the pointsize
	  (rather than pointsize*10)
	- added FG_IMAGE_FILL (and fixed the values of the other FILL
	  constants, which were documented incorrectly)
	- please note that you can upload your perl-scripts to the
	  Gimp-registry now(!!!!). Visit http://registry.gimp.org/
	  and deposit your script ;)

1.042 Mon Oct  5 00:50:04 CEST 1998
	- implemented PF_ADJUSTMENT to aid scm2perl's job, its undocumented
	  and should not be used by new code.
	- fixed a coredump problem when tracing.
	- removed debugging code I accidently left in. Yuck Yuck!
	- an array size parameter in argument lists is now accepted and
	  silently ignored. This is for script-fu compatibility.
	- better error handling (I'm on the right track!)
	- added scm2perl (scheme to perl) to the distribution. Look at
	  "perldoc scm2perl". Needs Parse::RecDescent from CPAN.

1.041 Sat Oct  3 21:58:09 CEST 1998
	- a 5.004 compatibility fix. Another one and I'll simply "require
	- Gimp::Fu doesn't display image and drawable widgets in commandline
	  mode unless the script really is an <Image>-type script.
	- Gimp::Net now passes colour values correctly (and also
	  undefs, which makes it slower but perl doesn't warn
	  anymore. argh.)
	- constants now have empty prototypes (so "RGB_IMAGE ? ... : ..." parses as
	  question operator rather than pattern match.
	- Gimp::Fu/Cancel button works in commandline mode

1.04  Thu Oct  1 22:42:57 CEST 1998
	- don't disallow drawable arguments as layer parameters.
	- fixed error reporting again (it should work now but still
	  compile with older perls ;)
	- implemented PF_FONT, see also Gimp::Fu::xlfd_size
	- implemented PF_SPINNER
	- another "Attempt to free unreferenced scalar" warning fixed

1.035 Wed Sep 30 23:58:02 CEST 1998
	- Gimp::ignore_functions can be used to ignore AUTOLOADING
	  of some functions. This is mainly for the benefit of interface
	- Gimp::Net/spawn will ignore gimp_progress_init and other, similar
	  gui dependent functions.
	- changed lookup order again to ease overwriting functions.
	- fixed the bug with not using the perl version of some functions
	  (like gimp_list_images)

1.034 Wed Sep 16 21:21:42 CEST 1998
	- various bugfixes in Gimp::Fu
	- added slider type to Gimp::Fu (PF_SLIDER), see webify.pl
	  for a demo.

1.033 Tue Sep 15 17:53:50 CEST 1998
	- added mailing list info to the README
	- compatibility fix for 5.004

1.032 Mon Sep 14 02:29:55 CEST 1998
	- Gimp::Fu now has (some) support for return values. I told you to
	  return undef ;)
	- fixed memory problem in Gimp::Lib when param array was empty.
	- removed bogus plug_in_ name prefix form the examples
	- don't install border.pl by default, gimp is just too buggy ;)
	- webify.pl now doesn't cut the layer away if the selection is empty.
	- added FG/BG buttons to fetch colours to Gimp::Fu (try Filters/Misc/Webify)
	- disabled intensive tests (batch mode now requires script-fu...

1.031 Sun Sep 13 21:50:51 CEST 1998
	- non-OO syntax works again (silly me) (and is no longer deprecated,
	  but the default!)
	- Gimp::function syntax officially does not work anymore. Use
	  Gimp->function syntax now (or use :auto)
	- made compatible with the newest gimp snapshit. wrote
	  lamentation to gimp-developers. commited suicide.
	- added examples/webify.pl
	- first try to implement return values in Gimp. Gimp::Fu still
	  lacks support.

1.03  Wed Sep  9 21:04:54 CEST 1998
	- all files are now readable/exec'able by group owner
	- updated some examples to the new syntax
	- small documentation changes (still waaay to go..)
	- Gimp::Fu now allows any string as colour specifier.
	- the Perl-Server doesn't eat the string "Gimp" as first argument
	  anymore, but still gimp_some_function("Gimp") is indistinguishable
	  from Gimp->gimp_some_function().
	- not use'ing Gimp from interface modules makes everything so much
	- fixed make clean
	- added more tests, including starting and testing The Gimp itself
	- passwords can now be used for the Perl-Server (and tcp is open
	  by default)

1.02  Wed Sep  2 23:35:37 CEST 1998
	- added Gimp::Patterns
	- Gimp::Fu now doesn't gratitiously share LAST_VALS with other
	  Gimp::Fu-plugins anymore ;)
	- reworked AUTOLOAD again, no it even seems to work.
	- fixed Fu::interact

1.01  Tue Sep  1 23:18:25 CEST 1998
	- PARAM_IMAGEs (et al.) can now be passed into an INT32ARRAY
	- arrays as return value now work. if a single array is being returned,
	  return it flat, else return it as reference (this does not include
	  colours, though)
	- INT8 values will now be returned UNSIGNED (!)
	- totally reworked autoloading, I hope its cleaner that way:
	  - Gimp is now a class like any other (Gimp::Layer, Palette)
	  - flat calling syntax is now deprecated ("gimp_image_new"),
	    OO-syntax should be used ("new Image" or "Gimp->image_new"),
	    which allows better compatibility.

1.005 Mon Aug 24 23:09:17 CEST 1998
1.004 (internal release for debian)
	- requires Gtk-0.3 now... since this version finally works,
	  I can code again:
	- added "Defaults" button to Gimp::Fu
	- prototypes enabled for pixel/region/pdl functions
	- various bugfixes to PDL functions

1.003 Sat Aug 15 21:06:41 CEST 1998
	- gimp-1.1 removes some functions, so don't prototype them.
	- a drawable first argument substitues for an image, i.e.
	  you can omit the first IMAGE
	- error reporting is now much better and reports the correct
	  source position, I hope ;)

1.002 Mon Jul 27 12:44:46 CEST 1998
	- Patch by Dov Grobgeld (default values for arguments, bugfixes)
	- gimp_displays_flush called always after a Fu-script

1.001 Sat Jul 25 04:01:55 CEST 1998
	- another fix by Aaron Sherman

1.0   Thu Jul 23 23:35:13 CEST 1998
	- prefix wrongly defaulted to /usr/local
	- other configuration changes
	- fixed(?) mod. of read-only variable...

0.996 Wed Jul 22 14:39:23 CEST 1998
	- greatly reduced code bloat, almost all functions
	  can be traced now, at expense of speed and possible
	  libgimp-bashing ;-<
	- _some_ plug-ins are installed by default now
	- if this surives the test, it will be 1.0. really.

0.995 Tue Jul 21 20:08:32 CEST 1998
	- do not depend on origargc and origargv anymore, as
	  these do not exist in perl5.004_76 (due to a bug, but
	  the new solution is better)
	- this is the release 1.0 candidate

0.994 Tue Jul 21 04:57:28 CEST 1998
	- check wether DIVIDE_MODE is available
	- commented out gimp_channel_get_show_masked
	  and gimp_channel_set_show_masked, since they are
	  implemented in gimp-1.0
	- implemented strings as colour specifiers, i.e.
	  gimp_palette_set_foreground "slategrey"
	  see Gimp::set_rgb_db

0.993 Tue Jul 21 04:38:01 CEST 1998
	- incorporated Dov's patch to enable --output
	  (man Gimp::Fu, save_image)

0.992 Thu Jul 16 17:10:46 CEST 1998
	- added more constants (see DIVIDE_MODE, gimp_color_balance)
	- Perl-Server now clears the trace result from the last command,
	  in case the command doesn't set it.

0.991 Thu Jul 15 19:00:50 CEST 1998
	- gimp_set/get_data now uses gimp_data_get_size when available
	  (the test will fail with some cpp's, though ...)

0.99  Tue Jul  7 03:23:07 CEST 1998
	- --info switch deleted from Fu
	- implemented --interact switch, default is now NOT
	  to interact when any script-arguments are given.
	- switched to using vi, instead of joe, for editing
	- killed configure, a Makefile.PL is now used (which
	  calls configure ;-)
	- got rid of the top-level configure, now use the Makefile.PL
	- implemented RUN_WITH_LAST_VALS in Fu, with hopefully useful
	  semantics. \0\0 is currently illegal in arguments, otherwise I had
	  required Data::Dumper or Storable

0.98  (not correctly issued)
	- 0.98 was wrongly issued to CPAN.

0.97  Tue Jun 30 19:36:23 CEST 1998
	- bugfixes, changes for gimp-1.1
	- Gtk-0.2.3 required

0.96  Sun Jun  7 16:24:46 CEST 1998
	- added windy.pl to the manifest.
	- Gimp::Tile & friends now work with Gimp::Net
	- Gimp::Fu now supports all PARAM_xxx-types
	- Gimp::Fu now supports some of the switches

0.95  Fri May 29 13:47:48 CEST 1998
	- thanks mr. libgimpui developer for this braindamaged "use static
	  structures" attitude. I reimplemented the libgimpui in perl.
	  not that it got worse...

0.94  Wed May 27 04:19:24 CEST 1998
	- PixelRgn and Tile manpages merged.
	- Gtk-0.2.2 required
	- Lib.xs (and _only_ Lib.xs!) now compiles & links against
	  gtk-config --whatever, since we need widget support.

0.93  Tue May 26 03:09:59 CEST 1998
	- documentation updates.
	- bugfixes.
	- added windy.pl plug-in.

0.92  Sat May 23 23:46:33 CEST 1998
	- preliminary GDrawable support (NOT Gimp::Net)
	- preliminary GTile support (NOT Gimp::Net)
	- preliminary GPixelRgn support (NOT Gimp::Net)
	- preliminary PDL support (in Gimp::PDL)
	- moved Gimp::OO into Gimp
	- bugfixes

0.91  Fri May 22 01:55:30 CEST 1998
	- Gimp::ColorSelectButton is no longer installed, Gtk-0.2.2 is
	- commandline parameters supported
	- gimp_image_get_layers, gimp_image_get_cmap, gimp_image_get_channels
	  commented out, use pdb functions instead
	- fixed a bug in Fu handling of <Image> plug-ins

0.90  Tue May 12 15:26:50 CEST 1998
	- tracing works in Perl-Server (Oleg Bartunov)
	- fixes for Gtk-0.2.1
	- Gtk::ColorSelectButton renamed to Gimp::ColorSelectButton
	  until Gtk is fixed.
	- _I_ made the error of writing udp when I meant unix. _ARGH_

0.89  Mon May 11 03:29:30 CEST 1998
	- added common commandline options (--help, --host, --verbose)
	- help option for Gimp::Fu
	- added a whole bunch of --with-*= switches
	- well.... still more bugfixes!
	- Gimp::Net will autostart gimp

0.88  Wed May  6 17:00:57 CEST 1998
	- fixed "script-fu-whatever-garbage"->(arguments...)
	- renamed Net-Server to Perl-Server (why?)
	- more (untested) configuration changes. Does it work at all now?
	- removed Gimp::Util (it _was_ not convincing)
	- even more fixes
	- Gimp::Fu! including some documentation ;)
	- added Gtk/ColorSelectButton.pm

0.87  Mon Apr 27 15:38:23 CEST 1998
	- mainly a bugfix release, none of the new features work yet!
	- started to code Gimp::Fu for simple dialogs.
	- added more autoflush for old perls *sigh*
	- autoconf'd. not good, but its a start
	- AUTOLOAD is no longer exported, instead, @ISA is used

0.86  Thu Apr  2 19:59:06 CEST 1998
	- missing __STDC__VERSION__ only gives a warning now
	- got rid of alloca
	- added gimp_set_data & gimp_get_data
	- new module Gimp::Data

0.85  Fri Mar 27 17:43:35 CET 1998
	- compatibility autoflush added in Net-Server, better upgrade to 5.004_04
	- better signal handling in Net-Server... why does libgimp need SIGPIPE?
	- add -lglib to the libraries for Lib.xs, to cater for yet more broken systems

0.84  Fri Mar 13 21:23:07 CET 1998
	- calling "new Object" now actually works the second time.

0.83  Tue Feb 24 17:29:34 CET 1998
	- use strict always everywhere.
	- more errors fixed (by compiling under solaris ;), thanks
	  to dov@Orbotech.Co.IL for pointing it out!
	- change to support gnuc, c9x, and old (none) varargs macro syntax
	  could be done much easier, but I like the correct approach

0.82  Mon Feb 16 12:20:42 CET 1998
	- array types implemented... the gimp pdb wasn't thoughtfully
	  designed, or better: not _too_ thoughtfully.
	- network protocl changed (dunno why, not necessarily better..
	  also I was infected by versionitis (but Data::Dumper has the same
	  problem ;)))
	- floats are now displayed as such ;)

0.81  Sun Feb 15 20:57:53 CET 1998
	- tracing now works for networked scripts.
	- tcp supported in the server & client, but not enabled by default.
	- simplified Gimp::OO.pm
	- IO-syntax now support, i.e. new Image(..), which is still a hacky
	  namespace game

0.80  Fri Feb 13 17:15:48 CET 1998
	- version 1.0 is the first one generally usable.. we're getting
	- Gimp::Net and Gimp::Lib are only internal modules, there is not
	  much of a distinction between networked modules and modules
	  using libgimp!
	- Gimp::OO usable over the network.

0.07  Thu Feb 12 06:51:56 CET 1998
	- some bugfixes, and the addition of Gimp::Net and an accompanying
	  server. See example-net.pl for a demo.

0.06  Wed Feb 11 02:42:24 CET 1998
	- the first user sent an example script ;)
	- PARAM_STRING's are now correctly displayed in traces
	- start of Gimp::Util, not very convincing
	- pseudo-oo interface, see Gimp::OO

0.05  Sat Feb  7 23:31:08 CET 1998
	- added set_trace and trace capabilities. helps to track down bugs in
	  pdb calls

0.04  Sat Feb  7 21:43:56 CET 1998
	- gimp_channel_set_color uses a d_color argument, like everybody else
	- libgimp functions will be used instead of pdb calls
	  wherever possible. libgimp functions using different calling
	  conventions than equivalent pdb functions (gimp_layer_copy, etc..)
	  are NOT exported.

0.03  Sat Feb  7 06:15:09 CET 1998
	- even more usable. although only pdb calls are implemented,
	  most gimp functions are available. dealing with tiles
	  directly in perl is probably too slow anyway (ha-ha ;)
	- the example plugin does slightly more now.

0.02  Sat Feb  7 04:18:17 CET 1998
	- first working version

0.01  Fri Feb  6 17:51:56 CET 1998
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18