Revision history for System-Sub.

0.163320     2016-11-27    DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
	Workaround for perl 5.8.9 bug (RT#118898, GH#5). Thanks BooK for
	the reporting, and Graham Knop for the fix!

0.163130     2016-11-08    DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
	Require System::Sub 0.162800 (RT#118114). Thanks BooK!

0.162920     2016-10-18    DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
	Fix tests on MSWin32 platform (GH #4, Paul Durden). Thanks!
	Repository moved to

0.161810     2016-06-30    DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
	Remove the 'git' namespace from CPAN indexing to avoid conflict
	with 'Git'.
0.130270     2013-01-27    DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
	Added 'Changes' file.
	Added tests created by BOOK. Thanks!

0.130170     2013-01-18    DOLMEN (Olivier Mengué)
	Initial release.