Revision history for Git-Version-Compare

1.004 2016-05-24 BOOK
    - Remove a dependency on namespace::clean
    - Update the cache using the normalized version string
    - Ignore minor versions of special builds (msysgit, windows, etc.)
    - Ensure the tests do not throw any warning
    - Add a few more version numbers to the tests

1.003 2016-05-03 BOOK
    - Added support for version strings with comments (thanks to PINE)

1.002 2016-04-27 BOOK
    - Increased the test coverage (from ~400 to ~11000 unit tests)

1.001 2016-02-20 BOOK
    - Changed the internal format used for comparisons to fix an issue
      with version numbers like v1.5.3.7-1198-g467f42c
    - looks_like_git returns a boolean if the string looks like a git version
    - _normalize now dies if the version does not look like a git version

1.000 2016-02-19 BOOK
    - Git::Version::Compare takes the knowledge about Git version numbers
      that was accumulated while working on Git::Repository and offers
      it in a module that does not depend on Git::Repository