Revision history for Perl extension Git::FastExport

0.107 2016-08-13 BOOK
    - Now uses test_requires_git (Test::Requires::Git) instead of has_git (Test::Git)
    - Replaced t/00load.t by the Test::Compile dzil plugin
    - Simplified the set of git commands used in t/ to generate
      the test repositories and greatly refactored the code
    - Added TODO tests exposing the issue in RT #70695 and RT #95755
    - Updated release header lines to follow CPAN::Changes::Spec

0.106 2015-08-08 BOOK
    - Git::FastExport is now a stream parser, and does not run
      `git fast-export` on its own
    - removed the fast_export() method from Git::FastExport
    - added support for delimited format in 'data' commands
    - added support for the 'done' feature
    - git-stitch-repo now allows stitching repos into the root directory
      (thanks to ARISTOTLE)
    - added list of contributors to the META file

0.105 2014-07-19 BOOK
    - fail early if git does not have a git fast-export command
    - improved naming of the references in the new repository (Roger Gammans)
    - added author_date and committer_date fields to the
      Git::FastExport::Block objects generated by Git::FastExport (Roger Gammans)
    - improved linkability of the documentation
    - removed self-links from the documentation
    - various documentation improvements (including some by Jean-Baptiste Mestelan)

0.104 2014-04-22 BOOK
    - proper support for annotated tags (RT #94816)
    - added tests for annotated tags

0.103 2014-03-08 BOOK
    - declared that the script/ directory contains scripts to install
      (thanks to Aristotle Pagaltzis)

0.102 2014-02-24 BOOK
    - changed the data structure used by Git::FastExport::Stitch
      internally, which should save a lot of memory when processing
      large repositories (RT #93200)

0.101 2013-11-23 BOOK
    - tests using `git fast-export` require a git >= 1.5.4

0.100 2013-09-07 BOOK
    - t/compile.t is obsoleted by the Test::Compile dzil plugin
    - tests using test_repository() require a git >= 1.5.0

0.09 2013-07-19 BOOK
    - use Git::Repository instead of to interact with Git
    - improve the test repositories generation, no need to sleep
      between commits (and no need to cache the repositories)
    - moved pod tests to the release stage
    - fix small errors in the ascii-art graphs
    - improve inter-documentation linkage by using L<> instead of C<>
    - switch to Dist::Zilla for maintaining the distribution

0.08 2012-12-17 BOOK
    - proper handling of double quotes in git fast-export output
      (RT #81342)
    - made a number of tests more robust

0.07 2009-01-03 BOOK
    - moved the stitching algorithm in its own module:
    - git-stitch-repo is now a thin wrapper around it
    - the stitching algorithm is documented in Git::FastExport::Stitch
    - the use cases are documented in git-stitch-repo
    - fixed the test repositories code
    - added tests involving stitching 3-way merges

0.06 2008-12-19 BOOK
    - git-stitch-repo: greatly improved the algorithm for finding
      a suitable commit to attach to, avoiding inconsistencies:
      git-stitch-repo can now stitch non-linear repositories
      in a consistent way
    - git-stitch-repo: added an option to change the attachment
      commit selection algorithm
    - documentation improvements on git-stitch-repo, with a lot
      more ascii graphs

0.05 2008-10-04 BOOK
    - made Git::FastExport::Block an independent module
    - t/30stitch-repo.t now caches the source repositories used in
      the tests. This speed up considerably this test script after
      the first run (from 2 minutes to 2 seconds)

0.04 2008-08-20 BOOK
    - git-stitch-repo: fixed a bug that caused many commits/branches
      to be lost because different branches were given the same name.
    - improved documentation for git-stitch-repo
    - t/30stitch-repot.t actually tests the results of running
      git-stitch-repo on several different configurations

0.03 2008-07-07 BOOK
    - git-stitch-repo: fixed a segmentation fault that occured
      at program destruction, because of a huge self-referential
      hash of hashes

0.02 2008-07-04 BOOK
    - added a README file
    - added documentation for git-stitch-repo
    - added t/00load.t and t/01new.t to increase test coverage

0.01 2008-06-26 BOOK
    - process git-fast-export output
    - uses the module provided with git
    - git-stitch-repo can "stitch" together two unrelated repositories